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 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Jul 9, 15 7:47 AM
Must be new to the game. The old timers did all that: made suggestions.. Good luck Hope they listened to you then the old timers.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 15 9:28 AM
My computer crashed and lost everything so now I have a new ID which is 459069 Golden Meadow. I used to be called Kimberly, For people who are interested in the Christmas items, I do have some Santa Hat, Christmas Ball, Christmas Wreath, Tree Trimmings. Not much left but still. . Also, I do have one Snowman Egg and 1 Little White Bear Egg who needs a home.

UPDATE: The Snowman and the White Bear Egg found nice homes to live and hope they will be very happy, I still have some Christmas items left.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 27, 15 10:26 AM
I mentioned the same thing few months ago. What I really wanted was a walker. I would rather have a special walker every 30 days.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 24, 15 4:33 PM
I had my computer crash on me and just it fixed. The person gave me Windows 81 not 7 When I installed Midnight Castle game, I got the shock of my life. It took me back to level 1 and I was on level 23. Is there any way, I can get my old account back? Or do this mean, I have to start all over again.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Apr 9, 15 8:34 AM
I also have to agree. Please don't spend anymore money on gold. I have so much gold, I have nothing to purchase with along with silver coins. I'm finished with all the chapters and even have gone back to chapter 1. Right now, I'm on level 90 and when I hit 99, that's it. Do what you feel is best for you but take the advise on older players, don't purchase.
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on Mar 14, 15 1:59 AM
Believe it or not, I have gotten three stars in this level.
 posted in Dark Manor: A Hidden Object Mystery on Mar 2, 15 1:18 AM
I'm not sure on what levels you are on but when you hit the higher levels you don't care about the inflation of land nor how long it takes. For me, I'm just happy to get land opened and I don't care of the price nor waiting 2 weeks. I had so much silver that I'm happy just to get rid of it.
 posted in Runefall on Feb 15, 15 4:23 AM
I have done timed and have to agree with SynthpopAddict that only thing I could do is HOs/runes/doing minigame puzzles and that's the reason why I changed to relax mode. I first want to get a feel for the game and then go back and do timed later on. I didn't even have time to find Hidden Areas.
I have the first one was even more happy with this one since Valentine Day is around the corner. I just wished that these two games were at least different. Countries is one good example. Romantic countries like Ireland, Italy, Span, Argentina, Lebanon, Sweden or even Brazil. Even the music could have been different. It's like you took the first one and just added some little things like chocolates, more hearts with different romantic lives from different people for Valentine Day. I don't want to be harsh since I also like this one, but it seems that I would be purchasing the same game under a different title. If I knew that is one would be out, I would have waited and make a final decision on which one to purchase. This one or the first one. Even though the first one has more holidays (like Easter, Thanksgiving) and this one has only one theme (Valentine Day) the play would be the same along with the characters.

 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 30, 15 11:09 AM
Well, I tried to give this game a fair chance but I still don't like it. I have to agree it's a little bit demonic for my taste. I did jump when the picture changed and the ghostly figure went by but had a very hard time finding the letters. I have to give the developers credit on one thing, I did jump. Normally, I don't get scared that easily but I have to say I did get scared on this game. Maybe just maybe next Halloween, I'll give this game another chance but for now, I like something cheerful (since spring is coming). Well, I tried to like this game. But sorry not my cup of tea. People have fun and make sure you keep away from the basement. lol..
 posted in The Emptiness on Jan 29, 15 9:19 AM
Sorry, this is not my cup of tea. It's too dark for my taste anyway, I love being scared but this is not good game. I didn't play in the dark. For the ones who love this .. good luck.
 posted in Clover Tale: The Magic Valley on Jan 26, 15 1:43 AM
First, I have to agree with you on regarding this game. It's tremendously challenging (that's probably the reason why poor reviews). Right now, I'm on level 12 and what the diary mentioned that the warlock's book "Northern Tails" has one of the pages missing and Adeline has gotten headaches. I'm not sure on what the diary mentioned on level 19 but I think there's more. I'm not sure on how many (maybe on how you play) since with other games you know how many levels but not on this one. I keep reading the diary on mine since it details on what's going on. Maybe it's me since I'm having problems on some areas but it seems to be a very LONG game.
 posted in Royal Flush Solitaire on Jan 21, 15 9:06 AM
I really love this game. I don't know poker so I have to use the tutorial for help. I finally know the difference between a flush and royal flush. I did have problems with the game in the beginning. 1. screen didn't fit (was too big) 2. Had to update my C++.Finally gotten that fixed. What I had to laugh is the police raid. Yep, a police raid. What happens is when you have to get rid of a card you have to shot the gun until the police shows up and then you are forbidden to shot any card. First time that happened to me I was shocked. I didn't expect it. I think there's something regarding to FBI (not sure) but for now, I have to pay the police again. lol.. Anyway, I'm hoping people can start playing.. its really fun.
 posted in Royal Flush Solitaire on Jan 21, 15 8:54 AM
I have and loving it. I actually had problems in the beginning due to the screen not fitting.. It seems it was too big for my laptop so I had to put it full screen. It's working now. If you know poker and love solitaire it's a must game to buy. I don't know how to play poker so I have to use the tutorial for help. I also had to update my C++
and wondering if that's the problem people are having. Anyway, I'm playing the game and just loving it. It's different that's for sure.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 6: Into the Unknown on Jan 19, 15 8:29 AM
Well, I played the full demo and I have to say I like it. I do like the music at the beginning but I got annoyed when I was playing. As for numbers, I sometimes had prob lems seeing what numbers that got crossed out. But it's a buy for me.
 posted in Jewel Match: Snowscapes on Jan 17, 15 12:32 AM
This is my own personal view on this game. First, Jewel Match: Snowscapes was designed for the holidays. Even though they didn't use the jewels like the previous ones, they wanted this game more in focus on Christmas then anything else. That's the reason why the Christmas music. To me the storyline, is home for the holidays. Being with friends, Christmas trees, food, candles ornaments and snow. A homey feeling. As for the flat Christmas ornaments or revolving doors, if you look at the options they have things like: Music, Effects, Ambient and AutoScroll Speed. There you can lower or higher on those things to your taste. Also, there's interactive help, low resolution, openGL Video, Full Screen, Static Ornaments. If you want the ornaments flat then check if off but if you want sparkling ornaments then check it on.When I check on a game, I check everything including the options. The developers are not taken away the sparkling jewels from the previous games but they wanted to give us something different. For me, I wished that they put this during December but for some reason they didn't. One more thing, I have noticed that some said religious music. What is wrong with that? Besides, any holiday specials have some kind of religious music anyway. What is Christmas all about? Look, people have their own opinions and may not like this game (to each his own} and that's fine but at least check everything.
 posted in Toy Factory on Jan 15, 15 10:49 AM
Please don't take this the wrong way, but whoever picked that music must had too many beers that night. Music in very important so important that it can make or break a game and in this situation it really broke the game. Not only was it annoying but gave me a headache. As for the reindeers, I can understand if they wore biker jackets but they were dress like in the movie Men In Black. The tutorial was not the greatest either. I understand what the process is all and it can be a great game but honestly the music just really turned me off in a big way. Sorry, but it's not a buy.
 posted in Knight Solitaire 2 on Jan 15, 15 4:14 AM
Both BearKat and twinsoniclab said it very well. This one is exactly like the first one. My personal opinion, I owned the Christmas one that they did and they did a better job.
 posted in Jewel Match: Snowscapes on Jan 13, 15 10:51 PM
Come on guys, at least they had Auld Lang Syne. That's a New Years Eve song Amazing Grace.. Now that's not a Christmas'm getting it anyway to add to the collections. But your right, this game should have out in November or December. I think two songs that should have been is Let it Snow and Winter Wonderland. Even though it's a Christmas song, it focus on winter.
 posted in Emerland Solitaire: Endless Journey on Jan 8, 15 2:00 AM
All I have to say is that I learned a valuable lesson regarding free to play. A very hard lesson that I will not repeat. I would rather wait until I get the five hearts. Anyway, I'm good at solitaire that I ended up gaining more then I lose. If I still want to continue to play, then I go to my other games.
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