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 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 15, 11 6:44 AM
You can also place them on that rock and they will jump in. They will do all kinds of things- exercise, laundry, swim, stroll, and so on.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 14, 11 7:04 AM
If you look at the end of the technical thread, we have been discussing this problem. I have a missing building master. Someone suggested maybe they got converted in an event and now the game is unwinable. I had to restart my game. I hope they come out with a fix for this.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 14, 11 6:51 AM
Well, I kept thinking it should raise parenting, but I watched and never saw that happen. Maybe I didn't watch long enough. It helps the children get a small start in learning a skill, but I couldn't see if it helps the worker.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 14, 11 6:48 AM
That must be it. If that's true, it is odd that it never occured to anyone making the game that you shouldn't let the heathen masters convert too soon. Or at least, have another heathen take his place. I started over but kept that original game going just to see what happens. I can't ever win that game. I will be careful in my new game to try not to allow converts during an event.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Mar 7, 11 6:58 AM
My heathen building master has been missing for days. He was there at first but one day he just wasn't. Does this mean I have to restart the game again? That will be my third time restarting the game (I lost my first game in an unrelated computer issue and had to replace the hard drive).

I saw one other thread where several people said the same thing happened with the heathen master in the lab, but no one had any comments about this issue so hopefully someone will address it here. If this type of thing can happen I'm thinking the game really needs a patch.

Has anyone had a missing heathen master return?
 posted in Virtual Villagers: New Believers on Feb 21, 11 12:12 PM
You can put that person on the food bin and have him eat. It may take eating a lot but you will eventually see that he feels better after eating.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Jan 2, 11 2:07 PM
So, did this new version fix the box around the bussiness man problem? It wasn't mentioned. I have XP and have that problem in the demo. I don't want to buy it if they haven't fixed this.
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Dec 21, 10 8:38 AM
I've played 30 minutes and I will be buying this one. Fortunately, today is the day I get a new credit. Just waiting for it to arrive.

I like how now the workers can stay at the storehouse and go out from there. I also like having the choice to use relaxed if I want. I actually prefer timed because I enjoy the strategy of how to get expert. Like choosing if it is better to build the extra worker first or the lumber yard. In the last game I almost always finished before the time expired. After I went through the story, I went back and got expert on all the ones I missed. Even though I like the timers in these games, if ever a level is so hard I can't finish it to advance the story, I'm glad the relaxed choice is there just in case. I've had games I couldn't finish because of one level and that's no fun.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 5, 10 11:01 AM
I have the brown box around the cell phone guy too. It doesn't affect game play but I won't buy it until they fix that. That just shouldn't be.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 5, 10 8:45 AM
Ok, after playing a little longer, now cell phone guy has a brown box around him when he didn't at first. That makes this a no buy unless I know that has been fixed. There really is no excuse for it.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Dec 5, 10 8:18 AM
I've played about 1/2 the demo. I will probably get this because I have a free code from my punch card last month. It does start slow but I'm thinking it will pick up like the others. The 80's lingo is fun and I like New Wave Guy.

I like that it is just the bakery. I still haven't finished the other stores in the last game. I also like that the upgrades to the decor of the bakery have a purpose. Like helping mood or patience, because there really is no reason to fix up the store if it doesn't help anything.

At this point I don't see any reason to buy new cake shapes for the oven. Neat idea, but if the new shapes don't bring in extra cash, then why bother with more choices when it is faster to click on fewer choices. Maybe they do, but I suspect they don't.

I have no boxes around anyone yet or any other glitches so far. And yes, that cell phone guy bothers me too. No one I knew had a cell phone in 89. What were they thinking? The least they could do was make his phone a giant brick phone.
I haven't seen this issue here. My mouse suddenly stops working and won't click on anything. The demo worked fine, but can't get the full game to work. I barely got in to the game and a new profile won't enter the house at all. Am I the only one with this problem?
 posted in Avenue Flo: Special Delivery on Nov 19, 10 6:38 AM
Thank you! That was exactly the one I was missing!
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess II on Sep 12, 10 4:45 PM
Overall this game is very fun. The story is sort of lame, and I have to ask what is up with those silly skimpy swim suits the characters are wearing. It doesn't match with the theme of the game which seems to be set in a much older time period. However, I don't play it for the story. I like the strategy.

This game is one keeps me coming back. I finished the game but didn't get expert on most levels. I just kept going through because I wanted to "finish". I found this game to be harder than the first one but very fun. I was usually able to easily finish before time ran out completely. Now that I've done all the levels I'm going back and trying to get expert on all the levels. I've finished the first two areas and am half way through the desert area. The trick is to keep playing a level until you figure out which path to clear first, what order to build the buildings, and which timed helpers help the most.
 posted in Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! on Jul 19, 10 9:35 PM
I'm on an XP and twice the game froze in the first loading screen before you even push play. The only way out is to restart the entire computer. And once instead of freezing I got an error message and it shut the game down. I've never had a game stopping bug with BF games before. I tested on laptop also XP and so far so good there. There is definately something they need to patch up.
 posted in Virtual Villagers: The Tree of Life on May 6, 10 9:30 PM
I was the opposite. I had been dropping adults on the flowers and then decided to try a child to see what happened and discovered children could get them.
 posted in Jewels of Cleopatra on Apr 12, 10 2:09 PM
A Match 3 game involves matching at least 3 colors or symbols by sliding them together. I just did the demo and was disappointed when it ended which is how I know if I like a game or not. So, I think it will be worth the $3 to give it a try.
 posted in Quilting Time on Jun 23, 09 5:17 PM
I'm playing the demo now. I finished the first level of 9 patches and now I'm doing the speed quilt and I'm on level 16. No, it isn't a "big" game but I found it amusing. I found it a little addicting, but I like shape puzzle games. The colors and textures on the fabrics are nice and I like you can pick your own material.
 posted in Wandering Willows on Jun 16, 09 6:08 AM
Did you make best friends with everyone in the tropics too? You need to be best friends with everyone in both areas. It could be that you over looked someone.
 posted in Wandering Willows on Jun 16, 09 6:05 AM
I kept replaying after the game ended without deleting my name. At the end of the game it asked if I wanted to keep playing so I said yes. But then I decided to start again with another name just for fun. I wish this game was longer!

Thanks for the pattern count. I'll have to go back to my other game to see how many patterns I have.
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