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Based on the completed game: This review is based on the main portion only, as I have only been able to obtain the SE to date, but intend on purchasing the CE next month, when my funds are freer. I purchased this game less than two weeks ago, & have already played it twice, despite having some other SEs waiting to be played, because I enjoyed it just that much. The graphics display the best (& best restrained) use of a cool palette, in those scenes where it's used, that I've ever seen. For the storyline, I was glad to encounter a fairy tale by HC Anderson that I was unfamiliar with, as I've always favored his works. Some of fragments in the FROGs were VERY hard to find, but I did play the game through the first time w/o hints (I gave myself a well-earned break the second time around). I seem to be in the minority where the recurring mini-game (you play it six times) is concerned, as once I got the hang of it, I very much enjoyed it. The trick of it, for those who have or may struggle w/ it, is to use the tile, already in place on the game board, that has the arrows on it (the use of it is explained the first time you encounter this mini-game). You can solve the first one or two of these mini-games w/o it, but thereafter, you really need it. There's a learning curve involved, but I personally derived great satisfaction from successfully completing each one of those mini-games, even when it took multiple attempts.

One last comment: I have never been, & never will be, a fan of FROGs; I personally prefer progressive HOPs. However, as other have pointed out, they are an integral part of this series, & one of the things which make it unique. Since I appreciate variety in my games, & will always prefer to see more of it, rather than less, I do choose to support this series by purchasing the CEs of each edition that honestly appeals to me, such as this one. At the same time, I have no concern that Eipix will ever change this aspect of this series, as I trust they are aware of how integral it is.

Happy gaming, all.
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For the flare gun, have you noticed the flare (cartridge) beneath the sewer grating? At some point, you'll get a wire you can use to retrieve it. Sorry to be so vague, but I no longer recall what gave me the wire.
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j62janet, I personally really appreciated your post, & I think a lot of other people probably did as well, as the lack of a reset option on mini-games is easy to overlook if you don't happen to need it during the demo.

Thank you for your kind wishes, I hope you have a lovely day as well!
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Based on the demo, I just wanted to throw out a few quick comments for anyone considering getting this game as the CotW. The demo took me 89 of the 90 minutes available to play, which is something that just doesn't happen anymore. The HOPs in the demo are all of the progressive type, where you find items & use them back in the scene, & so far, I've found them to be well done. Mini-games so far have ranged in degree of difficulty, for me, from easy to challenging. Graphics are average to somewhat better; the storyline so far has involved both present events, & the beginnings of what appears to ba a "back story" being related. Long story short, as soon as I exited the demo, I purchased. The one negative for me is that the game's been running on the slower side, which I see is something others experienced as well, but it wasn't so pronounced as to keep me from purchasing, or from enjoying what I've played so far. I definitely think it's worth taking a look at, & seeing what you think. Happy gaming, all.
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Just as reminder to anyone who might be getting confused about the Strategy Guide glitch, pennmom already came back & let us know that uninstalling & reinstalling corrected it for her, as is the case w/ many reported glitches. So if anyone else has this problem, probably try that (along w/ reporting it in the tech issues thread).
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There was a game I demoed a few months back that I would have purchased except for that very thing. I agree, reset & skip need to be available options on all mini-games. I also like being given an unlimited "undo" option in mini-games that involve a lot of individual steps.
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This game incorporates two of my pet peeves. When the cursor changes into a hand, it flexes open & closed so sharply it looks like it's doing calisthenics, & it does this not only when you're picking things up, but when you're playing mini-games, as well. Also, when items enter your inventory, they fly up & waggle at you a couple times first, & there are a LOT of items entering your inventory. Pretty much everything I did in this demo required finding multiple individual items, such as (SPOILER ALERT) needing to find three separate keys to open a suitcase, one of which had to be retrieved from a dream catcher by using a garden hoe, or needing to find a box cutter blade, a sheath for the blade, & a dull pencil which had to be sharpened before I could retrieve one half of a note from a typewriter. The HOPs were varied, including list, silhouette, & one FROG, & one of them required a lot of interaction. The mini-games were a weak point for me, particularly given that there were three nearly identical ones, two of which were "Simon says" in nature, one of which relied on random guessing. The storyline, to me, seemed more like a spoof of the noir genre, which may be what was originally intended, given it started out having animal characters in it. The collectibles so far were fairly easy to spot, which is good or bad, depending on how you see it. All up, there were a lot of things I found to be either average or below in this demo, & nothing that struck me as good enough to serve as a saving grace, so no buy for me. Truthfully, I wish the devs had stuck to their guns & gone w/ the animals. That would have been something different (& therefore interesting) enough, to me at least, that I very likely would have overlooked the other stuff & bought it anyway. To those who like it better, enjoy.
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Having played the demo, I'm inclined to agree w/ the assessment of the reviews I've seen so far on the sales page; I think the main attraction in this game is the story. Unfortunately, I found the gameplay to be on the bland side, & I've played one too many games by this dev at this point that I ended up regretting buying because they became very boring to play about halfway through. If they had wowed me in the demo, I'd probably at least consider the SE when it becomes available, but as it stands, I believe I'll pass. I do think it's nice that they used a themed collectible this time. My playtime for the demo was 45 minutes, skipping nothing; based on the Strategy Guide, it gives you the first two chapters of the game (unless chapter 2 isn't completed in the demo). I know many MH fans have been anxiously awaiting a release from them, so to all who are pleased w/ this offering, happy gaming.
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Katran, this obviously comes too late to be of any help to you, but to anyone else who might wonder the same thing, you just have to keep playing it until you do, however long it takes.
pennmom, thanks for saving me a ...sun's over the yardarm now.

To clarify what I meant, re graphics: I dislike it when the quality of the graphics declines significantly in the HO scenes.

As I indicated toward the end of my post, what matters to me most is a good balance of all aspects of HOPA - Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure. Also, I enjoy collectibles & morphs, so long as I don't find aspects of actual gameplay to be lacking. An abundance of collectibles, for example, is no substitute, for me, for a variety of well-done HOPs & mini-games, & creativity in the adventure aspect.

I mentioned that I ended up purchasing Shattered Souls, the first game in this series. I've now played through the fourth chapter of five in the main, & I have to say that in my opinion, it's a much better game than this one in all respects. What has perhaps impressed me the most, though, is the creativity shown by the devs in creating the four "realms" we visit in the game. It's also a good length, as I believe my playtime for the main will end up being between five & six hours.

I know I've mentioned before that if I enjoy a demo of a game enough, & feel reasonably confident that I'll enjoy the remainder of the game as much or more, I'll purchase the CE , because I do enjoy the added extras, such as morphs & collectibles. However, to pay the CE price, the gameplay, sans collectibles, has to be worth it to me. Collectibles serve as icing on the cake for a good game, but if I don't enjoy the cake itself enough, I'm not going to pay more for it just because it has a lot of icing.

And now...a delightful cocktail. Cheers!
Incidentally, since this game wasn't hitting it for me, I went back & took a quick look (I was wanting to apply the GC code) at earlier editions, & ended up getting the first in the series (Shattered Soul). I've only played the first chapter so far, but I'm enjoying it.
Oh, well, pennmom, you know I'll jump right in to respond, even though I know I'll probably get plowed under for my position regarding collectibles, which has swung back from ,"MORE! MO-O-ORE!!!", to less is more. I'm perfectly happy having one collectible per area & morphs in the HOPs, though I certainly don't object to more being included, so long as I don't feel like they're just being used as filler. I actually kind of like it when additional collectibles are found in zoom zones, such as they are in this game & the LL series, because that way I don't have to think about them much. I also like having the option to go back & collect any I miss after completing the game.

As for "HOPs vs. mini-games", I personally like a good balance, & I prefer a broad range of variety in my HOPs; I also want the quality of the graphics to be high (bad enough to be rooting around in a junkheap sometimes w/o it actually looking like junk ). What I DON'T like is getting slammed w/ HOPs late in the game, as though the devs looked at the playtime, realized it was too scant, & just started throwing HOPs in R & L. I really just want a good balance of all aspects of the HOPA equation from start to finish.

judy76073, I have my share of games I play just to relax w/, too. Thanks for the good wishes, & best wishes for 2018 to you, as well!
After playing through the demo twice, I came away w/ the feeling that the storyline is probably going to end up getting buried in this game, which isn't exactly anything new, or anything this dev has cornered the market on. What gets me, though, is the extreme overuse, in my opinion, of multi-part items by this dev. It used to be a "three pieces required" item was a rarity, but this dev at some point started using a LOT of them, & there were even a couple instances in the demo where four parts were required. They seem to sort of compensate for that by having you acquire two or three things at a time, but the sameness of it just becomes tiresome to me; I can't remember the last time I played or demoed a Domini game where I didn't have to assemble & use at least one fishing pole, for example. This is why their games have come to seem so cookie cutter to me, because you go through the same motions in all their games. As for the ratio of HOPs to mini-games, in the demo, there's twice as many of the latter, so it may be that the game gets "HOP heavy" in the latter stages. I didn't have any trouble understanding the mini-games, but I'm something of a mini-game person, & these were mini-games I've seen many times before, to the point that I skipped a couple just because I wasn't interested in playing them. I liked that the collectible artifacts were all different; the only gold nuggets & cards I recall seeing were in some of the windows, which was good, as I would have probably forgot about them otherwise (the window won't close w/ the item uncollected). As usual w/ this dev, the scenery is very colorful, which makes a nice break from the drear weather a lot of us are having. If it weren't for all the repetitious tasks, I'd probably be interested myself, but I'm just really tired of assembling scissors, pliers, smokers, fishing poles, etc.etc.etc. (Also, I've already had to feed two animals to get them to move...& encountering a chimpanzee in "Elf World" left something to be desired to my mind. -.-)

Edit: Meant to mention that hint & skip recharge can be customized down to 15 seconds.
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Hi again, ChocPeng. The pre-determined point at which the demo ends is the point at which you get the "Thank you for completing the demo", or however it's phrased, message. As I've said, most demoes I play don't take me that long; my average time to complete most demoes is 45 minutes, skipping nothing. If I'm playing a demo that's running long enough, I'll skip a mini-game to make sure I reach the end of the demo in the allotted time. That's the exception to the rule, though, & often my fears prove groundless.

Apparently, I did misunderstand your comment, as I thought you were saying the same thing.
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Hi, ChocPeng. I know, right? These days, I'm lucky if a demo lasts me more than 45 minutes w/o being overrun w/ filler. Personally, since we have a pre-determined cut-off point anyway, I'd like to see the time restriction on demoes removed altogether. There are times when I skip mini-games during a demo if I think they'll be too time-intensive, & I've seen many comments by others indicating they do the same. Since we can only play to a pre-determined point, anyway, why not let us do so at our leisure?

Hope you & yours celebrated a happy & healthy New Year, w/ many more to come.
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As I said in a brief review for the sales page (I did a longer one for the CE version, which is what I actually purchased), I found this game to be top-notch in all respects. It's good to see a dev paying attention to the wishes expressed by gamers & responding to them, & to see them bringing their "A-game" in terms of creativity. This is one of only two games (out of over 100 reviewed) that I personally felt merited five stars across the board, so it goes w/o saying, I highly recommend doing the demo, & seeing what you think. Happy gaming, all.
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I noticed a review on the sales page that I found to be misleading, regarding the extras offered w/ this CE, so just to clarify: Along w/ the collectible signs, bonus chapter, & strategy guide, you get replay of HOPs & mini-games, a match3 game (offered as an alternative to the HOPs) that you can also play from the extras menu, & a Souvenir Room, plus of course the usual achievements & whatnot.

Happy gaming, all. Vive le jeu!
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Hi again, Majestyx12. Have you played Equilibrium? It's fantasy in the extreme, & in my opinion, it's one of the best games I've ever played. I decided to replay the SE yesterday after I left here. I played it in three separate sessions, as my total play time, despite knowing the game well at this point, was about eight hours, & I enjoyed every minute of it. I started out playing fantasy genre HOPA only, the more fantastical, the better, & it's still very much my cup of tea. I've praised GrandMA's ability to create realms unimagined before they introduced us to them, as I've found them to be one of the best in that regard.

What I mean to say is, I have no problem w/ this dev, or w/ games being fantastical; I just found this particular effort to be tripe. Obviously, we won't all agree on that point, but after all, we're all just sharing our opinions here, & that happens to be mine. I sincerely hope this dev will come back next time w/ a game I'm thrilled to purchase & play, as I'd like very much to be able to continue to support them. However, I'm afraid the halcyon days of games matching the quality of Equilibrium, Tree of Life, & suchlike may be long gone & hard to find at this point.

Incidentally, if you haven't played those games, I highly recommend them, but only if you either like mini-games, or don't mind skipping them. If you're a game club member, in particular, the idea that one can get so much gaming goodness for a PCC is astonishing to me.

While this game is far from being for me, I'm glad you're enjoying it, & hope you're having a nice Sunday.
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Grasshopper (aka pennmom), you must master the "flying cocktail" technique, which will enable you to defeat runes without spilling your drink! O.O
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