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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 3:56 PM
LOL, I understand. I work on things while I wait for stuff to download. I work from home and some things take FOREVER... but when the are ready I have to drop everything MC and work. Sometimes that means I don't get back to MC until after work.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 3:23 PM
Hi Charlie, sorry the MC gods are harassing you!!!!!

Glad you got the puzzle piece but I better not catch you zoned out on puzzles in the tea room LOL

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 2:11 PM
Hi SayWho,

no, there is no way to change the Game Clock. All users are set to GMT. This means all updates and such are timed the same for everyone.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 12:44 PM
Hi MaryCricket,

I agree it is a lot of fun to see the Event critters in their native habitat. I hope we get a Fall Room too

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 6, 18 11:30 AM
It looks like someone has already made the suggestion but I would like to add my "vote".

As there are HOS's in both spring rooms, I would like to see a portal to pop between Spring room 1 & 2. That way folks can leave whichever they prefer up...but still allow people working on the achievements to get to the HOS/s they need.

Perhaps instead of a whole new room in the future just have the main room, and 1 room for each event. In the main event rooms you can then add a portal/doorway to open new rooms connected to that event??? Then you will only have to add to that event room/set whenever you come up with new challenges for us.

I would also like to second Boo's comment. I feel cheated when a ZZ asks for multiple items but only has a slot for 1.

Thanx so much for all your hard work!!! I love the MC World!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 5:07 PM
Hi Dhyani, please consider any gift I send to Z Fripp as just that... a gift. no need to reciprocate. I just send what I can when I get to that letter of the alphabet hoping to help out with whatever folks are trying to accomplish

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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 12:35 PM


Too True!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 12:08 PM
I like your suggestion #2... allowing folks to choose what they are trading for would help people achieve their goals.

Personally, I played a lot of puzzles and went through a lot of diamonds ... only 2 Spring achievements to go!!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 5:19 AM
Hi Taaja, isn't she adorable! I just got her last night.
It's not a craft-able's an award. You need to complete level 3 of the Spring Has Arrived achievement. The one you get for crafting the Wreaths of Spring.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 5:08 AM
It's ok PTG, I don't qualify as a fashionista, in fact I have no sense of fashion at all. I don't need baubles and bits - just purple. Dangl-y things would get in the way when I'm cooking. Well if the huggy jackets only come in white I'll just have to dunk mine in blueberry juice to dye it...there are plenty of BB's in the HOS's. DoubleMsMom, just pop into the tea house, I'll dye yours for you too.

Anna and Charlie, I'm relying on you to help me with the coffee. I don't drink the stuff so you'll have to taste the batches and flavors in the tea room to help me get things right!

Firedragon13, my father is from Italy - there will be wine!

Czoe, I hope you stop by the tea room sometime. I have no idea what's going on. I read the last few pages and am still pretty lost so I did start from the beginning. It takes a while to read between work, watching my nieces, and... with all the falling down juice consumed and explosions occurring... some conversations aren't real coherent. I'm up to pg 45.

 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 5, 18 4:46 AM
I pop my head into the tea room to warn Charlie of the impending construction and notice she has company. Charlie introduces her companion as Anna. Hello, Anna - Welcome Anna has brought her own coffee pot, nice timing - if she is a coffee lover she will be thrilled with the news...

I update them on the renovation plans, "You Ladies might want to move to the table farthest from the counter... the gnome builders just informed me they have fit the Tea House into their schedule. They will be here soon to construct a dual Coffee and Tea bar. Shouldn't take long, gnomes are efficient... " I stop and look eyes seem to be having trouble focusing on random area's around the room...

"Um, pardon me but are there ghosts in here, or are my eyes just playing tricks on me?" I ask.

Charlie brightens and says, "Yes, they are friends of mine."

"Wonderful", I breathe a sigh of relief, "I'm not losing my eyesight..." then I stop and consider... eyes un-focus as I drift back into the kitchen talking to myself..., "now what do you serve a ghost? ...must consult the recipe database...hope my laptop is up to this..."

As the kitchen door swings closed a tiny part of my brain thinks, I'm sure Charlie and Anna are convinced I'm missing a few key components in that region...oh well, they will feel better once I they have a shiny new dual caffeine bar to fortify them.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 4, 18 7:08 AM
Annelliegram wrote:
cindykat325 wrote:LOL, I think Ready for the Special Room will be my psychiatric support
Oh, THAT will be real productive!!!!! ....... Are you sure you want to trust HIM??????/

(Yep, definitely a strong candidate for the Special Room!) ....Huggie Jacket fitting is down the hall in Room 3.

Can I get a purple one?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 6:32 PM
bfgArinelle, so happy you swam by. I'm very excited to begin working at the Tea Room. While Mrs. Fletcher said she had to leave for what sounds like permanently, I'm hoping she will be able to return sometime in the future. My plan is to keep the place in 1 piece for her. I do plan to add a coffee bar as there does appear to be a call for it (although I'm with you - Tea for me!) You and the other Moderators are welcome anytime, I'll keep a table ready for you. or

Annelliegram, your cookies are always welcome! I'll hunt up a lovely covered tray for them

Charlieisr, I'm not much taller, although my drivers license says 5' 1", now how did that happen??? but I love to cook. I'll have to post menu's or specials occasionally. Hmmmm, maybe someone can tell me what the Evil-Ones like and I'll go on a cooking spree to make them fat so they are easier to defeat...

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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 6:20 PM
Shawkn wrote:

I don't know about you...but I am seeing an entire team of psychiatrists since I started MC.

LOL, I think Ready for the Special Room will be my psychiatric support
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 6:04 PM
Muttering to self...
shopping list/HOS version...
shopping list/smuggled from "outside" version...
construction items for expected repair due to periodic chaos, and addition of coffee bar... Don't forget the espresso machine - these folks need serious caffeine!!!!

Did I remember pack my recipes?

Rummaging continues...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 9:58 AM
AuntieRoo wrote:
cindykat325 wrote:

Oooooooo, accidental damage....does that mean I would be able to redecorate occasionally?

Occasionally !!!!! Sweetie try thinking 4,5,6,7,8 times a year.Ha ha ha

FUN, I have no room to redecorate in the real world!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 9:56 AM
I unlock the Tea House door but can't open it... someone has stuck a chair under the door handle.

I knock loudly and call out, "excuse me... can you move that chair so I can go to work?"

I hear a chair scrape across the floor. The door opens a crack. "Hello, I'm Katt. Mrs Fletcher had to go away suddenly. I'm here to manage the Tea House until she can, I hope, come back. "

The door opens a little more and I see a HUGE tiger," Ooooh, Kitties !!!!! I Love Kitties !!!!! and you must be Charlie, Mrs Fletcher said you were the only one here when she left... nice to meet you"

The door doesn't open any further... I think Charlie may be a wee bit wary of me. After all, I've been in the MC world for less than a year. She might be wondering if I'm friend or foe...

"May I come in so I can take stock of the pantry and get to work?" I give Charlie what I hope is a bright, sincere smile and wait, hoping the fact that I'm not trying to push the door open will help reassure her...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 3, 18 3:24 AM
Tea I can do - I have a HUGE inventory! I would just have to train my pets to smuggle it in from Outside.

Food I can do - hmmmm, I'll need food allergy info.

Honey Rum - well, anything for Randy

Coffee... I'd need that barista Viginiabreeze mentioned, no idea how to make that. But as long as I don't have to drink it, I'm happy to provide it to others.

I'll read the last several pages to try and get a handle on the program while I wait on work downloads today. I need a MC Tea house does sound like a lovely, chaotic, vacation spot.

Oooooooo, accidental damage....does that mean I would be able to redecorate occasionally?
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 2, 18 5:27 PM
Annelliegram wrote:
cindykat325 wrote:
LOL, hmmmmm okay. so I might be looking at huggy jacket time...
Mrs. Fletcher is leaving the Special Room ....... she ran the Tea Room and provided all the meals for the cast and crew ...... so, we have a job opening!!!!

I don't think I could possibly fill those shoes! Especially since i'm only on page 21 of the Special Room.

I'd be happy to serve tea to the inmates, I mean denizens, though - LOVE tea!!!!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 2, 18 3:57 PM

LOL, hmmmmm okay. so I might be looking at huggy jacket time...
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