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Love the game and the break in live action scenes it gave the game a deeper feel of being there at least for me it did keep up the good work
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 13 2:50 PM
I am also having a problem with the shot under par trophy on the ritz course iI have -25 and 24 on both but no trophy it is annoying please fix this
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Feb 22, 13 11:30 PM
I liked the game but was a little disappointed with the guide yet i am a fan of the live actors being involved but it needs to be balanced with more excellent game play love Mystery Case Files as a whole just slightly unhappy with this one
Loved it thanks for maybe closing the ravenhearst series finally or is it lol great work BFG
 posted in The Keepers: Lost Progeny Collector's Edition on Nov 13, 11 9:26 PM
Fairly great game solid graphics and steady game play 4 out of 5 stars on my book also like the story line twist
 posted in Bluebeard's Castle on Nov 13, 11 9:22 PM
okay as far as the game goes some parts could have been better so not to to spoil it for anyone I will not say which part(s) disappointed me most played this one from a friend and will not be buying it
I did the beta and am waiting for this to come out please hurry up and come out of hiding MCF8
 posted in Hanging Gardens of Babylon on Sep 26, 11 8:26 PM
Nice start but quit after 6 min. stupid star door did it for me I like the CE HOG s and wanted distraction so i got the demo and from the reviews I am glad that is all I did thumbs down on this one
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Sep 8, 11 7:50 PM
Hey BFG I have a crazy idea for this game (Ravenhearst and return to Ravenhearst) because of the story line how bout making a movie out of this that way you could fill in a lot of the (hopefully there is another in this series coming soon) unanswered questions and give a deeper life to some very interesting characters just a thought from one little fishie in the BFG pond.
 posted in Mushroom Age on Mar 28, 11 11:58 PM
one phrase sorry I ever bought this it stinks
 posted in Maestro: Music of Death Collector's Edition on Mar 6, 11 10:56 AM
well after reading all the comments on this game I will not be buying it or even getting the trial as it seems there are far to many problems to even make it worth fooling with which is a shame because it looked like it had potential
comment on game it stinks
i enjoyed very good graphics as well as good story line one winnie however ...not another sequel ....ahhhhhhhhhhhh ..cap fakes runing round in circles the just laughs and goes figured there would be one here however because of the way it ended take not in kannas anymore time traveling possible duno looked that way
 posted in Redrum: Time Lies on Aug 19, 10 5:28 PM
nice graphics fair soundtrack ... but coon another one ...just set the doc and the asylum on fire and be done gezz the repetitive sequels are starting to be a drag
 posted in 1912: Titanic Mystery on Jun 8, 10 12:21 PM
I am a kinda of Titanic lover so I got the game and it was nice to rove around the ship some but the gameplay was a a litle dull yet I dealt with that and almost blew myself with the bomb when I cut the wrong wire but still worked out alright the mini games I skipped over (had a bad headache so it was hard to think straight lol) any it was overall a nice distraction for me ..helped me to get myt mind off my heart prblems for while so anyway (opps getting a lilte wordy lol) fun game to play
 posted in Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent Collector's Edition on Jun 8, 10 12:12 PM
good game yet one "missed her by this much " well maybe in the next one overall a very good sequel to the first one
 posted in Deadtime Stories on May 2, 10 9:53 AM
like the story line and the graphics were good scale of 1-10 9.5 good going
 posted in Public Enemies: Bonnie and Clyde on Apr 27, 10 1:18 PM

this game stinks i like challangeing HOG and large file action one but when you have to pull your eyes out to see clues it is nooooooooo fuuuunnnnnnnnn
completly enjoyed this game glad for the walktrough stuck a few times looking forward to the next one
 posted in The Mirror Mysteries on Jan 3, 10 8:25 PM
after downloading troubles and actavtion problems i was expecting at least a better ending but i will still rate it at 4 stars
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