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 posted in Sherlock Holmes VS Arsene Lupin on Oct 19, 10 5:35 PM
I have noted all the missing objects and asked what they can be used for, I have seen, identified and measured the footsteps near the fallen lion, but i cannot get the architect to say anything or to hear Watson call out. What have I missed please. I have checked forum and walkthrough
 posted in Return to Mysterious Island 2: Mina's Fate on Aug 7, 10 5:40 PM
I cannot get Jep across the mud flats. I can find the first spot. I have read the walkthroughs and all the posts on this topic, but cannot move from the first spotwithout drowning. Is there anywhere i can see video or photos of this part? Am loving the game and do not want to quit.
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on May 16, 10 11:15 PM
Every time i try to go through the big window near the lady's door, i get the message "I won't enter through the window", but that;'s what the walkthrough says i have to do.
 posted in Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer on May 9, 10 8:19 PM
I cannot take a picture of the swab in the bag. I think I have done everything else, but obviouslty not. Any ideas?
(LATER) Every time I post to the Forum, I work out the problem and feel stupid. Never mind.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Jan 30, 10 8:42 PM
I have done everything, including taking the gold key from the model, but it is not in my inventory. I have seen Henry crying. I have retraced my steps but cannot get more rubbings or get the pictures to change again. What have I missed please?
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Jan 22, 10 8:44 PM
Answer : missed talking to the girlfriend about the key
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake on Jan 22, 10 4:26 PM
I have pit the fireout and spoken to Red about the gas cans. I have given him the camera. But neither Em nor the Ranger wants to speak to me. I have gone back to Red but he has nothing to add. Any ideas on what I have missed please?
 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual on Dec 25, 09 9:38 PM
The message actually is "napkins tied with thread to a bough ." What else can you suggest?
 posted in Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses on Dec 25, 09 9:33 PM
I don't get any indication that the books under the safe are important. I have clicked each one with no result. I have found the amulet thing but can't open the safe.
Me or a glitch?
 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual on Dec 25, 09 3:05 PM
it says napkins tied to stick with thread. I can't get it to say "cleaning stick>"
 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: The Scorpio Ritual on Dec 23, 09 10:39 PM
I have the stick, napkins and thread together but when i try to clean the top tiles i get the massage "this is too slack." I have been back over the walkthrough and can't find anything I've missed, but there must be something especially when no-one else has had this problem.
 posted in Blackwell Unbound on Dec 7, 09 1:54 PM
How do I record the duet? If I get him to play it, I can't access the dictaphone. If I have the dictaphone I can't get him to play it.
 posted in Blackwell Unbound on Dec 6, 09 3:13 PM
how do i get cecil to tell me the names? he just keeps saying no. I went to the bridge and spoke to the sax player thinking he was cecil. and saw the ghost lady, then went back to cecil. Would that make a difference

It's ok. I hadn't combinedthe clues in the notebook.
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 26, 09 1:47 PM
ty. i did that and worked the game out in the corridor.
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 25, 09 3:52 PM
have been stuck several times but it has always been because I have missed something, but i am now trying to put the coloured lenses into the telescope, but cannot get the inventory page to open. what do you suggest?
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 25, 09 3:19 PM
When I open the cupboard to reveal the game, nothing works. I can't get the cursor to change, and the lever and the weight don't move. Have I missed something? I've been following the walkthrough very thoroughly, as this is my fourth attempt at the game, but still misssome moves
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 23, 09 9:34 PM
You do have to do the fountain puzzle first. Then his door will be open. But when he says take the fountain part you still have to find it.
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 19, 09 4:48 PM
How do I get into the dove cote.I have to use something on the stream, but what?
 posted in The Secrets of Da Vinci on Nov 18, 09 10:04 PM
I have just crossed the bridge and gone forward. I have seen the logs and the bee hive, and have collected the bee keeping gear, but i cannot find the dovecote. There is a brick building but its on the other side of the screen. I know I'm going to feel silly when i get the answer, but please help.
 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Sep 25, 09 6:31 PM
I am at the last stage where the builder wants to take a holiday, and my computer keeps freezing. It works ok on other programmes. What do I do please
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