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 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 4:03 PM
satexasgirl wrote:I was bored most of the time so I won't be purchasing it. Regarding completing levels. On all but one I was able to complete the level even after the time ran out. The only level I had to start over ( & over & over & over...) was the one off to the right on the map-it was in red & I think I had to get 55 whatever it was I was supposed to get. I did play in easy mode. So, yes, on the regular levels you can still finish even if you run out of time, but on special levels you have to start over. I completed all but that first special level and still only had three out of six pieces of the map. It said I had to find the rest of the pieces in order to continue. I was trying to complete the special level when the demo ran out.

Hello, satexasgirl! =)
Yes, you need to find all the pieces of the map(hidden in the level) to go to the next map, and radar can help you with this. And yes, these special levels are realy very very difficult to complete. But if you complete them you'll get a treasure(resources) or a powerfull bonus, that will help you throughout the game!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 3:43 PM
Stevihj wrote:The graphics are nice. The gameplay is M3 with sliders. There was a few chain boards. Also the "Dead Sea" game boards are more challenging. The instructions can become confusing and frustrating as with Easy mode (apparently when time runs out you still lose, even though at the beginning it says if tmie runs out you still can play). It took a bit but I found the radar and assembled it. After replaying some levels I found that you can click on the map piece where it is hidding on the screen, ie one map piece was on the timer. However that was never explained. Also the hint button never worked. The storyline starts out garbled and confusing. That seems to be the theme for this game - confusion.

This game is a C.

Hi, Stevihj!
I'm glad that you liked the graphics!=) I think we should add some hints and explanations about hidden map pieces to the game As i think, hint button doesn't work because you didn't buy a "Hint" bonus. You can buy it in the workshop(check the blue tab).
Best regards! And thank you for your comment!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 3:14 PM
lordkalvan wrote:I could have sworn that when I chose Easy mode it said that you would be allowed to finish if the time runs out. So far at least I've been able to ignore the timer completely. On the fence with this one. I might have to try to purposely run out of time to see if you do lose the level if you run out of time. Assuming I can force myself to do that.

edit: I wasn't even trying to lose, and I was only 15 minutes into the demo hour. On EASY mode. "The time is over. Try again."

Uninstalled. If they give us a new version where Easy mode really is untimed, I'll install again, because there were parts of the game that looked interesting.

lordkalvan, most likely you've played in the level of increased complexity (red).
At this moment, this level is timed even in easy mode. But we'll fix it in next build. These levels will be untimed. And i really hope you'll download a new version to check it out!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 3:06 PM
LadyBlue0321 wrote:Didn't like this one. Don't have much use for slider match threes, or the ones that you have to create a trail of matches. Way too many pop up and unclear instructions. Story line? What story line. Won't get my money this way...

LadyBlue0321, we'll try to fix these irritating pop-ups as far as possible. Also this game has 4 modes.
Yes, perhaps we have not paid much attention to the storyline. It's our fault, as the developers. But we did a bunch of bonuses for the destruction (I want to believe you won't find so much bonuses in any match3 game)
Best regards!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 2:53 PM
cherbtoo wrote:
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I played until I got a pop up that said, "Even in the easy modes, if you don't finish in time, you lose." I wasn't enjoying it much anyway. No buy for this hogger.

Thank you WolfenRaindancer now I know that I definitely won't even bother to download it.

This sort of restriction makes you wonder if some developers are actually aware that the majority of people who buy games are not fit healthy 20 year olds with lightning reflexes.

Hi, cherbtoo!
I'm really sorry if you found this game too difficult. But we add untimed mode to the game, and even levels with increased complexity will be untimed(in easy mode)!
You don't need to complete these levels, but you get rewarded if you make it.
I hope you'll try this game.. maybe later
Best regards, Michael!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 2:47 PM
JammyKat wrote:I liked the graphics and thought the music was soothing. I was finally able to buy the hammer, but came to the end of the first map with only 3 of the 6 map pieces. When I tried to go on, as message said I need radar to find the other map pieces, and that I could assemble it in the workshop. But I couldn't find any way to do that. I tried replaying some of the levels to see if that would get me the missing pieces, but no such luck. So I basically wasted 45 minutes on a game that I couldn't continue. How annoying!

Thank you for ur comment, JammyKat!
Let me do some explanations. Yes, the radar can really help you find all the pieces of the map. There are 4 tabs in the workshop. The radar is located in the blue tab. And it costs not so much resources.
Also, all you need to buy any bonus is to have the necessary skills, and to have sufficient resources.
In the next build we will add the possibility of finding all the pieces of the map automaticaly, without using the radar(it will be allowed in easy mode).
Best regards!
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MsFreddie wrote:I agree with what everyone else has said. Also had to wonder - is English the game developers third language? Have played much better slider match 3's than this one, Chuzzle for example.

Hi, MsFreddie!
Well, as for me, English isn't my native language. But the game was proofread by native speaker.
We've tried to combine 4 modes, but they are not all available in the begining.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 2:35 PM
JoyWales wrote:
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I played until I got a pop up that said, "Even in the easy modes, if you don't finish in time, you lose." I wasn't enjoying it much anyway. No buy for this hogger.

In that case I would not buy it even as a DD.

Hello, JoyWales! We are currently working on a new build, where all leveles(even the levels with increased complexity) will be untimed! I hope you at least download the game to check it out
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 1:04 PM
WolfenRaindancer wrote:I played until I got a pop up that said, "Even in the easy modes, if you don't finish in time, you lose." I wasn't enjoying it much anyway. No buy for this hogger.

Hi, WolfenRaindancer!
These levels are optional. But if you complete them you will get a treasure or an ancient artifacts(a really powerfull bonuses). You don't need to complete them to continue the journey. You can just skip it.
But we are going to change it in next build. In easy mode these levels won't be timed at all.
Best regards!=)
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lisam63 wrote:i think i need more than an hr demo to really review this one..first i didn't know that i had to get the patterns inside the gears to complete the level. altho they give you alot of detail about what to do and what each thing is for..i still found myself confused
anyway, other than sliding rows to match 3 , i encountered chain mode..and dunno if there will be a swap or group mode ?????????????
after 45 min demo, i still didn't even have enuf resources to build my hammer
even after doing the first red level...
seems like the game could have potential if the theme wasnt so bland...
it's not geared for me tho (lame pun)

lisam63, thanks for your comment!
Yes, the game has other modes like: chain, rotation and swap. And 9 mini-games.
We'll try to balance the game, that you'll have enough resources to buy a hammer=)
Best regards!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 12:58 PM
belamba wrote:I was enjoying this game apart from the umpteen boxes popping up telling me what everything on the screen was!
I was hoping it was good enough to buy it as I love M3 games. Phone went and by time I got back to the game my trial hour had expired!
So will wait and see what other fishies say about the game before making my mind up!

Hi, belamba!
Well, we'll try to fix pop-up menu in next build. I hope you enjoy the game
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 12:56 PM
CasualGran wrote:Downloaded the trial because I sometimes like to play a good M3. But... I surely won't be playing this one.

It opens with some nonsensical story in which you, as some kind of professor, have to look for things in some house, don't ask me the reason, and then all of a sudden you have to create a map to be able to start some yourney, again don't ask me why, and after that you start to match gears. But not in the usual way, no, in this game you have to make pairs of 3 gears or more by dragging the rows they're in in whatever direction.
There's a timer, but if you choose for easy mode, you'll still be able to finish the board.
Not that I've finished even 1 board. Man, was I bored within seconds.

This M3, clumsyly made by devs that seem to imitate the artwork of Dream Chronicles isn't worth my money, time and effort.


Yes, the game starts with dragging the rows. But further, you'll find such modes like:
chain, rotation and traditional swap match-3.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Feb 28, 11 12:54 PM
Hi fishies! I'm one of the Akhra's developers.
First of all, sorry for my bad English, it isn't my native language. But in any case, I'll try to answer all your questions! I really appreciate all of your comments, whether you enjoy this game or you were disappointed.
Bets regards!
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