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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 5, 16 4:28 AM
Just stopping by to remind everyone how much I actively don't love the update! I'm not really playing anymore, not trying to move up, not gifting, Trina can wait forever, only do DQ if it involves opening a HOS and usually only do a few HOS a day.

Anyway, I guess we can talk to ourselves here till doomsday, but seems like it doesn't make any difference
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 8:23 AM
I've always been curious as to who responds to that. It must be that somebody does or they wouldn't do it. I just can't imagine what individual who has some financial wherewithal could go for it, but it must work some percentage of the time!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 7:59 AM
*sigh* Remember when this game used to be fun to play? You could collect some stuff, sell some stuff, gift some stuff, do some daily quest, buy some diamonds occasionally, etc. The update has made it all pointless.

I'm on level 53 and never hung out in the forums but came over to see what the deal was with the horrible update. I've enjoyed reading all the posts that everyone else has written detailing their unhappiness with the changes, that coincide with my own opinion, and been dismayed at the complete lack of explanation or response from anyone other than one mod who opined that the changes were required for the "functionality" of the game!!! What!!! Wtf does that mean?? I have to say that's probably more infuriating than no response at all! I do notice that there seems to be exactly one person who appreciates having their effort devalued by 75%.

But, hey, big shout out to the devs for the wake up call to remind us what an utterly ridiculous waste of time playing this game is and how completely stupid it was to give money to a company that has not even enough regard for it's customers to respond to complaints.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 28, 16 1:14 PM
Well, I have to say I agree with everyone else that I'm pretty unhappy with the update. I've been playing for about 18 months & I used to enjoy playing this for about an hour each day, although I found it frustrating that it took so long to get the items you need to advance the game. I bought diamonds on occasion to just go ahead and play, but could see that you could really spend a lot of real money if you used that strategy alone and I also thought that coins & diamonds were relatively too expensive for how satisfying it was. Now I'm finding that I'm getting shards or 15 coins about 75% of the time. The effect is to make me lose interest; I go to the game but feel I just can't stand the boredom and have to leave after a couple HOS. What's so annoying was to have this rollout announced with a positive spin, as in "Good news everybody, we're adding shards and extra coins to every HOS", instead of being honest and saying "We've decided to devalue your time spent playing the game". One thing I will NEVER again do is buy diamonds, and I'll know to avoid anything Big Fish. If they're going to treat their long time users this way without even an explanation, then all you can do is determine that you don't want to go along and leave.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 27, 16 3:37 PM
Just read the message about the tournaments. Just curious, what do they mean when they talk about cheating. What had happened before? I can't imagine how it would be possible to cheat.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 16 5:23 AM
[Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 21, 16 7:42 PM
I can't imagine how it seems like a good idea to [Removed by Moderator] all the players that have been loyal to the game and make it 50% more difficult to get needed inventory items, which was already mind-numbingly boring and difficult. What a great slap in the face [Removed by Moderator] to people who have spent money on this, of which I am one. Time to cut my losses and delete this idiot game. Leaves a very bad impression and permanent poor opinion of the Big Fish brand.
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