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Well, that does it for me. No 8.1. I'll just stay with 8! Thanks to all for the heads up.
 posted in Entwined: The Perfect Murder on Sep 2, 14 12:31 PM
Well, I for one, am enjoying this game. It's a good old fashioned who-done-it and I like those. So far, based on the demo, it's a good game to use at night when I need something that's not too mind boggling. The hint system replaces the need for a SG, and the puzzles have been "just right". Graphics are good, not great, but I didn't expect them to be. Voice overs, lots of suspects, photographs to take of the crime scene, this is playing more like a crime novel. Good! With a free game token, I'm set. I have not been happy, with the exception of Jewel Match IV, of the selection of games on BF lately, so this game is fitting a need. As always, everyone has their own tastes! Lately, some of the reviewers seem to have forgotten that. Please, no more pot shots at other players!
 posted in Entwined: The Perfect Murder on Sep 2, 14 11:09 AM
twinsoniclab wrote:Average Size Fish has e-ray vision, because I couldn't find the last fingerprint without a hint!

I like this game. I like these rather simple SEs and find they offer more than the fancy-smancy CEs that all look alike! This is a murder mystery! I love murder mysteries! Games... books... movies... television... give me a murder mystery!

The HOS are a bit messy, but the items weren't too large, nor too teeny to find. I guess that makes them "just right!" Not interactive, but different kinds (list, silhouette).
The PUZZLES were not challenging, but did take a bit of thought. I had fun with the ones in the demo, and fun's why I play!

As for what our detective can and cannot do... there needs to be some reason to search for inventory items! Besides, if one of the crows in my yard had something I wanted, a "shoo" wouldn't scare him away! (Watch those "spoilers" ASF! A few of your complaints tell us what we need to do!) Every game has these same silly things. For instance, if we have a knife, why do we need to find scissors? Or, can't we just break the window if we have a hammer, why do we need to use a glass cutter?

I played the survey game, and it ran slow. That has been fixed and it plays just fine now. It's a fun game, and if nothing else it's not the same old thing. No black fog in sight, and so far no animal helper (although a tracking dog may appear for all I know)!

Thank you so much! I love it when people write great reviews and make it so much easier for lazy people like me to make decisions. Downloading the trial right now. I love a good murder mystery!

 posted in Family Vacation 2: Road Trip on Aug 26, 14 7:38 PM
Has this been the week for old tired games? Huh? So boring! I don't remember such a week as this. Whew, can't wait till next week.
 posted in Statue of Liberty: The Lost Symbol on Aug 26, 14 7:35 PM
Did they rummage around in an old storage closet and yell "Hey, look at this! We forgot to try and sell this turkey!"?
That about covers my opinion.
 posted in Manor Memoirs Collector's Edition on Aug 25, 14 9:48 AM
I checked all of the "extras' and there are a few, but certainly not CE quality extras! But I like this type of game and it's a buy on sale or as a SE.
 posted in Statue of Liberty: The Lost Symbol on Aug 25, 14 9:37 AM
siscokid wrote:When installing this game, a window popped up that I needed to install the "latest Direct X" driver. Okay, I'll bite.
When downloading that version there were options to click inviting me to install the "Bing Toolbar." Personally, no...I HATE Bing. But that's just me.
I unclicked that option for the Bing Toolbar and after installing the "latest Direct X" software, it told me...never mind, (in a manner of speaking) You already HAVE the latest installation. Really?!? Then why insist that my computer "needed" that installation? Unless, they are in tandem with BF, and are trying to generate god knows what. I don't understand the purpose of the whole situation other than free advertising for Bing? Seriously?

Things that make you go hmmmm....

Maybe someone else has the answer to this perplexing question. I simply don't get it. And it's annoying.

I HATE BING TOO! So you're not alone, siscokid. And that's a cool moniker!
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Aug 22, 14 1:28 PM
This game started out confusing but as I progressed, it became clearer and now I think it is the best match three I've ever played. I will definitely play again, immediately, and this time no skipping ANY of the puzzles. They take time to figure out what the heck you're supposed to do, and after a while that becomes part of the delight of this game. I have to be patient! And after losing all of my lives, I just kept going and it's all worked out. Two levels to go!
 posted in PuppetShow: Lightning Strikes Collector's Edition on Aug 22, 14 11:01 AM
I am not buying this game at this time, and I can't say exactly what it is about this game that is not thrilling me! Just leaves me feeling flat, and it might be me, not the games fault. It has all the good stuff, great graphics, voice overs, spooky images, etc.
Maybe it's that wonderful Jewel Match IV I'm addicted to that game and everything else feels flat by comparison. Ahhhh, I solved it! It's not the Puppet Show's fault! It's Jewel Match IV!
 posted in Jewel Match IV on Aug 20, 14 4:45 PM
The only problem I have with this game involves some of the puzzles. I can't figure out where to put some of the pieces! So I have skipped a few of those, but the match 3 part of the game, which is at least 75% of the action, is just great. And addictive! This is a definite buy for me.
 posted in Imperial Island 2: The Search for New Land on Aug 20, 14 4:40 PM
I like this game, but I do miss the fun of building an "empire", especially the extraordinary one in the first game Now that was fun! I will buy this game because I'm a fan of good match three games and I need a break from HOGS for awhile. Maybe as the game progresses we'll get to do more than just break tiles.
 posted in Cave Quest on Aug 18, 14 11:17 AM
I know this game has been out for a long time, but I still have it on my desk top and my iPhone! It's a go-to game of the first kind, and I love it, love it, love it!
Just a few notes to the developers: don't make the player "pay" off everybody else to advance the game. I dislike giving the family the gold collection after I've worked so hard for it, and that mean store owner! Pick up HIS scattered documents? And give him a beautiful collection of antique arms? So he will give me the necessary equipment to free my family? Really?
But it's a great game!
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 14, 14 1:04 AM
Yes! That is one funny curse! Thanks for making my day ,firehorsecos, and with your kind permission I plan on using it on any one of our many rude drivers here in the LA basin!
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 11, 14 10:56 PM
It wouldn't let me paint the clouds for two or three tries, then worked. I just kept trying! Close to a glitch.
 posted in Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle Collector's Edition on Aug 10, 14 3:38 PM
CiChDa wrote:Why is this not rated yet on the home page?

Good question!
 posted in Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel Collector's Edition on Jul 31, 14 4:05 PM
Second review, different mood. The first time I tried this game, I thought it was horrible, then I gave it a second chance and my whole opinion changed. Can't explain that, but it turned out to be a very good game and I'm glad I tried it a second time. Yes, it is "pretty", but I grew to like that. And that whole series of games go together! Plus, there's a delightful sound that pops up in the HOS that is so pleasant to the ears I look forward to it. It was the BOGO CE sale that got me to buy it, and I'm glad I did!
 posted in Lost Legends: The Weeping Woman Collector's Edition on Jul 26, 14 12:38 PM
This is a delightful game and a sure buy. The only problem right now is that darn sale! I need another CE to buy!
And thank you, as usual, to all the great review writers! I do read what others have to say, but my decision on buying is always personal. This game is just right for me, though I'm certainly hoping it turns out well for the children. Don't see how it can, but I'll find out!
 posted in Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden Collector's Edition on Jul 25, 14 11:43 AM
For me it boils down to the washed out lavender or purple haze over everything, a sticky, jerky motion in game play, the slight lag time to move to a new scene, and a story line that is so over used it's become cliche. For some people this will be a good game and enjoyable. I'll wait. I think I'm burning out on HOGs for now and need to switch to more challenging pure adventure games. So it could be me
 posted in Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden Collector's Edition on Jul 24, 14 11:34 AM
What's with the "Purple Haze"? The eerie purple glow in this game is annoying. The game seems fine otherwise, maybe "too cute", but okay. I will wait for a sale to buy.
 posted in Sable Maze: Forbidden Garden Collector's Edition on Jul 24, 14 11:30 AM
Well, I may not agree about the quality of ALL of the games because I have enjoyed a few, but the sale question is another matter. Why so many sales? I have no idea, but it is suspicious. It's reached the point where I wait until the weekend to consider whether to buy. I KNOW there will be a sale, so why pay full price? I wonder, since BFG has cut down so much on the forums, if they are going to be around for very much longer. So many people have gone elsewhere. Good point!
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