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 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 13, 17 5:39 AM
I chose C in Silver Hawk's poll, and in yours I would choose A, with some C thrown in

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Apr 1, 17 7:05 PM
BF is simply a reseller...they are not developers. So I am happy they are looking at various developers and getting games out to people so there is variety. If you want to know where the updates are for Sunken Secrets, look to Boolat, they are the developers.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 30, 17 2:11 PM
I like silver_hawk's idea. It is "friendly" without any negative connotations and helps to ensure that people you are friends with actually get the help they need. Good idea!
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 30, 17 3:29 AM
katrinaceleste wrote:Most social games have friends list where you friend request and you can accept or deny them and if it doesn't work out you can unfriend them. It's simple. When somebody is no longer active or they abuse privileges they can get unfriended. With the announcement banners you could still visit other markets and buy items.

Yes, I option to friend and unfriend, clean up the list of people following you that are not active, etc. But what was suggested is a "block" - which can be way different. Imagine clicking on a Help Call and a banner comes up telling you that you are blocked. And what if you accidently get blocked and you are following that person that blocked you can't even visit them to unfollow? Hope that they visit this forum and ask for an "unblock"? Or would the "block" allow you to help and see their Island but "block" you from browsing that market? If you block someone does that then prevent you from helping or visiting them (or buying out their market)? You'd have to have a "who are you blocking" status list so that you can unblock someone later on, etc. I just see a lot if issues with blocking, and abuse potential depending on how a block is I tossed out number of baskets/timer out there - just another suggestion - which was deemed "admirable" by at least one person...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 29, 17 1:28 PM
A cap and timer was simply a suggestion - like all of the other suggestions here and everywhere else. It's not up to any of us. It will all depend on what the developers feel is important enough to spend their time and resources on. Obviously, based on the last update and the extreme changes to dives etc. they have an agenda of their own. They may make note of the suggestions, and discuss them, but implementation is anyone's guess. And it is highly unlikely that any solution to the Market Place raiding issue is going to please everyone in every situation.

Why not just shut your Markets down every now and then to save your sanity from the "market raid" frustrations? Your followers will still be there, I'm sure they follow others and have followers of their own so they will have other places to shop when your market is down for a day.

Anyway, enjoy the game however you play it.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 29, 17 1:07 PM
SweetSayonara wrote:
Linalie wrote:I thought I saw an earlier post indicating that names can be used by more than one person, etc. - and if that is true, then the "block" could have some backlash and issues as well. Not to mention how it could potentially be abused as well.

Can you explain what backlash you think would occur, and how such a thing could be abused?

In a thread that discusses how it is that some people are "abusing the market place" you should be able to imagine the nature of some people also arbitrarily blocking others just for kicks. Coins will still be made...Peter Panda, the Islands and Strangers do a nice bit of buying - you could conceivably play this game without following anyone or having any followers, though making progress and coins would take much longer.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 29, 17 12:30 PM
I thought I saw an earlier post indicating that names can be used by more than one person, etc. - and if that is true, then the "block" could have some backlash and issues as well. Not to mention how it could potentially be abused as well.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 29, 17 12:08 PM
Because of all of the anonymity within the game and lack of player communication within the game, I don't think the developers had any idea how the market would affect some people...both those with altruistic intentions and those who seek popularity, and whatever else can be perceived to be gained.

The simplest solution would be to institute a time-barrier to buying. Let buying have a cool down like the machines and plants do.

Example: I hit the market to shop, I have 5 buys available to me. I click 4 baskets, now I still have one more buy available to me right now and four that are on a timer and unavailable for a given amount of time (say 3 hours or 4 hours).

Okay, so a cap and timer...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 26, 17 2:21 PM

Expressing my opinion: I see your point, and in a real life scenario what you say makes sense - and in real life would be preventable with a stern look and holding the plate higher in the air . I am not a greedy buyer except when I just happen upon a market that is indeed selling exactly what I need at that moment. At the same time I have no problem with people that buy out all of my "wares" in one fell swoop...the stuff is sold and I get gold, my "game life" is good.

In a game where there is no real player interaction such as chat or wish-lists, etc. so that I know if what I am selling is even needed that day by any of my followers, I can't let myself get all wrapped up in who is buying me out or who is getting what they need from me. I also don't know if that one person that truly needs my "widget" is even going to be on in the next 12 hours since the player base crosses many time zones, etc. and I want to see my baskets empty so I can fill them again. And if something sits long enough it gets bought out by "mystery island" and "stranger" which benefits no one at all. I would rather see a re-seller buy everything I have and benefit their followers than to see stuff sold to "the game generated buyers". This also gives me the opportunity to go buy back that "thing" I put on market that I find I now need again (provided that person is somewhere in one of my lists).

I guess I just don't take this game that seriously, and so as not to offend anyone with the opinions I am expressing, I'll just keep quiet and move on.

Happy gaming and be well.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 26, 17 1:25 PM
Express away, by all means...just pointing out how very confusing it all is for a newer I buy from so-and-so or will it offend them...maybe I should sell only and not buy from anyone so as to not step on any toes... That doesn't seem right either. And since I do not know what platform some of these folks are playing on or what their Market/Island name is, I can't easily avoid them and avoid offending if I chance to need 7 out of the 10 things they are selling because my Balloons are short on time and so am I.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 26, 17 12:05 PM
I said back when I first started playing that all this "Market Place" talk was confusing...and it still is. Speaking for PC platform only... Who cares who buys what or how many? I do not know anyone personally, don't know when any of my followers are on line and playing and can only take a wild guess as to what they may even need on any given day. I know that when I need Planks it seems like no one that I follow has any in their markets...that's just the breaks. So unless you have some agreed upon arrangements with someone to "meet up" at a specific time to buys a specific thing, who cares? I'm always happy when all my stuff sells to whoever, it's coins in my pocket for that next thing I may want to buy. And if I need something and no one has what I need for sale in their markets, I go to Peter Panda if I don't think I can make the item within a reasonable amount of time. And to recoup what I spent sending that adorable personal shopper out for me to get my item, I sell more stuff and hope it sells quickly! :-) Maybe I am doing this wrong...

 posted in Midnight Castle on Mar 21, 17 8:33 PM
I'm a bit confused...this is the oddest "stopping point" I've seen - I have Valeria permanently sitting on the left side of the screen where active quest givers are since I am in mid-quest with her...and no way to wrap things up since the "lion" isn't talking...

I'm used to the dev's leaving things hanging, but not with an active quest giver icon sitting there all the time on the screen. Guess I'll just have to scroll around her when I do Destiny Key quests or something...

Hope we don't have long to wait...

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 21, 17 2:44 PM
C. since the latest update.

As one of the newer players, I did not see the advice regarding holding off on the palace and instead I was leveling like crazy and working on the palace thinking it was the focal point of the game. When I started reading the forum and encountering issues with orders for items I could not get to yet (Iron Bars, Lemons) I realized how much Amber and Basalt I had wasted and was struggling to get some balance and struggling to get Amber. With the last update, I have shifted focus again...back to leveling and upgrading my buildings and chipping away on the palace - like a full circle here.

I would imagine that another update like this last one, or even more content, will make me change up my strategy again.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 21, 17 10:40 AM
Too funny LOL!!!
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 21, 17 10:25 AM
I'm still disturbed over baking my Salads...who does that?!?! But yes, please add something to actually make with the Pumpkins...
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 20, 17 4:48 PM
Platform: PC

Island name/Player name: Linn

I sell a variety of items, but only have 9 slots open at the moment. I try to put a range of items up for sale, but tend to lean more towards the items people need for making other items like Milk, Bread, Planks, Logs, Paper, etc. I've no set play-times but I do play daily, so you may find my market empty or sold out...sorry, I restock when I can.

As a seller: I've no restrictions or it all if you want...I need the money If you are a reseller, take it probably have more followers than I do so more people will benefit from the items. I do not know anyone personally in game and therefore I am not trying to help any one individual. My hope is that someone, anyone, somewhere can use what I sell.

As a buyer: I will buy what I need for orders that I am trying to fill and am short on time to make. If you sell a stack of 10 and I only need 5, I will resell the excess. I hope that doesn't bother anyone.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 20, 17 4:32 PM
Slosuzy, by all means, do what works for you! Some of us just have too much amber right now, and not enough storage space to keep a lot of excess. And sometimes the villagers ask for the ignoring them is just an option for some folks. I do the villager request for Toolboxes, Rope, etc. when they only ask for simple things I have on hand or can make quickly...but again, this is just the way I play. Everyone needs to play the way that works best for them. The strategy changes as you progress, too.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 20, 17 4:26 PM
I echo Silver_Hawk's comment. I know when I put out a call, I want help I reciprocate when I see a call.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 19, 17 6:34 AM
I've dealt with the planting issue by putting some space between my "groups" of plants...and if I wish to alter the groupings then I just move the little plots of soil around. This way I don't harvest more than I intended nor do I plant more than I had planned to.

Someone else offered up the "save the pearls" work around...drop items onto the machine itself and never drag things to the small "boxes". That has worked like a charm for me!! I used to lose several pearls a day dragging things into the boxes.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Mar 19, 17 6:29 AM
I always ignore any and all Villager requests that I just don't want to do. Yeah, they are annoying and continue to bug me with their "demands" but I drive on. I do not want the amber, I do not need baskets right now or bug off little villager! And no, you may not have that Jewelry Box I spent hours making just for a box of ropes. Go away little Villager...

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