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 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Mar 10, 15 7:01 AM
wxman77477 wrote:Any suggestions to beat the Developer's Score on these seven levels?

I've beaten Dev. Score on all except 1.11 and 4.3. Driving me crazy!

Let me know if you still need help.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Mar 10, 15 6:55 AM

There are a couple of things you must do in a certain order to make Gold time. Others may know a different way, but I've played at least 50 times as I am currently replaying trying to beat developer's score on every level.

In General:

You want to clear the bottom first, collecting the pearl, before building the boat, I don't know why but every time I try to build the boat first, it doesn't work.

You'll need all of your Farm, house and Gold mine up to Level 3 before starting the boat.

You want to use your Bonus Supplies in combination with Run Faster as often as possible.

Start by Clearing the path running in front the house, collecting wood above as it becomes available. When working toward the left side, build the little bridge and collect the two wood piles and then stop there. On the right side, build the bridge to the gold, but don't collect yet. Clear a path only to the berry bush.

Keep collecting wood while waiting for the bonus bar to hit Extra supplies, which will happen right after the first thunder cloud comes. Use the extra supply bonus to collect the gold in front of the house, the food and gold to the far left, any wood available up top and the food along the path to the Farm.

Build the statue to repel the Thunder clouds. Upgrade your house to one extra worker, build the Farm, fill in the cracks and clear the grass patches on the paths on the bottom.

Use your Extra Supply bonus and Run Faster as often as you can to collect wood and food. Fill in the holes to the Gold Mine but upgrade the Farm once before building the Mine.

Use your Extra Supply bonus and Run Faster as often as you can to collect wood and food until you have the Mine built at level one. Watch your food and when you have a decent amount, use the bonus combo to chop as many trees as you can, and upgrade Mine to Level 2. Next time the bonuses are available, use them to get to the gold in the bottom right, upgrade the Farm to level 3.

Build the Nest for Pegasus, clear the gem and fill in hole to get the Pearl; at the same time, be sure you are collecting wood to upgrade Mine to Level 3.

Once everything is at Level 3, start making your way to the ship. Your main focus in going to be on collecting the gold from the Mine. You still need a little bit of food and wood, but the Gold is the issue. While the guy is building the boat, just focus on using the Extra bonus every time you collect the gold.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Feb 25, 15 6:43 AM
I'm very confused as to the posts asking for locations of puzzle pieces. Do other people playing this game, the first of three releases, have puzzle pieces to find, as in the second and third games? Because I do not. I bought this game on its initial release and have just come back to replay after finishing the third installment in the series.

So am I missing an update, or are people accidentally posting in this forum when they actually are referencing later releases?

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seksy wrote:Achievement: Athlete = Four [Different Types of] Servants All Ran Together

I got it on Level 2.6 {The Winged Horse} - before getting the Laurel, make sure that the power up bar is filled up enough to use the "Run faster!" power up so that: Workers, Hercules, Medusa, and Pegasus can all run out together.

Any other levels..?

I've not found any other levels, though I believe this is due to a glitch in the game. The achievement goal. one my game, specifically states to use "ANY" four servants, and in future releases, that is the case. Technically it should be able to be achieved on 3.2 using Cyclops or levels with prisoners, but level 2.6 is the only level which awarded the achievement.

Just FYI for those having difficulty with achievements, unless "Gold time" is part of the goal, you do not have to obtain gold time to complete the achievement. In fact, during my experimentation in replaying levels after having already obtained gold time on each, I actually ran out of time playing this level but was still awarded the achievement.

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Don65 wrote:I have tried for a week (over 50 times) to get the blue ribbon on this one but to no avail. Can anyone help me please!

I'm guessing you are referring to level 7 in the Expert Campaign, the goals for which are 5 Premier Manors, 6 cabins and 12 lighted houses. Is that correct? If so, here's how I did it:

You start with:
Top Row: two duplicates each of the sawmill & workshop
Middle: three mansions which you own, three that you don't
Lower: five Premier lots at the bottom that you will need to buy.

1. Immediately put up one of your mansions for sale
2. While waiting for the sale, destroy the extra workshops and sawmills
3. with the money from the mansion sale:
A: immediately upgrade to Efficient Worker (under Workshop menu)
B: Train three workers
C: buy max amount of supplies
D: build a mansion one of the far right "building" lots
E: build a substation on the top middle "building" lot
F: light & inspect the two mansions you still own
G: begin training new workers as fast as you can, (I ended with a total of 24)

4. The remaining tasks have to be completed as they become available to you. Don’t worry about prices for lots or buying back mansions as you will not need them.

• As noted above, continue training workers as you will need them!
• Continue purchasing supplies to ensure you do not run out
• Purchase Premier lots both as they come available & using the “Offer Double" Option (On average I paid double for two and bought three at $30K)
• Build, Light & inspect Manors as soon as you purchase the lots

5. You should quickly reach a point where you have three mansions, three or four Premiere lots in the process of building manors and good $300-500K still in the bank.

At this point demolish ALL of the mansions you own and start building & lighting cabins. Continue building Manors as needed

6. Destroy Sawmill on the far left side and build & light the last cabin.

Let me know if this doesn’t work as I’m not used to writing such long directions and I could have easily missed a step, but in general, following this method, you should end up with plenty of time to spare.

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This is my absolute favorite game, having followed it since the initial release. Fairy Tales is by far my favorite. I'm not really sure why, I just know I have played that one version probably 50 times now. I invent my own goals at this point. My next favorite would probably be Passport to Europe.

I was surprised to find that I really liked Build A Lot World, the "free to play" game, though I know a lot of people did not. I found it just challenging enough without any need to actually pay for the upgrades. That said, I would still prefer to own it; without it, I feel like my series is incomplete.

Honestly not a big fan of the Mystery versions. I found them a bit too easy and the pop-up items annoy me. Power Source is great in terms of challenge, but that stupid alarm sound gets really annoying really quickly!

catbag8717 wrote:This is a massive series. Even I know that (and I don't play TM/Strategy games that much anymore. )

So, which is your favourite? For me, it's definitely Build-a-Lot 2: Town of the Year.I loved that one, especially with the whole story thing.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull on Feb 11, 15 5:54 AM
hzrwfw wrote:I did it differently -- upgraded the mine to 3 before doing anything else (only filled the pit to the right, otherwise cleared and held onto wood until I got it there). With a mine on 3, get the supplies from the ship as often as you can.

I only used time stop, never extra guy. Never used the gold pile.

This was hard. I finally got it and beat developer's record by upgrading mine to 3 as soon as possible. For food and wood, I used ship to collect wood, the bottom berry bush and chopped all the trees on except those on the lower right side. I did this because I found that collecting food from the other bushes took to long for the guys to get from the house to the bush and back.

Once I was at level 3 gold mine, I worked my way up to bridge that connects the island with the gold lever. Once at bridge, I filled left pit and moved boulder to get extra gold. I used Pause bonus during this time, (twice I think). I ignored everything to the lower right (did not fill lower right pit).

Once I had bridge built, lever pushed, I had nearly 20 food. This is where I used the extra guy bonus to chop all the trees on the upper island where the ship is built. After that I just kept collecting gold and wood from ship, food from bottom left berry bush (maybe from ship once or twice) and used the Pause Bonus once more.

I made it with a surprising amount of time left. Hope this helps!

If anyone can better explain 4.1 to me I'd be most appreciative. I am so stuck on that one, despite following the directions in the related post. Thanks!
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pamvan wrote:This is rapidly ceasing to be fun. Got silver but cannot get gold on this click-fest and I have gold on every other level so far! Guess I will move on and perhaps come back to this mess later. I wish the developers would not put such "clickers" in the game; there really is no strategy involved as on other levels. Oh well, it is only a game, after all. Still....

I felt very defeated as well. Even after coming on here and seeing this thread, it still took another three or so tries before I finally made it. Here is what I did:

Drums: In case it is unclear, as it was to me, if you hit the wrong drum, you lose life (the green bar) below and a question mark appears. To know which drum to hit, you have to watch it vibrate, after that it is a simple 1. 2. pattern. I was waiting for each drum to vibrate, which I do not think one must do. After the first drum vibrates, I hit the second, then first, then second again.

Birds: If you have difficulty hitting moving targets, then the advice to wait for the birds to reach the center is good advice; however: that does take up valuable time as this level is very unforgiving. What I did is start at the outside, hitting as many birds as I could and then move toward the center in order to get them all.

Thieves: I don't know if the thieves add time as another poster suggests, but they are crucial to making Gold time. They may "pause" the timer or there might be a certain number of thieves that must be hit before the game will move on. This was by far the most difficult part for me. Once I had the drums and birds down pat with, I focused on where the thieves appear. Though the order of places in which they appear alters with each game, they always appear in the same places. I focused on getting as many thieves as I could as soon as I could and that is how I finally made Gold time.

Hope this helps the less dextrous such as myself!
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While I enjoyed the first game, to be honest quite honest, most of the time I had no idea what I was doing. I then played the third release, which I enjoyed immensely. I know I must have played some levels more than one hundred times attempting to meet achievements, beat records, including my own, etc.

As for my review of this release, the second in the trilogy, it must be noted I have only completed level one (expert mode) at the time of this writing. I have found, and appreciate, that the early levels are more difficult in relation to their order as compared to the other two games (i.e. tricks and other mode of gameplay required to meet Gold time do not appear until much later in the other games). What is bothering me the most about this game thus far, is that I have found it rather boring. Not because it is too easy or too difficult, but because of the excessively repetitive tasks without the use of bonuses to accelerate or alter the play on each level.

Overall, repetitive tasks are both inherent and enjoyable in these games; however in this release, at least on level one, there is much less strategy and much greater emphasis on running back and forth, (in what seems to be slow motion), to acquire the amount of resources needs to move on to the next obstacle.

It is my hope that some balance will be found in the higher levels, much like in the third release.
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Could someone please elaborate? This bonus level 4, correct? I think I am missing out on a trick or something, because no matter what I try, I always missing gold time by two pieces of wood. Is it to do with the order in which you build mills? Or perhaps the way in which you use the bonuses (e.g. speed, pause, etc.). Thanks
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Feb 2, 15 7:55 AM
Thank you! After 30 something tries, I finished using this method with plenty of time to spare.

wxman77477 wrote:Thanks, it seems the key is building the Outpost first. I did it a little differently and had about 40 sec. to spare:

1) Clear to Outpost and build
2) Do not use Gold Pile
3) Build and upgrade the Wood Hut twice
4) Build the Food Hut
5) Build first bridge
6) Get to 3 Gold
7) Upgrade to third worker
8) Get to Gold mine
9) Build second bridge
10) etc.

Used Extra Resource Bonus most of time particularly picking up gold and chopping trees.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 30, 15 3:40 AM
Wow! That really is brillant! I never would have figured that out in a million years. Thanks!
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power on Jan 29, 15 2:39 AM
Thank you!
Thank you!
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Nov 23, 14 1:32 PM
Thank you! I had no idea what that achievement was referring to. I have [;played the previous three games, but if that was in there, I've forgotten about it.

hyperbole wrote:If you hover your mouse over the items on the bottom of the map screen, you'll get a small popup that will tell you either what level that item can be found on or how many stars you need to get it. I don't remember this from the other games, but it could just be that my memory is going.
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Nov 23, 14 5:29 AM
Thank you everyone for your tips! What finally did it for me was to NOT remove the boulder blocking access to the witch. I just left it there and worked around it and I was finally able to get three stars with maybe two seconds left.
 posted in Northern Tale 4 on Nov 21, 14 3:20 AM
Thank you! I thought I was losing my mind. Could not find that silly little booger!
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AmandaColl wrote:How were you able to get the world goal for level 44? Part of the level goal is to have 100 appeal - 10 houses with paint and landscaping gets you 100 but the world goal is to have 5 tree lots. There are only 14 lots available on the level. If you could help me Please.

This is the only one I can't get either. I think it's a bug in the game as if the Fire Station were not locked, it could be attained.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 20, 14 11:31 PM
ub2ca wrote:I need help with level 59. Is there a way to beat it?

I finally got 3 stars on 59 & posted my method in that thread:;jsessionid=AFAB2AE52E3749B7284D761064F118F8
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 20, 14 7:06 AM
It took me at least 25 tries but I finally managed to get three stars with less than a second left. I tried several variations but the one below got me closer than any other, so I just did it, over and over and over until it finally all came together.
A key trick was to NOT worry about low-balling properties except for the condos and final hotel, unless already for sale.
1. Choose one of the upper set of three plots to be your “building set”. Either pick a set in which you already own two props, or a set with only cabins and lodges.
2. Put condo up for sale
3. Demolish any properties "building" set. Purchase one if needed as you need at least two to begin. If you can get three that’s much better.
4. Sell condo, build workshop and sawmill simultaneously. By this time several properties are for sale. Buy the least expensive.
5. Upgraded workshop, get one worker, 2500 wood and demolished property purchased in step 4.
6. Built & paint hotel. As soon as possible, obtain third plot in building set & build garden center. If 3rd plot is not affordable, you can also use zoned lot (with Craftsman) if you have that. Having hotel landscaped before selling is really important & takes several tries to get it worked out.
7. Landscape & sell hotel. Buy 15,000 wood, 18-21 workers & any lots except for condos
8. Build Real Estate on either zoned lot or 3rd plot in bldg. set.
9. Start building hotels, being sure to leave empty plot for historic center. While building do so in this order: build, landscape, paint, stage, then upgrade & inspect.
10. If a condo comes up for sale & you are close to having the $, stop work, collect rent, buy condo, inspect it, then leave it alone.
11. Continue upgrading hotels to three stars, build historic center, when 2nd condo becomes available, put first up for sale, buy 2nd at “offer less” price, demolish both and build hotels.
12. Landscape last two hotels built, demolish real estate center, build tech center & buy 3000 wood for solar plants
13. Demolish sawmill & garden center, build two solar plants, purchase last hotel at “low ball” price and you’re done!
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