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I totally agree, it's tiresome, why can't developers do the change of scene without 'loading, others do it without any problems
 posted in Factory Katz: The Grand Banquet on Oct 11, 17 6:53 AM
It is frustrating and challenging, because the hidden objects, are well hidden, just take note of the speed of the music box, that plays the part of the hint, it moves very quickly when you are close to the object
 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Sep 29, 17 12:44 AM
Thank you for the tip, I'd forgotten all about the chocolate bars
All the games done by this developer do loading for each scene, and I think it's the only one, I'm pleased someone else agrees with me, in fact I'm playing the game now, and I came on to say just this!
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Cursed Gift Collector's Edition on Aug 24, 17 2:17 AM
The problem I have is, it takes along time to actually open up, when it does it plays alright, I had to restart my laptop twice before it opened up, I use Windows 8.1, I will still buy it though, because it does play, I just have to be more patient!
 posted in Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest on Aug 23, 17 5:52 AM
I didn't think this game had come out as a C/E, I usually get these sort of games on a Saturday, how did I miss it?
Great game, I'm enjoying it
 posted in Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest on Aug 23, 17 2:21 AM
I played the beta version ages ago, and now it's finally here, I'm amazed it wasn't released as a C/E, yet it's a S/E, it's a great cute game, and that's only based on the Beta, and Demo
You get a guide with the game, it's a Collectors Edition!
the menu button doesn't work for me either, I have to use the Windows button to leave the game, I use Windows 8.1
 posted in Chimeras: Mark of Death Collector's Edition on May 6, 17 2:26 AM
I agree the games are all dark and sinister, and I really wish they'd come up with non silly light hearted games, but as said it must be difficult to come out with new ideas, I do buy the games, they are good.
I wish also that Big Fish would give us a general discussion forum, and I have asked for this, but it fell on deaf ears I'm afraid.
I hope other members do find games they really enjoy
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector's Edition on May 6, 17 12:41 AM
Another dark game, when are we going to have some light hearted happy games, just to make a change?
 posted in Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies on Apr 26, 17 12:18 AM
 posted in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 17 9:36 AM
I hope not, I'm scared stiff of them, I'm doing Tomb raider at the moment, and there's huge spiders there, UGH
I totally agree they are very difficult to find, and OK we like a challenge, it wouldn't be fun if it wasn't, but does it have to be so dam hard, I would say look in the guide, but that's cheating
 posted in Enchanted Kingdom: A Dark Seed Collector's Edition on Apr 10, 17 11:57 AM
try uninstalling the game, and then reinstall, you can't lose anything doing it, I hope it helps you both
 posted in The Last Express on Mar 25, 17 10:47 AM
I got this game today, and it won't open up, the Big Fish slogan comes on, and then nothing, but if I try to get the game to play, I get told there's a game playing, so it looks like I will be asking for my money back, and they can't say my computer isn't up to date, because it is, I won't be buying another game that doesn't have a trial first, no way Hose'
 posted in Myths of the World: The Black Sun Collector's Edition on Mar 19, 17 11:23 AM
thank you to the reply above me, it helped me solve the problem I had
 posted in Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom on Mar 18, 17 9:21 AM
Thank you Big Fish for a fantastic standard game, they've been very few a far between lately, I really enjoyed playing it

I enjoyed the mini games of making the potion, I found it fun, one of the good bits that made the game for me
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Black Hawk Collector's Edition on Mar 14, 17 12:06 PM
I don't understand the problem, yes he's annoying, but not enough to spoil the game, and not enough to warrant the anger in some replies, it's a bit OTT
 posted in Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom on Mar 8, 17 11:20 AM
That's good to know, I'm amazed this thread hasn't been removed by a moderator, they don't like other sites mentioned, or at least that's what I have noticed
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