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 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 16, 12 8:03 AM
Stick with it, If you have played any of the Farm Frenzy games the accumulation of stars and gold will be found to be two different things.
You use the gold on a level to purchase product or producers or build factories.

The stars that accumulate are used between levels to purchase in effect the blueprint or ability to make those factories or upgrade them in any particular level,
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 16, 12 7:59 AM
1.You start with 50 gold and 2 vampires and 4 zombies arrive. Kill them and send the dust to market and on return build the carved pumpkin factory and start one pumpkin through immediately and purchase another vampire.

2. Another three zombies arrive for another 150 from market which you use to upgrade carver to produce 2 at a time and purchase 5 dynamite. By time dynamite arrives you should have 3 carved pumpkins and another 2 being processed.

3. Use the slime to speed up the dynamite pumpkin factory and start processing two and send to market for 240. .
You should be able to get a total of 4 dynamite pumpkins through on the first speed up.
4. On return purchase 4 more dynamite for total of 9 and upgrade the dynamite factory. to 2 at a time and when you use the slime it will go to 3.
5. I got Gold at 2.45, but should have been earlier because I forgot to clear space (sell some product) in storage for the last two dynamite pumpkins,
 posted in Vampires Vs Zombies on Jan 16, 12 4:27 AM
Tried this game as a demo, read the reviews including the ones where people complained about slowness of play etc. Then I was converted and bought it
So far loving it as it is a real Time Management game where the way to win can be different . It does not so far require arcade like key clicking to get a factory to process faster. (clicking does not seem to speed up the factories at all, so the way to win does depend on strategy and time management.
Th complaint about waiting for the dumb vampires to plant pumpkins does not hold water as you had the same wait when you were waiting for ducks ostriches fishes to lay eggs.
Someone also complained in a review about the slowness of the horse and cart when selling produce. The FF series had an average of 21 seconds at the basic level. Vampires v Zombies is 15 seconds so less waiting thus game play is actually a bit faster.

Dumb vampires wandering into the light is on a par with dumb fish wandering into bears, At least the light spots don't move around the play field like the bears did and if the plant is far enough off the field you can ignore it for some time.
All in all I am loving it so far and have gold up to level 7.
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Jan 14, 12 4:07 AM
The beauty of TM games that are not click fests is that there are often more than one way to get the final result.
I did much the same as cotton candy except that I collected the baked beans as well and when I sold my first lot of cooked beans that made a total of three for 300 gold and then only needed 3 more beans for 120 gold to get the 400 required so then was just a wait for the last two beans to be cooked.
 posted in Pioneer Lands on Jan 14, 12 3:35 AM
1. Break rock to North Collect Gold
2. Buy 2 yeast, break rock to north east and collect flower and then bake first bread.
3. Break rock to west
4. Collect bread and sell
5. Collect west logs, Break rock to east and collect 2 wheat.
6. build bridge to North and collect the 3 timber and then build the mill and start milling the two wheat to get two flour.
7. Buy third yeast and two logs and break rock to South.
8. Collect two flower and start baking the second bread.
9. Collect the logs to South and build bridge to north gold.
10 Collect bread and starting last bread. Collect gold to North and buy two logs .
11. Sell the second bread. Build bridge to wheat fields and collect last bread to easily finish about 3.05
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 26, 11 3:22 PM
Windows XP
I found that file at:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data
It contains files:

besttimes.xml will open with internet explorer and shows your game name alongside the levels and the time in seconds.

profiles contains 2 files
A) 00000001.xml

gives the players stored names
A) gives the details about levels and other characteristics. Strangely enough mine shows up to 99 levels so wonder if the game was released early and they left out 9 levels?
Also shows places for 18 awards and 13 gags.

 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 26, 11 7:39 AM
Hi Antiem, Thanks for your help so far. Level 88 Step 6 Don't you mean upgrade the boat twice as 5 Dolphin will not go in a boat upgraded once.

And level 90 Step 4 should be buy 2 Gold not Buy two chemicals.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 23, 11 5:31 AM
Part 2.
4. This returns you with 7660 gold to play with instead of 240 from your first boat trip.
This allows you to upgrade your copter once, boat to max and warehouse to max.
Now you can get all 20 gold in one go (choose to send coptor just as bears arrive, then you don't lose any product) (also Start processing at the top as the bears start to arrive and by time product comes out bears should be gone.)
5. After getting the gold and sending first lot off to market, you should be able to send the copter at next gap to get the 10 jars and 10 butter.
6. By time boat has returned from second lot of fine jewellery sale you should be able to get 3 sturgeon and 3 salmon and in 4 cycles they will provide you with all the caviar you need and you can then sell them off . At same time get 2 or 3 seahorses and one lot of sharks to take care of the next lot of bears and
also upgrade fish plant to max.
7. By time the last 5 fine jewellery are processing you should also be able to sell the shellfish and eventually any remaining pearls jewellery. The seahorses take worry out of collecting , sharks take care of bears, and auto food dispensing stops fish starving. Then it is just a matter of building the plants each to the max, clicking on them to produce product 5 at a time and get the
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 23, 11 5:24 AM
Well I finally managed to get Gold here:

Gone Fishing Level 72
Start with: 5 shellfish, 500 Gold
Time for Gold: 4.20
Goals: 20 Fine Jewellery, 10 Caviar Butter, 10 Packaged (Black) Caviar
Bears : 22sec (5), 52 (4), 1.21 (4), 1.42 (3), 2.02 (4), 2.52 (4), 3.42 (4) for a total
of 28 bears.
the gaps are 22 sec , 30, 30, 20, 20, 50, 50 so you get most of your work done in that gap time.

As has been previously mentioned you finish with lots of gold so can upgrade plants to the max.
Previous solutions suggest caging bears and sending them collecting pearls and when the money from bears gets back
purchasing 5 gold and after that is processed get another
5 gold etc.
ie. Rely on the bears at the start for gold to continue.

The beauty of well constructed Time Management levels is that there are a number of ways of achieving the goal some more efficient then others.
After over 20 attempts to do it some of the ways mentioned I tried a different way.

The big problem was the numbers of bears distracting you and also stealing product, forgetting to charge food dispenser and collecting product.

1. Drop row of food, hit food dispenser so it starts to recharge, upgrade boat and warehouse once.
2. Drop second row of food and recharge dispenser and collect pearls, quickly drop the third row of food as the bears arrive.
Try to have the food dispenser empty as you click bears or products near top of screen so you don't leave food up there
and risk losing wayward critters eating there.
3. Send 5 pearls for processing to polished pearls as you collect bears. Wait til pearls are finished (hurry by clicking) and send 5 polished pearls and 2 bears to market.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 22, 11 3:41 AM
Anntiem - For level 72 you only mention the first 5 bears in your walkthrough. They occur at 22 sec. Then another 4 at 51 sec, 4 at 1.21, 3 at 1.42, 4 at 2.02, 4 at 2.52, 4 at 3.42.
Did you get these as well or do I have a different version. Seems that I am fighting bears all the time and they are filing up space so that I don't have time for anything else.
If I leave them on the field thay block the view, if I warehouse them (level 2) I fill up too quickly and cannot get them away to market quickly enough unless I upgrade both warehouse to at least 3 and boat to 4.
What do you do with the extra 23 bears???
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Gone Fishing on Dec 6, 11 2:13 PM
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If you are able to ru windows 7 you should have enough memory but you could check hoe much RAM you have .
If you do not understand that do a Google search on how to find amount of RAM in windows 7 . 4 Gb is sufficient.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 15, 11 7:55 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Level 49
You start with 25000 gold
Need 10 Flying Machines and 50000 gold.
You have 5,15 min and can buy Blue Ice Crystals
You can make Timber and ingots .
Four predators arrive each at 16, 1.47 , 3.16, 4.31, and 5.01

1. Buy a Blue horse . At 16 sec 4 predators arrive cage 2 and send to market, then store a gold horse shoe and cage the other two and when boat returns send vehicle for Blue Ice Crystals and send Gold Horsehoe and predator to market (5080 gold).
2. When boat returns buy 2 boars and 1 sheep, clear the two locations and build the timber mill and the foundry. Start the sheep making wood and the foundry making ingots. Upgrade the boat to red sails and the storage once and the vehicle to one ram.
3. At 1.47 4 more predators arrive, they are just a nuisance now and you won't need them but cage them to stop them attacking the boars.

4. Make first flying machine and keep sending the vehicle to buy blue ice to keep the horse well fed. Send the flying machine to market for 8000 gold and when it returns upgrade the foundry and wood maker to 2, buy another sheep. You should still have about 6000 left over.

5. Send the second flying machine and when the boat returns upgrade the flying machine maker to 2 as well.
Keep making the machines 2 at a time and after sale of 6 more you should have another 48000 and be able to make the 50000 and 10 machines easily. I did 5.06 but that was inefficient and watching the video I can see where I could improve on that.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Nov 14, 11 4:56 AM

I have enjoyed the game but got frustrated with the difficulty starting at Forest 9 and Desert 1 the first time through. As I gained experience however I learnt to beat the game but still there were some very hard levels and I became impatient to move on.
I analysed the save game and managed to find out the numbers representing the strength of buildings and the number of troops. In this way I was able to set up new situations and map out the levels. Like having a whole set of new games . Imagine being able to set a level 5 castle so that it has 30000 troops (which are steadily whittling away unless you use them) This gives you access to a blitzkreig type attack where you are sending 200 or 2000 troops at a time to each location on the map. How fast can you take over the level????

Another variation is where you have yellow, green and blue on the same level. If you can take over 3-4 buildings and max them out and manage to isolate yourself from the rest of the game through a choke point, you can sit back and see which of the other three is eventually victorious.
Want to see if you can influence it a bit ? Once you have accumulated enough gold you can apply some of the power ups to assist one colour or another, just when they are attacking an enemy. Eventually when one of the colours are victorious they will then concentrate on eliminating you. So the game has more potential yet while you are waiting for Landgrabbers 2.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 3, 11 4:36 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Level 3 Standard

You start with 150 Gold and 1 boar.
You can uncover and build a foundry.
You need 2 steel and 10 ore in 2.20
16 sec 3 predators arrive and another 3 at 1.32
You can use the helmets to harness the boars so ther are armoured.
Armoured boars produce 2 ore per cycle.

1. Buy another boar and spread hay.
2. At 16 sec cage 2 predators and the three helmets and immediately
upgrade a boar and send 2 predators to market for another 160 gold.
3. Upgrade the other bore store the other predator colect ore and when the
boat returns build the foundry and start making steel.
4. You do not need to worry about the other predators as the boars are armoured.
You should finish in gold easily. I made 1.54, 1.39 and my best 1.34
 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Nov 1, 11 11:46 PM
I agree with angelfish, it is very different and that may be unfortunate. We have seen the farm frenzy series and the build a lot series where they have kept the basic gameplay the same. I wish RE makers had kept the same SUCCESSFUL basic format. Number 2 is too early to be making such vast changes.
I am also one that has arthritic fingers and if the click fest becomes too much like an arcade game then I am out.
Back to the drawing board and with RE3 do something in the middle
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 1, 11 11:37 PM
Pt 2

5. When the remaining three yak are armoured change to the wood maker upgrade it to at least 5 (only needs money not stone) and buy 5 sheep and start them making wood. Use the wood to make the 10 spears. The three armoured yak should produce 6 yak wool (6000 gold) each cycle so no more money worries.

6. When you have at least 2 leather armour change to the steel armour and process your 2 steel armour one after the other to finish well within the gold. I managed 7.59 with 116 000 spare change and that was inefficient.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 1, 11 11:18 PM
You sure you mean stones, it is ingots you need.
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Standard Level 28.

This is an easy level to finish in Gold time
You start with 9500 Gold,
You have 10 min 30 sec to get 2 steel armour, 40,000 gold and 10 spears.
You cannot buy anything. You do not need stone, but do need 10 wood for the spears and 2 ingots for the steel armour.

Top left you have a Foundry then Forge then Weapon Factory. To right you have a Yak Shack gives armoured yaks, middle a hidden sweing factory - makes leather armour and behind it an armour factory - makes steel armour. , then bottom right you have a tanning house to make deluxe Yak leather.

1. Buy 5 boars, and send one to middle right to clear location. Upgrade boat to red sails, and storage once. Spread the hay and collect ore and process to ingots when you have 5. 4 predators arrive at 16 sec. Cage and sell the predators but not the thunder potions as you will need those to make armoured yaks. At this stage you should have a little over 8000 gold.

2. Process ore and ingots 5 at a time to get 5 swords which you sell for 500 gold. Do this 4 times and you have 10000 and enough to purchase a yak. Another 5 predators arrive at 1.51. Cage and send the predators off for another 400 gold. Armour the yak and sell it + any swords to get 20000+. This should occur by about 2.45.
3. When the boat returns purchase and armour two yaks wait for them to produce at least 2 yak wool and and sell them to get the 40000 you need. Start procesing the yak wool to get at least 2 lots of Deluxe yak leather. Another 5 predators should arrive about 3.21.

4. When the boat returns purchase 4 yaks and start armouring them. Anothe 4 predators arrive about 4.05. By now you should have plenty of ingots , ore and swords to fulfil requirements of 10 spears. so when the 4 yak are getting armoured sell the first one (spare change) and start the leather armour factory processing. Upgrade the boat to blue sails and sell your boars. You can also upgrade your barn to auto distribute hat so one less thing to worry about.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 1, 11 1:05 PM
There are 88 levels in the standard game
21 - 50
Then in Adventure mode:

Midgard 17
Ljusalfheim 17
Jotunheim 16
Vanaheim 14
Niflheim Ice 1-5 (5)
Niflheim Fire 6-10 (5)
Asgard 10
for a total in adventure of 84 and final total of 172.

Which ones can't you find?
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 1, 11 12:49 PM
Vanaheim Level 9 .
You start with 3000 gold, and 3 Fire Horses.
You have 3.50 min to get 8 Armoured sheep, 16 rockets, 2 salted Fish and 4 Fire Horses.

1. Upgrade boat to red sails, upgrade storage once, send the vehicle to get 5 flaming chestnuts and 4 rosin pots. Buy a sheep and start it making 1 stone twice and keep it doing that to generate a total of 4 stone.
2. When you have the pots and 2 stone start making rockets and sell the first two as soon as you can. Capture the 4 predators and medals that arrive at 31 sec , sell the predators but keep the medals as you will need them to make the armoured sheep.
3. The sale of the rockets will generate at least 12000, Upgrade the vehicle to 1 ram, the storage to max, the ship to blue sails, buy 4 more sheep and start the spinnery when you have at least two wool. Send the vehicle for more flaming chestnuts and rosin and at least 2 salt.
4. Use the 5 sheep to generate 5 stone at a time but allow them to stay on the field long enough to get at least two wool. Upgrade the rocket maker to make 3 at a time and sell the 3 rockets to generate 18000 and buy your 4th Fire Horse.
at 1.31-1.39 another 5 predators arrive, Cage and sell them - you should now have 9 medals.
5. Once you have at least 3 thread build the fishery and upgrade once to generate 2 fish, and then quickly make the 2 salted fish.
5. When the rocket maker reaches the target sell all the fire horses ( 28000), convert to the harness maker, upgrade to 5 and start harnessing your first 5 sheep and buy your next 5 and then harness them to get gold. I managed 3.37
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Nov 1, 11 11:10 AM
Niflheim Fire Level 8.

You start with 990 Gold, 1 boar, 1 sheep, 1 yak, 1 squirrel and 1 dog.
You have 3 min to get 15 steel, 10 fish, 5 steel armour. and you can buy thread and leather armour.
9 Predators arrive at 1.11.

This is a hard level and near the end speed is of the esssence . You may need your ship upgraded to blue sails and the vehicle upgraded to one ram. You may need to click on the factory repeatedly to get it to process faster.

1. Upgrade boat to red sails, and sell the Squirrel and Dog. Buy 2 more boars and spread hay.When ship returns you will have 1450 gold + .
2. Collect wool yak wool and ore and process. Sell the yak wool and sheep wool for another 1100 gold and on return upgrade vehicle once and send for 5 thread. Process these ASAP and send off fish with next lot of yak wool and wool and any ingots.
3. Try and keep your storage shed as empty as possible and sell the ingots, wool and yak wool as soon as you can and process the ore when it gets to groups of 5. Keep the last 5 ingots and also a couple of spare ore.
4. With an almost empty storage upgrade once and collect the predators and their fire potions. Fill your boat with the fire potions first and then the predators and while that is away capture the last of the predators and collect products, THey give you another 1620 gold
5. With the 2000 from the sale of fish and another 1100 from yak wool you should be able to upgrade vehicle to 1 ram and buy 1 leather armour and process that and sell it along with sheep and yak wool. When it returns buy another leather armour and 5 thread to process into second lot of fish.
6. Then sell the steel armour and yak and any other produce except for 3 ore or ingots for another 12000+ and but 3 leather armour to process for the finish. I have manages my best time for 2.45.
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