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 posted in Nick Chase: A Detective Story ™ on Feb 3, 09 5:34 PM
I think the story went on by itself from the fish feeding.....hhhhmmmm, I would go back and check, but haven't bought it, lol
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Feb 3, 09 3:59 PM
That is an excellent question. I believe that one of the only puzzles I skipped in RTR. I could never do it fast enough.

Welcome to the pond
 posted in Nick Chase: A Detective Story ™ on Feb 3, 09 3:52 PM
Lil_Red wrote:hi all, I'm having a problem starting this game. In the opening sceen where you find the brush, I have the brush and the food, but after I clean the bowl and Felix says OK, I feed him and nothing else happens.

I have checked the entire room and can't find anything else.

Can anyfish help me?

What am I missing?

Did you feed Felix?


You need to find the fish's on a shelf inside the cabinet
 posted in Syberia on Feb 3, 09 11:40 AM
jobynana wrote:Is anyone watching latest "24". Whenever they refer to the new "Agent Walker" esp Jack Bauer. I always think of Oscar....."Greetings Kate Walker"!

I watch 24 all the time, but it has been so long since I played Syberia that I never thought of it that way! I loved both Syberias and Oscar!
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 9:13 AM
Thanks Celeryhart, maybe, maybe, maybe the developers will notice that timers need to be an option!!!!

If games are frustrating then there is a large group who won't even try it, much lest buy it!
 posted in Syberia on Feb 1, 09 7:57 AM
Hi mare, welcome to the pond!

I played this game a long, long time ago. Hard for the brain to remember the details now. You can check the game forum here or there is a walkthrough at Gameboomers where I have gotten walkthrough for years. Hope this might help and/or maybe someone else might see it that has played it recently
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 7:50 AM
Welcome to the pond Vickie, newt and popookaka!

Thanks !
 posted in The Broken Clues on Feb 1, 09 7:17 AM
Thanks Vickie, I see that dreaded word...timer
 posted in World Voyage on Jan 5, 09 9:54 AM
Thanks for the heads up, hate timers, and if it is nothing more than a Match-3, I'll pass on trying.
 posted in Liong: The Lost Amulets on Jan 5, 09 7:45 AM
Thanks everyone, I am off to download and try. I loved the first one. And this one sounds very interesting. My grandson is three and begs me to get out the 'puter and play the "dragon game". I know he won't be interested in this one, but grandma might !
 posted in Lost Realms: Legacy of the Sun Princess on Dec 31, 08 8:03 AM
Thanks everyone that tried it, was going to to download, but I don't think it would be for me.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Dec 18, 08 10:50 AM
I think the skip button is in the lower right of the screen not in the troll part, but the bottom part. Oh boy did I skip that whack a troll, no way I could keep up with it.
 posted in Mystery Legends: Sleepy Hollow on Dec 17, 08 8:54 AM
I am not reading this.... I am not reading this....

Is there a timer?
Thanks prpldva! That is great news!!! I loved the first one.
 posted in Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun on Dec 12, 08 9:21 AM
Undertaker86 wrote:I have finished "Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun" and "Siberia 2" a long time ago..

I'm waiting for "Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders".

Me too, I love all the Agatha Christie games, can't wait for the next one.
I also have read probably all her books, great author!
 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Dec 10, 08 6:59 AM
MaG's walkthrough on Gameboomers....

Take the motorcycle keys: Bring Frank to the top of the stairs or end of hallway.

Get Joe to the front door and then ring the doorbell.

Laura answers the door.

Get Frank to go down the stairs and immediately click on the motorcycle keys in the bowl on the table.

As soon as he picks the key up, immediately click on the stairs to be upstairs. Finesse the timing of the click of the keys, the actual action and the click on the stairs. There are several chances to do this step.

 posted in The Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft on Dec 10, 08 6:57 AM
I have played the game and that part at the first is the real frustrating part. The rest is fairly easy. Google Gameboomers, you can get a review and a walkthrough there. I don't remember exactly how to complete that part now, other than one of the boys stays at the top of the stairs and the other gets the keys. It has to be done in a certain order or a certain way. I will find it and PM you.
firestone1960 wrote:
did not like this one at all...
only played 15 mins of it - couldn't take anymore.
didn't really like the way it looked either.

I didn't even play that long, really didn't like the looks of it, lost interest quickly.
 posted in The Color of Murder on Dec 9, 08 4:22 PM
Google Gameboomers, lots and lots of excellent walkthroughs for adventure games!
 posted in Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek on Dec 8, 08 7:32 AM
yoopernurse wrote:Is anyone as frustrated with this as i am????

This is the only ND I ever tried over and over and got so tired of it, I never finished it.
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