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 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Aug 5, 15 9:42 AM
Clock Post Cheat
Highlight the rest of this post to see the cheat.

Once you build three factories, a man will come into your town
from the north (If you are playing as Henry) and will offer to
teach you how to make a clock tower. You will have to have the
iron town good unlocked at the time. Pick up two of the excess
products from the front of the blacksmith shop and put them in
front of the man. This unlocks the clock tower.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Aug 5, 15 9:41 AM
Wood Log Cheat (Part 2)
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Whenever you build a wooden log, You can send citizens to work
on them. A citizen skilled in woodcutting will make the log into
a jackalope statue. An unskilled citizen, your hero, or any
citizen that is not skilled in woodcutting will make a bear
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Aug 5, 15 9:40 AM
Wood Log Cheat (Part 1)
Highlight the rest of this post to see the cheat.

When you get three upgraded lumber camps in your main town,
a man will come into your town from the north if you are playing
as Henry and the southeast as Anne and offer you the lumberjack
challenge. Have your hero or a citizen go to the north section
of town where there is a coal mine and there will be a petrified
log there. If you pick it up the character will comment on how
heavy it is. Set that log next to the woodcutter. (You may have
to try it several times as I can never set it at the right place)
He will not be able to split the log and will show you how to
make the wood logs.
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Jul 24, 15 7:57 AM
Stone comes from stone outcroppings on the map. It can also be produced by building a quarry.
 posted in Roads of Rome on Jul 24, 15 7:55 AM
Thanks for bringing up the storehouse thing Karavan. I never seem to think about it!
 posted in Roads of Rome on Jul 24, 15 7:54 AM
You could try changing the resolution to windowed although I don't know if that will work. It may be just designed so you have to move around as some tablet games are.
 posted in Next Stop on Jul 23, 15 6:30 PM
Next Stop would be fun with a second version maybe a generational sequel or something. As georgiarealist said I do replay this game a lot most of the time in the evenings.
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jul 23, 15 6:23 PM
Also wanted to let you know that you cannot go back and redo failed quests. Don't feel to bad about the save the farm quest because I don't think it is possible to complete it.
 posted in Westward III: Gold Rush on Jul 23, 15 6:22 PM
Thanks for the grape tip. I haven't tried it yet but I have been looking for it for a while!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jul 23, 15 6:11 PM
Glad you were able to get past Woodinville! If you haven't already finished the game, I hope you are able to!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jul 23, 15 6:10 PM
Crystal creek is a sandbox addon from the game developer. I'm not sure if it is still available.
 posted in Airport Mania: First Flight on Jul 23, 15 6:04 PM
I don't have the iPhone version but I play the PC version and it should be the same concept, just switch as many plane around as possible. (I can't remember how many you need)
 posted in My Singing Monsters on Jul 23, 15 5:54 PM
Thanks for all the info. This makes the game so much more fun!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on Jun 18, 15 8:50 AM
player84 wrote:Make sure that you have healing supplies and gun upgrades are stocked before you start, Don't try to defend both mines, you only need to keep one going. I like to keep the one on the left because there is room to build to the right of it. Put half of your force above the mine - the rest right in front - place your hero far enough in front so that he/she weaken the bandits before they get to the mine. Keep a close watch for the sheriffs showing up on the train. Keep the mine repaired. Heal your fighters when their health is down to half. I hope that helps - Good luck.

That's a good strategy, I use one very similar.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 18, 15 8:46 AM
mellowfuzz wrote:Forget I suggested starting a new game. I have been playing for a long time and generally complete the quests and restock my barn with each new release. I then save that profile and start a new game to check that the early quests have not changed. Well, I think I am finally done with this game. I started a new game this time and, though it is what everyone is complaining about, the animal times are the least of my worries.

There is a "super quest" at the start of the game. It requires you to do six things to receive two prizes. The first three are to complete the tutorial, complete two quests, and purchase coins. You have two days to complete the purchase and you must complete the purchase to get the prize of a beginner kit (40 water, 25 stone, 15 wood, 3000 silver, and 100 XP). If you choose not to purchase coins, you can go on to the next three items. They are to reach level 6, get the husband, and exchange 3 collections for a prize of +3 max energy. This is where the nasty part comes in. You do not receive any collectible items for planting, harvesting, hitting the mole, catching butterflies, etc. until you purchase coins or until you complete the super quest. But, you can't complete the super quest without exchanging three collections. So, you are basically trapped into buying coins. You can, in theory, buy the items to complete the collections with the gold from achievements, but then you are totally out of gold to do anything else. I have verified this by restarting three times. All three times I received no collectibles until I had either purchased coins or completed the super quest. Twice I bought 30 gold ($0.99), and once I bought the collectible items.

Besides that, the profit from the early plants has been cut to virtually nothing so that it is nearly impossible to earn enough silver to buy the buildings. You won't have to worry about the animals taking forever to produce because you will still have plenty of eggs and wool by the time you can afford to build the factories. In order to grow that much, you level up so that it then becomes almost impossible to get the family members. I enjoy a challenge, but this is just not fun anymore.

I have started a new game and I was able to get collectibles to exchange the collections. We could be talking about a different update though.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 18, 15 8:43 AM
Whenever I start the game, your main farm is on the screen but you can't move around or click the mouse. I've had this problem before and I have reinstalled the game and it usually fixes the problem. The only thing is this erases all of my progress. Does anyone know how to fix the game or copy the savegame data?
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on May 5, 15 12:08 PM
I used the list memawclay2 showed me and then made up my own. Here it is.
List of items I used to complete Volcano Valley:
10 citizens: -10
2 Bakeries: +9
1 Bank: +5
1 Clothing Shop: +5
3 Deputies: +6
1 Doctor's Office/
1 Farm producing peas and corn: +5
6 Flower Beds: +12
1 General Store/
2 Gold Mines/
1 Hat Shop: +5
3 House Upgrades: +12
5 Houses/
2 Lumber Camps/
1 Market Place: +4
3 Parks: +12
4 Potted Trees: +9
1 Sheriff: +6
1 Sheriff's Office/
1 Warehouse/
5 Water Towers/
4 Wells/

I upgraded 3 houses as the last thing and it put me to 180 happiness.
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on May 5, 15 12:04 PM
When picking up the fossils, make sure you pick up the ones at your main town last. You will still get the trophy if you don't, but if you get them at the main town last, you get a surprise!
 posted in Westward IV: All Aboard on May 5, 15 12:03 PM
This is a list of all the town goods and how to trigger them.
The Produce town good is only available if at least one farm is producing food.
The Meat town good is only available if at least one ranch is producing food and at least one butcher shop is employed.
Miracle Cure:
The Miracle Cure town good is only available if at least one fish hut is producing food and at least one doctor's office is employed.
The Fertilizer town good is only available if at least one ranch is employed and there exists at least four stable.
The Factory town good is available if one citizen skilled in mining and woodcutting is employed at an upgraded lumber camp and another is employed at a factory.
The Iron town good is available if citizens skilled in mining are employed at a coal mine and at a blacksmith and pickaxes have been upgraded.
The Bakery town good is only available if at least one citizen skilled in farming is employed at the bakery.
The Bonds town good is available if at least two banks are employed, one citizen skilled in sales is employed at a town hall, and the town is being taxed.

PS. The Bakery town good has to have the citizen employed at the bakery, but you also have to pick up five apples to trigger it. (Apples are gotten from the tree planters. Once the woodcutters cut down apple trees, there will be apples lying around. Pick up five of them and the Bakery town good will never have to be activated like that again. You will have to have the citizen employed at the bakery still.)
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 23, 15 11:43 AM
Thanks for the list! It is so frustrating to grow spices only to find out they don't pair!
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