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Same problem here. Played this on an older machine. Went toward the Lighthouse, game freezes when footsteps appear. If you move the mouse around the cursor disappears because the footsteps are still there but game frozen. This machine has XP SP3, 4GBRam, 256MB ATI video card. An old one but still useful in most cases...X1300, and 2.4 Ghz Dual Core Athlon processor. Very few processes running in the background, less than 23 and only those that are absolutely necessary.

I thought it might be the machine, so I am going to try it on a newer, better pc with an HD video card which has 1gb of dedicated memory and 4 Gbs of RAM in a 64OS Windows 7 HP. If it still freezes at the same place and then throws an Access Violation when trying to restart it, then I will take it that it is the game and Not our machines and there should be a patch, update, fix for this game.

!! After looking at the version of the Adobe Flash in the older machine I noticed it was an older version (just by one update) going into Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs in XP and clicking on Support in the Adobe Flash in Control Panel to get a direct link to the newer version solved the problem in the older pc where the game was freezing at the light house/ship area. No need to reinstall the game or start over,either. Now back to playing!
My family is a huge fan of MCF games. We wait patiently for those games to be released. But I must say I was a little disappointed in Escape from Ravenhearst as well as the last one.

I am more than half way through this game but it has crashed three times already. I am not a noob when it comes to PCs and hardware. I think this game may have a memory leak. I have an HD ATI Video (1gb memory) card and 3ghz Processor on a 64bit system with 4gbs of RAM, this game should have played smoothly.

I would have preferred Rose, Emma and the children be in their original RH ghostly forms, not real children (actors) locked in water tanks.

The morphing of objects was o.k. however not when I must also look at other things in a scene and or find other things. A dedicated morphing scene by itself would be fine. Due to the morphing and having to also read and find other things at the same time in a scene caused some cursor problems when clicking. I prefer **** scenes.

I was disappointed with the Journal/Case file. You need a note pad with this game due to the the 'book' doesn't keep any important information you may find. Such a numbers you will need later. If you don't scribble these clues down throughout the game, you will have to return to look at the clue again when it is needed to unlock a puzzle.
The Stratgegy guide was fine, however, I prefer my clues saved in the games Journal/Case file. I don't like to cheat or use a walkthrough unless I am just really stuck for hours. The case file rarely opened to remind me of any clues I had found. A waste of space. Sometimes it opened to inform me of something during morphing scenes. Bad timing as I said already.

Some scenes were a little disturbing. I found the Mama scene funny, but strangely disturbing. I do wonder what a child that must care for an invalid adult may think of those scenes. If they might compare an invalid family member to that automaton in the game. It was funny in a sad, sick way. If you want to be disturbed then this game will do it.

I liked the game but becoming more disappointed in MCFs direction of their games. Very little mini games, no great mini games as in Huntsville or other earlier games. I have played all their games, the overall RH aura was kind of left out of this game. I can do without real actors in scenes and more of the original type mini games that MCFs did use in their earlier series. I like the 'math' puzzles. Needed more hidden object scenes. Story was good
Thank You, BfgRhone! I will do that. It was a great game, was very disappointed I didn't get the walkthrough steps since I got stuck a few times, nor got the extras!
I have never had this problem at Target before. I should have gotten it on line but you know how it is when you see a game you haven't played while you are there in it's shiny new box.
I am very disappointed. I just realized the strategy guide is missing in the Collector's Edition that I purchased at Target today. I don't always buy my BF games there, but since I was there, I picked it up instead of downloading through the Club.
There isn't the full guide in this Edition. It plainly says it is on the box, however, the guide in the game says the Full Step by Step Guide is available in the Collector's Editon...well, this is the Collectors Editon.
How do I get the guide without having to return the game...and make it present while I am in the game?

And there was no Extras, or Bonus game play! If I return it to the store, I will only be able to swap it for the same thing which may happen again! Perhaps those games shipped to Target as Full Collector's Editons should be recalled because they aren't. I have never had a problem when I did purchase a BF game at Target...and this is really frustrating.
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