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Picman!!!! That wasn't even nearly funny!

P.S. I'd have waited loads longer before adimitting it was a joke
lol, I am currently working on a plan to persuade my hubby to take the littlest one out on Wednesday morning. Bigger one will be at nursery school so that would leave me at least an hour or so of uninterupted play time. Not sure this is going to be one I can dip in and out of during the day when they are about
Think we've figured it out thinking about it, maybe there's no point playing it now we've done such a good job on working out the details.....
Maybe a new thread, with a title that makes it clear that it will probably contain spoilers? Then anyone waiting till December can continue to speculate in this one.
Lucky you!! I have a 16 month old, and a 3 year old, I don't need an alarm
It will be released at 12.01am Seattle time, which is 8.01am in the morning in the UK, just in time for breakfast!
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This is actually 2 bits of the same puzzle. Use the pot holder to set the temperature on the stove to that written on the basement door. Make a note of which circles on the stove are red, and which are not. Go back to the basement door and click on the circles untill the pattern matches that shown on the stove, the door should then open.
Hope that helps
Big Fish have said somewhere (can't remember which thread, sorry!) that anyone who purchases the CE and has problems running it will be able to get a full refund, so you should be able to try it and see without risking wasting you money if your pc isn't up to spec.
Don't know how authentic it is, but that definitely looks like a celtic design to me.
minxs wrote:Agreed. But doesn't it occur only in the sizzle reel? "A township near Blackpool..."

For that matter, do they have townships in England? Aren't they villages?

I was thinking that. In the diary it does say we have headed east from Blackpool, and if you head east from Blackpool you do get to Yorkshire so hopefully it is just the sizzle reel that's wrong. You are right as well, no towndships in England, just towns, villages and hamlets!
Purplerabbit wrote:Ah, but we don't have the resources to deal with snow, so to us, this is heavy snowfall, like we got back in February that brought our public transport to a standstill and shut our schools.

Unfortunately a temperate climate has left us tottaly unable to deal with any sort of extreme weather, we moan if it's hot, the country grinds to a halt after 1cm of snow and a bit of a breeze will be described on the local news as a gale
Yorkshire and Lancashire are both beautiful, but like anywhere they have the odd place that is less scenic!
I think there are few places in the North of England that AREN'T nicer than Blackpool! It's hardly the classiest of places these days.
At least there will be no staying up till midnight for it here, should be ready to download at 8.00am, just in time for breakfast
I have to ask Purplerabbit, which side are you on, white rose or red
mileray wrote:

It's just a game after all!

As a professional, I find all those "Cursed Artefacts - Spooky Ruins - Real Legend" plots pretty hilarious. And I could point out some mistakes or annoying stereotypes about them. But as a fan, I enjoy playing the MCF games and find it amusing

Inaccuracies such as geography details and myths just happen. Maybe next time developers will do their homework even better. But then again, consider the hard work they put into the game to make it as it is. It's still great and all of us look forward to it, don't we?

Won't spoil my enjoyment of the game in the slightest, I can't wait. I'm just nit-picking at the plot for something to do while I wait
I think it was the original video that said the 4 students had disappeared whilst investigating at a township near Blackpool
From what I found on Google the legend of Herne the Hunter (which like you say is from southern England) is based on the older stories about Cernunnos which are found across the UK. The two are similar in appearance with antlers and wild hair but Herne was originally mortal untll he was killed by a dear and reincarnated by a magiciam, Cernunnos on the other hand was a god.
Purplerabbit, you are not the only one who has issues with Blackpool being moved to Yorkshire!!! I know on a global scale it's not that far from Yorkshire, but it's really not the same place at all. I'm also less than convinced about the ice fishing idea, it just doens't get that cold in the UK. It's quite rare that it gets cold enough to ice over on inland waters in England, never mind thick enough ice to build on. Either the developers REALLY haven't done their homework, or that hut is standing on something more substantial than ice.

One of the concept art shots from the MCF website show a bust of a horned face. I think this might be Cernunnos, a celtic deity that is traditionally associated with hunting and animals. According to some legends he also sings/wails to accompany the dead to the afterworld, not dissimilar to the Banshee legends.
*does a little dance while wondering why she is so bad at working out exchange rates*
Purplerabbit wrote:
bedheadkg wrote: The new Zelda game for the DS is going ot cost me £29.99, nearly twices as much!

You tell them! That's about $50.38 at today's rate!
We so get ripped off on games (not d/l) over here.

more than twice as much then!! $19.99 is looking more and more like a bargin by the second
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