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 posted in Hexus on Feb 11, 13 7:03 AM

Connect 6 or more balls to clear them.

Buy clothing and jewels for your avatar.

Build a city.


Good for a DD or good sale.

 posted in Jane Angel: Templar Mystery on Feb 11, 13 6:55 AM
Different game play.

More of a puzzle / HOG.

Worth a DD, or good sale.

 posted in Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse on Jan 27, 13 8:01 PM
After all the comments against the fairy from the 1st game, and yet she is back?

This is not a minor irritation. She is flitting around almost as much as the cursor.

And the voice!

I am very disappointed.

This is a well made game, and I like the game play.

But I am not sure that I want to encourage the lack of customer respect that this Dev has shown, by purchasing this game.

I am listing this one as a maybe.

 posted in Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show on Jul 7, 12 2:03 PM
Rebeca_Lily wrote:When you are in a location, and the mask button in the bottom right turns green - you have to search for a mask; usually the form of laughing mask. You can find them on the ground, on trees, on walls, and even in small opened play windows.

When you find the mask, the green button on the bottom right turns black.

Nice 'heads up' Rebeca!

I didn't make the connection there.

I was concerned about finding them all because someone else wrote about there being trouble later in the game if you didn't have all of the masks.

Thanks for sharing good useful info, without spoiling anything.

 posted in Victorian Mysteries: Woman in White on Jun 10, 12 7:49 PM
crowtrobot wrote:Currently there are eighteen pages of discussions. Not comments in a discussion, but discussions. That doesn't bode well for a game in my opinion. I don't recall ever seeing anywhere near that many pages.

Good catch crowtrobot.

After restarting the game over twice (with several hours invested each time) I am throwing in the towel.

Just tired.

I will make note of who made this game and be forewarned.

Obviously the Developers have little or no respect for the players.

 posted in Dragon Keeper on Jun 10, 12 2:41 PM
ShazPG wrote:Note to prospective customers: Please don't read this thread and determine not to buy the game based on its contents. It's a wonderful game - I'm about to begin my 10th play through The bugs below are not gamestoppers, just little annoyances at the most.

In case the developers check in, here are some of the bugs I've encountered (and remembered) while playing this game:

Deleted for obvious reasons; An extremely accurate and thorough list and explanation of bugs encountered in this wonderful game.

Thank you ShazPG

I, too, highly recommend this game; bugs and all.

Hours of fun and I have replayed this game 3 or 4 times already

One issue that ShazPG didn't cover (may not have encountered) is

When the diggers clear an obstacle, increasing the possible population, just as the day ends, if there is a pile of gold found, it disappears just like the gems on the ground disappear.

This is very frustrating because you can't control the speed of the worker, and you don't know which obstacles have piles of gold under them.

This has happened twice now on my 4th island and probably cost me the expert win.

Just remembered another issue.

You can't restart an island until you have finished it.

I must repeat that even though it might sound like there are a lot of issues with this game, it is a true joy to play.

These notes are written in the hopes that the developers are listening to their customers.

I also agree that these issues should have been picked up by the testers and been dealt with before it was ever released.

Thank you for a wonderful game!

 posted in World of Zellians: Kingdom Builder ™ on Dec 31, 11 6:32 PM
cat52 wrote: Thank you, Customer Support, for helping me through this issue.

In the many years I've been a member, I have never had a lick of trouble getting help from Tech or Customer Support. When they couldn't help (rarely) and I had to give up on a game, they consistently gave me a free game credit. I hope I'm not the only person to realize this level of support is rare, Thank you,

I could not agree more. Best Customer Support team I have ever worked with.They all deserve a raise Great quality deserves to be rewarded. Thank you BF/CS!
 posted in Zuzu & Pirates on Oct 6, 10 3:22 AM

This is so bad that I will not even waste my time explaining why it sucks.

Only good thing is I am saving lots of money.

 posted in Incredible Adventures of my Mom on Oct 4, 10 1:23 AM

For a good laugh, misclick too many times!

Very light hearted and fun.

Enjoyed my demo.

A few annoyances, like the sound when you find something, the exactness needed when using inventory items, a few minor vocabulary issues.

You just KNOW she is going to get into all kinds of trouble before this is over

This one goes on my maybe list.

 posted in Incredible Adventures of my Mom on Oct 4, 10 12:13 AM

Looks like fun.

Got my fingers crossed.

 posted in Time Mysteries: Inheritance on Oct 2, 10 7:40 PM
sartasia wrote:I have only played the demo.
This game is an light interpretation of an IHOG. Although the retained items are used immediately.
Loaded and ran just fine.
Filled my 22 inch screen.
Separate options for sound and effects.
No problem with cursor.
You can skip or advance the graphic story as you see fit.

[Much snippage to save space]

After all is said and done I'll buy this game. It's relaxing and entertaining enough to while away a chilly afternoon.

Very nice review sartasia!

Thank you,

 posted in Rare Treasures: Dinnerware Trading Company on Sep 30, 10 2:16 AM

Think Chocolatier but with plates (China) instead of chocolate (candies).

 posted in And Yet It Moves on Sep 28, 10 2:02 AM

I am guessing a 'soft release' for tomorrow.

And because that forum was created after the Columbus one, it is considered the 'newest forum'?

 posted in Roads of Rome on Sep 27, 10 2:54 AM
Game is 'bogged down'.


Very jerky


ETA: Have reloaded, no help.
Have rebooted, no help.

There are many posts of problems, why is there no BFG response?

I dl games every day here, no problems, so why is this game the exception?

I will not buy this game as it plays now (in slow motion).

And that is a bummer cuz I really like it.

 posted in The Adventures of Mary Ann: Lucky Pirates on Sep 27, 10 1:36 AM

Hey all, my demo time is used up on this one, so I was hoping for some input on this game.

 posted in King Arthur on Sep 26, 10 3:24 PM
LizzieK wrote:I am so puzzled by this developer’s approach to game mechanics. This game is by Moon Cake, the same developer who gave us L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. It seems that the premise of their games is a good one. They are taking very well known stories and developing a game around these popular classics. Since the stories themselves already have a huge fan base you would think that the games would have a built in advantage from the word go.

Unfortunately fans of a good book or movie are expecting a game that will match or at least come close to the quality of the story the developers are using as the basis of their game. In the case of the Wizard of Oz game, the game was so awful that fans were embarrassed and shocked that a game developer could degrade their beloved classic so thoroughly.

The King Arthur game is not quite as bad as the Wizard of Oz game but that is not saying much. When most game players start a new game they are expecting good things. They want to like new games. They want to buy new games. They are eager to begin the journey into a new adventure. This game does several things in the first hour of play to dampen any enthusiasm a game player might have had as they started the game.


Thank you for taking the time to put my thoughts into words

Both of these games have been such a huge disappointment.

Your summation is spot on.

I wish that we could take the developers by the hand and show them what great possibilities are possible with these stories!

 posted in King Arthur on Sep 26, 10 1:57 AM
I am so very disappointed with this game.

This is one of my favorite stories.

I kept my expectations low so that I could enjoy it, but no go.

The typed out narration was soooo slow! And I couldn't push it along, only skip it.

Several of the objects appeared to be just a slight variation of shading on a wall.

Not impressed.

I think I recall the developers but I need to varify this before I comment.


ETA: Yeah, I thought this felt a little familiar.

Remember that fine game a few months ago?

Think Dorothy and Toto.
 posted in PictoWords on Sep 23, 10 3:05 PM

Enjoyed my demo.

Good word games are few and far between.

I love that it helps keep my mind sharp.

I have never played anything like this, so it is a fun new challenge for me.

Thanks BF for something different!

 posted in Goddess Chronicles on Sep 22, 10 12:05 PM


What sale?!?

I got no heads up about a sale!!

I wanna sale!

How do I get my own sale?

 posted in Goddess Chronicles on Sep 22, 10 2:49 AM

I came in to warn people about the extremely annoying 'time-out' room...

But I guess you've found it LOL

The full sentence warning for the 1st mis-click was more than enough to irritate me.

The chastisement for being better as a god had steam puffing outta my ears.

Then it sent me to go polish up on my clicking and I just clicked right on outta there, mumbling something about ohnoyoudidn't!

Oh yeah, THAT went over well!

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