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This is the worst DP I have ever come across....extremely inferior and very lacking in quality. Graphics were poor, dark and shady. Frogs were dark and undefined making it hard to see...was clicking away. Very difficult to navigate without a transport map because of all of the inventory you must find and place...going back and forth. It is difficult that there is no zoom feature. Are they serious? The SG graphics were poor and instructions on the first puzzle were useless. After doing the 4th frog ( half of that scene is darkness), I gave up. This demo was far from being an enjoyable experience. The only good thing I can say is that the hint fills quickly. I wouldn't want this if they gave it to me.

It is unbelievable that a game could be made without all of the modern conveniences we now have as standards and expect it to be popular and sell.

This is one big pillar of salt indeed....and I am not going to look back at it.

Why do you think a game would be produced without all of the modern standards we are used to having...custom settings....transport maps...etc ? Is it more expensive to make a game with these conveniences?
 posted in Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony on Mar 14, 18 7:34 PM
What a laborious game. I don't think I have ever gone back and forth so much in my life. The only good aspect about this game were the hos and the graphics. I couldn't wait for the game to end. I am going to uninstall, never to play this again. Totally exhausting. I think I need a new mouse....and a vacation.
 posted in Witch Hunters: Full Moon Ceremony on Mar 13, 18 5:22 PM
Did the demo...bought the game. I am over half way through. This is not going to be one that I will be playing again. In fact, I had to take a break because it was tiring.

Graphics are decent. There weren't too many puzzles I came across. I skipped some and thought the instructions could have been better on those I had not a clue for what I was supposed to do. Hos were very nicely done...wish there had been more as they didn't take me long to do. They were more of the traditional list kind with only a couple of interactions....fine with me. I enjoy them that way. It was good to be able to take that break from the multitudes of tasks.

There are so many areas you have to visit and each one has many items that need inventory, some of which you will not use until much later. There were more things that need inventory than the inventory I had, which became very tedious. You are constantly going back and forth having to remember all these rooms and where you saw items that needed other items. There is a map that transports and unless you remember how to navigate yourself to those areas you will be using it or the hint which will only point the way. It was really too much and became more of a chore than an enjoyment. I resorted to using the hint as I was just tired of all the back and forth.....collecting one item and traveling all over to put that one item in its place. It is constant and excessive.

 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 18 10:27 AM
What is the sense of having a hint that only points you to the right location, then that's it...nothing else? It is not acceptable and was negligent to have produced a game with such a half useless hint system. It was a big factor in my not buying this game.
 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 1:32 PM
MissAbby wrote:

And I don't pay attention to the "Star Reviews". Too long, and too many stars for games that aren't that great.


 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 11:35 AM
Could not finish this demo. What an aggravating demo of a game. The graphics are attractive...somewhat cartoonish, but defined. There was a lot of flashing, though, and it could be visually disturbing to some. I thought it was excessive. It was nice to be able to see in a game without darkness and cloudiness everywhere causing one eye strain.

Started out ok...but became disjointed and a disaster upon encountering the snow scenes. Game play was confusing at times and I found the hint to be totally useless in those scenes as well as the strategy guide. I had no idea what to do sometimes...and that isn't all.

Much of the time I was skipping puzzle after puzzle, sometimes one right after another. There were a couple of mini puzzles I encountered with rotating crystals and matching symbols that could not be skipped. The hint didn't really help as it should...neither did the guide. That should have been it for me right there because I am not going to go through that noise of not being able to skip any puzzle.

There were hardly any was a story book (once again) where you have to match items to words...what a waste. The other 2 were artistically done, but that isn't enough to make me want to buy a game.

Gameplay became extremely tedious and one big chore. It was not an enjoyment and isn't worth it. They can put this one where the sun doesn't shine.
 posted in Nevertales: Creator's Spark Collector's Edition on Mar 10, 18 9:57 AM
baglady159 wrote:I never read the reviews on the main page either. Got too tired of the long winded explanation of the games. I won't read a review on this thread either if it's "a full page" long. In my opinion its not a review of the game but rather a synopsis of the story line. I don't want to know the whole story until I play the game. I just want to read what a player thinks of the game itself and that can be done in a lot fewer words.
Just my opinion.


I won't read them either. Too much story info is given....writing off at the hand... more often than not, raving reviews. Players want to be able to discover the story themselves. Another unnecessary entry is all of the detailed puzzle and hos info on most of those included in a game. I never read those. It's a waste of time. You find all that out yourself when you play.

The only thing I read from those over lengthy reviews are the CE Extras and the number of hos and puzzles...whether they are re playable...and what the collectibles are. This info is very informative and helpful....and it is particularly helpful when someone has finished the game and the bonus chapter if it is a CE, or just a SE to give their opinion. Those opinions are of substance and do make a difference.

Opinions of the game can surely be said and perhaps would be more appreciated without writing detailed volumes of the story line, puzzles, and hos.

 posted in Haunted Hotel: Lost Dreams Collector's Edition on Mar 8, 18 11:26 AM
The graphics in this demo were very shady and dark with foggy colors of purples and blues, making it difficult to see because of its lack of definition. Hos were the same graphically and although I did find items, by the time I got to the one where you are finding pairs, I almost gave up and exited the game because of eye strain.

There are multitudes of tasks to perform that require inventory and you will be going back and forth a great deal. The hint is very helpful and does transport. It is a convenience that you have a designation on the right side of your screen to indicate the amount of collectibles you acquire and how many you have to go. There are 13 Memory Elements which look like jars....20 picture pieces that were very difficult for me to find because of the poor lighting and cloudiness of the scenes...and there are 27 morphs.

Came across 9 mini games, most of them I skipped....and there were 4 hos. Although it was difficult to see the items in the hos, I remember breezing through them except for the one where you have to find the pairs that are hidden behind other items. That was enough to give me a well as having to strain to see in other scenes.

I began to use the hint often because it was very tiring having to find and place numerous inventory in different locations. It was too much, as well as too many puzzles outnumbering the hos. Story is interesting...and this edition is much better than some of the others. I am disappointed in the poor quality of the graphics and it is mainly because of this that I will not be buying this game.

 posted in Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child Collector's Edition on Mar 6, 18 11:19 AM
Was this demo supposed to be serious? I am a slow player and have 55 minutes left. Unbelievable....and so is the quality as well as the game play.

There is no info in the Extras as to how many hos or puzzles you can replay. With the selfish time they give you for a demo and lack of info, it is obvious that they want you to buy before you try. They don't want to give you anything beforehand....makes you wonder, doesn't it?

The scenes are very dark and not well defined....particularly the hos. Is it just me or do they want you to go blind? Most every scene is so cloudy. Maybe the intention is to hold you up in those scenes. If I wasn't using hints, I was skipping all the puzzles which were way too many....not a surprise. Often, I did not know what I was supposed to do or where to look.

There were many mechanical tasks to perform...going back and forth. Who ever would have thought to use a tassel to collect grease from a wheel so that you can grease a door in order to open it? Not me. First hos was inside a train engine room (hard to see items) and was very interactive....had to use hints. Second hos was out of this have to find items from 3 children's coloring sketches....really? I'll tell you, I had to use hints for practically everything because I could NOT see them. It was so dark and dimly lit. It is extremely eye straining.

You have a psychic ability gadget ring that is supposed to help you see things more clearly...uh huh....makes things visually worse. You assemble a puzzle by just rotating the puzzle pieces after using this annoying apparatus.

From this very scarce demo, this appears to be a very poorly put together game, both dynamically and graphic wise. It was not enjoyable, had too many puzzles, and definitely not enough time to see (?) whether you would want to buy it or not. From the frustrating play and poorly lit, shady graphics, I doubt I will even consider the SE.

 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 6:50 PM
demon13 wrote:I am confused, Are you guys saying that a couple of puzzles can't be skipped at all. Or just on hard mode? I don't do well with puzzles so if I can't do one then I can't move on or finish the game,, Thank you in advance,,

Yes, there are some that can't be skipped on the casual mode, but you can make it through by using hundreds of hints.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 2:35 PM
I had the same problem with the scent bottle. It would not leave my hand either. You finally get the right hand side doorway sprayed and it shows a purple haze and that was it for quite some time...couldn't do anything else. After fooling with it for a while, the man appeared and I was able to move on from that scene, but something is definitely not right. I am on Windows 7.
 posted in Vermillion Watch: In Blood Collector's Edition on Mar 3, 18 12:21 PM
I would not consider this to be a player friendly game, but one that is more for advanced players. It was very slow moving and boring with very foggy graphics, making it difficult to see. If I wasn't using the hint, I was skipping the over abundance of puzzles. There was not an easy flow to this. It was tedious to finish the demo.

Gameplay was not even interesting, but often times appeared to be very disjointed and confusing as to what you are supposed to do. It was complicated.

There is much going back and forth performing senseless tasks. So you bring the dead body back to life temporarily to get some answers as to what happened to convenient...then you ask her questions by clicking the conversations...all the while saying how bad you feel to do this to her, but you just have to find out. Then when she is allowed to return to her rest, you find a horseshoe in her hand that you have to collect....guess it didn't bring her any good luck, did it?

There were a few mini games that should have had a skip...pushing piano keys by watching the guy's eyes?....come on. You have to look through 3 peep holes in 3 different doors by adjusting a lens to find something interesting? Also matching dates on wine bottles. Whether you like doing it or not you have to. There are no instructions for these that I found. You're on your own. One of the worst was spraying the scent to find the correct doorway....seemed like maybe a glitch because I had a hard time getting it to was time consuming and I looked at the guide, which was the hint was at times, also.

And yes, I wish there had been a skip for the hos....particularly the last, which was so dark and items obscured that I had to use the hint to find the music notes. I'm noticing more and more the dim lighting in hos, making it difficult to find items. There is no alternative to play that I saw. As usual, the puzzles outnumber the hos...of course.

The best part of this demo for me was the passed out guy at the bar~

 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 18 4:57 PM
Played the entire demo. Graphics were somewhat cartoonish, but colorful and clear. Having a Mayan theme is refreshing and different for a change. Game play flowed easily without having to collect a million inventory items. Having to deal with so many symbols all the time got monotonous, though. There is some going back and forth, but not in excess. Some of the tasks were boring...didn't like the scene with all of the vines constantly jumping out at you. There is also a tool kit which gets "the shakes" whenever you need to use it.....rather distracting and annoying.

A couple of the HOS were artistically done....didn't care for the one with all the symbols in a forest map setting. I began clicking away because it was hard to see what you were supposed to find. The other couple, which is all there was in this demo were interactive and pleasant enough. The skip and hint adjust down to 15 seconds in Custom mode.

I do not think I have ever encountered so many puzzles in one game, and although I did complete some of them, there were just too right after another. There are a total of 48 that is documented in someone else's review on the main game page... that info is not revealed to you anywhere in the Extras. The incorporation of such an excessive amount of puzzles is an obsession. It creates quite an imbalance in game play. If I wanted to do nothing but puzzles, I would buy a puzzle game. How about let's have 48 HOS instead? After all, this is supposed to be a HOG it says at the left hand portion of the main game page. That apparently doesn't matter anymore.

Unless you are interested in the Bonus (which I know nothing about because I am not buying this), I did not see anything that makes this a CE worthy game. You collect symbols and there is a morph in the hos...big deal. You can replay 18 HOS, but 2 of those scenes are a repeat (I looked at them in the Extras). There is no mention of replay for the 48 puzzles that I saw. You know all the other standard extras...achievements, wallpapers...etc.

If it wasn't for all of the overwhelming amount of puzzles in this game, I would have bought it. Having one puzzle after another is not my idea of a good time...and I am not that desperate for a new game.

 posted in Wanderlust: What Lies Beneath Collector's Edition on Mar 1, 18 1:55 PM
pennmom36 wrote:just a head's up, I know a lot of you guys hate puzzle heavy HOP light games, and this one definitely falls into that category!

Thanks very much for that info.

48 Puzzles.....18 HOS
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 28, 18 10:52 AM
Why have you put mini games in this which cannot be skipped?
quynne77 wrote:I have to write that I was not disturbed at all that the "baddie" murdered the policeman it just made it clear that he was definitely the "bad guy". . Therefore, it is my opinion there is no problem with any character of any occupation being disposed of to meet the story line - my preference is along the lines of "just please don't hurt any of the non-human animals".

It is similar when people who do not care for supernatural (including witchcraft) or sci-fi themes (or any other theme the writer's imagination may come up with to entertain the buyers of their product) say don't make games including these type of themes.
There have been corrupt doctors, police, mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, kings, queens etc, etc in some form or other in most of these games and to successfully complete the game the player often has to eliminate the "baddies" but also often even some of the "goodies" will also die in the game play to most likely invoke a sense of justification when the "baddie" is eliminated or defeated!

I would be very disappointed if the imagination of any writer of a game was limited in subject matter just because of thoughts that the story has any semblance to real life when in reality it is "just a game" or "just a story"! Especially when a lot of the games already appear to follow similar story lines so eliminating any theme will make the games even more similar.

So, it is fine to show a person, excluding an animal being murdered in cold blood... or even hurt.

No, it is not similar to not liking the supernatural or sci fi theme, or any other theme the writer's imagination?.... comes up with? entertain buyers? Where do you draw the line with that? This is a depicted murder and is conveying a very strong message. Above all, showing scenes like this is not in any way a form of entertainment and I find it appalling to think that anyone would think that it is.

Graphically showing any one being murdered is not "just a game". And no person should be depicted being murdered in these games whether they are a "baddie" or not. It is utterly disgraceful.

Perhaps if you knew people personally who these things have happened to, you would have a more sympathetic opinion because there are tons of them whose lives have been taken in acts such as these. No, this is not "just a game". The only story it tells is one of apathy.

 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 7:30 PM
WaltzingFish wrote:cathybobcat, which mini puzzles? Could you please give an example?
I was able to skip fighting the demons with the gauntlet. Not fond of this type of mini game. Ok, I won't get all achievements, but, after all, it's a game!
Other ones I found fun to do. Or they were doable with the Hint Button.

The ones you say are doable with the hint. Apparently, it is not just me and you are not able to skip those puzzles that you can only use a hint to solve.

Thank you for answering.

 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 1:48 PM
Attractive graphics...conducive to the Egyptian atmosphere. Game play was slow (short demo) with some mundane tasks to complete. There aren't an overwhelming amount of puzzles, however I have come across some that cannot be skipped. Doesn't matter how easy some may think they are, there should be a skip for them. This is a definite deterrent to my buying any game. Some puzzles there was a skip available, so I don't think it was my settings. It appears to be that developers want to decide what you can skip and what you cannot in this least from my completing this demo.

Also want to mention that you have to access the SG by going to the Menu options, which is very inconvenient. What were they thinking about? They weren't....

There was a fair amount of hos...nice graphics, but it was hard to find some items because they were so obscured. Enjoyed seeing some hos in a demo for a change, even if items were difficult to find.

Stated in the Extras you can replay hos and mini games, but withheld the amount until you buy, which I think is a tricky game in itself. I like to know what I am getting in a CE, don't you?

All I could see for collectibles were have some morphing objects that I saw in the hos, which I don't care for because it just takes more time to complete the hos and slows you up. Otherwise, except for the bonus chapter, I don't see where this is CE worthy at all and will wait to see a walkthrough when the SE comes out.

 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 1:21 PM
Am I the only one having a problem skipping some mini puzzles? I have checked the settings for custom mode and have everything checked.
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