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 posted in Antique Shop: Book of Souls on Apr 6, 14 7:18 AM

combined with the treasures an antique store.

delicious musical accompaniment while trying to unravel the secrets in this eerily lovely little game.

travelling through pictures to other places, like Alice through her looking glass.

all the while trying to uncover what secrets the book has hidden inside.

thoroughly enjoyable.

there can never be too many questions to answer or enough goose bumps.

 posted in Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster on Apr 6, 14 6:19 AM

dear catbag8717:

as a rule, find CEs are better for me.

a strategy guide is included plus do not have to wait for later release of a SE, running the risk of forgetting a game that really like. (senior moments being what they are lately)

for this CE - is just an excellent game that anything less would not be enough !!



you caught me !!! LOL!!


I know EXACTLY what you mean, FORTUNATUS!!

and so feel your pain !!! sniff sniff

have a snow lawn (over a foot deep) and still ice on the walkway !!! grrrrrrrrr !!

but as I tell my friends, I look after the inside only !!

the outside is God's problem until I too can make a tree !!! lol!!

am safe forever !!!

SPRING ??? do not remember but familiar with the concept !!!


OOPS !!!!

now you know why love fantasy games soooo much !!

eye candy better than a diet of nothing !!!

giggle giggle

sigh !!!


in this game, Alan Wood is the Hunter and Adele is the princess trapped in the snow globe ...

am talking about The Legend of Snow Kingdom only in which Alan rescued Adele at the beginning and again is trying to rescue her from whatever forces imprisoned her therein !!!

sorry, CorvusUmbra - only dealing with game being offered here.

love cutesy fantasy as reality so harsh far too often.




no more punches for you !!!

thou art punchy enough, methinks, as verily I say this unto you !!!

Saturday Night and Spring Fever have arrived !!!


you all make me smile so much cannot see what am saying !!!

Happy Gaming to us all !!!

made possible by the good folks at BFG!!


ABSOLUTELY AGREE !!! with all the above !!

totally awesome sale !!

now that I can play - loaner - play I most definitely shall !!

after all - a credit limit is like jumping hurdles.
you are supposed to go over it, right ??? RIGHT ??!!!
OOPS !!!

added thanks to BFG crew !!!

 posted in Fear for Sale: Phantom Tide Collector's Edition on Apr 5, 14 11:28 AM

am an eager buyer !!

love these devs for crisp graphics and engrossing storylines.

they never disappoint with delicious twists and turns .....

musically swept away along with the mysterious phantom tide...

a must play for me !!

thanks again for such a great escape !!


to a magical kingdom full of danger, love and spellbinding mystery ..

experience the intrigue and wonder ...

exquisitely beautiful graphics accompanied by deliciously enchanting music ..

legendary indeed ..

from the very first, find yourself swirling around in an ever deepening storyline that captivates from the very first ...

absolutely charming - with each scene as delicately different as snowflakes .

accompany Alan as he once again tries to rescue Adele, now trapped in a snow globe, from the evil forces trapping her ..

solve the mysteries surrounding her and reunite the loved ones at last ...

makes you believe in the magic of fairy tales ..

wonderful puzzles. engaging characters and a plot that takes you away

uplifting and a true delight ...

a must be mine ..


many thanks to the devs for such a marvellous escape ..

and BFG !!!! A special thanks !!


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 posted in Psych on Mar 30, 14 11:56 AM

you do not go directly to Henry's house.

instead go home and talk with dad first.

 posted in Psych on Mar 30, 14 3:47 AM

I believe that you go to the photography studio.

 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 7:46 PM

you cannot leave without the auto fuse.

have you moved the painting yet? there is something behind it you need.

 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 9:42 AM

have you been in back room yet?

the attachment may depend on doing other things first !!

 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 8:45 AM

am getting there !!!

no problems yet !!

not at GPS re Henry's house yet but shall return ...

 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 8:40 AM

dear gafgames

Re: Stuck already

[Post New]by orphaned on Mar 29, 14 2:17 AM

there is a HO to be done.

gives you power adapter.

access computer and can leave.

 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 8:07 AM
dear cazzy36 :

you need a knob for the drawer.

have you done the HO in back room yet??


there are other little puzzles as well.
 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 8:05 AM

first, welcome to the forum !!

did you get the knob for the drawer yet ??

have you done the HO in the back room ?

you cannot leave without a flower !!!


this is like stairs. must do each one first before can progress to next level.
 posted in Psych on Mar 29, 14 4:36 AM

had me going at first too but, as a naughty child, never heeded NO very much. and, apparently, I am an even naughtier senior.

there are many things in that scene that need to be picked up and touched, like the pillow and items beneath and near the coffee table to name just a few.

this game seems very counterintuitive at times where you do other than what appears needed to be done.

sorry you did not enjoy.

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