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 posted in Laruaville 2 on Mar 7, 15 1:11 PM
Start clearing coins from the top making adjacent combos. Top coins will be removed and replaced with tiles, so you can create a match adjacent to the lower coins.
Hope it will help!
 posted in Laruaville 2 on Mar 7, 15 9:00 AM
I'm not sure where exactly you stuck, so I'll describe level from the very beginning:
1) Make a combo on a red cell at the bottom left part of the level. It will destroy Red Hot Stones
2) Collect all coins at the left side
3) Make a combo on the blue cell at the left part, it will eliminate all the Blue Hot Stones.
4) Collect all of the coins
that's it!
Let us know if it help!
 posted in Laruaville 2 on Mar 6, 15 2:57 AM
Dear alwayscasual,
taking top coins at the top is simple - just double-click on the each of the bombs near the top coins, that's it!
 posted in Floria on Jul 25, 14 2:30 AM
90 levels+9 HOG scenes+ about 20 Solitaire levels
 posted in Laruaville on Jan 1, 14 11:17 PM
RuthAnn57, use double click on any power - up to activate it!
 posted in Laruaville on Sep 13, 13 2:15 AM
Dear napaneedlepoint,
Do you check your PM?
 posted in Laruaville on Sep 8, 13 10:47 PM
What I can suggest is click faster. Double click timings are taken from the system.
So, if you're experiencing problems with Double Click, you should adjust Double Click Speed in your system.
In Windows XP go to Start->Control Panel->Mouse->tab Buttons and there you can adjust Double Click Speed.
If you don't understand it, please write me a PM, I'll try to help you!

Happy playing!
 posted in Laruaville on Sep 5, 13 10:25 AM
Dear Judith2015,
ok, let's try again. There is a predefined combo at the bottom.
1) Make it, gain a rocket.
2) Double click on that rocket, it will fly to 3 coins at the top of the level and pick it
3) Dynamites will drop down and now you can activate them all by double - clicking ( click twice very quickly on any dynamite and it should explode.
4) At this stage you should have plenty of space to make combos and try to make a star ( match 4 power up ) besides the iced dynamites.
5) As soon as you have a star adjacent to the iced dynamite, activate it either swapping or double clicking it, and it should destroy the ice so that you can activate the dynamite.
Please try this all and if there is still a problem, let me know at which stage you stuck.
 posted in Laruaville on Sep 4, 13 4:58 AM
In Level 39 just double-click on any powerup ( dynamite ) on the screen to activate it! It will explode.
Happy playing!
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 23, 13 10:24 PM
Dear Angelize47,
First of all, can you tell me the level number? It is at the top of the screen.
Actually, if you make a combo adjacent to the coin, it should be collected.

However, there are 3 exceptions:
1) If coin is hot, you should make an adjacent combos with water drops to put it down first. With the next adjacent combo you will pick it. I think, that's your case, so please pay your attention that there are HOT coins and usual coins. You should make adjacent combos with WATER DROPS to put them down first.
2) Branches. If you create adjacent combos, first combo destroy the branch and the second combo pick the coin.
3) Chains. Move the key down to the coin. As soon as the key will fall on the blocked coin, it will be unblocked and you can pick it as usually - making adjacent combos.
Hope it will help.
If it will not help you, let us know on which level you are.
Happy playing!

 posted in Laruaville on Aug 21, 13 9:17 PM
Dear Kathy0531,
After Level115, game will repeat levels at random. It is an endless process and nothing special will happen.
Happy playing!
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 21, 13 1:57 AM
In Level 39 just double-click on any powerup ( dynamite ) on the screen to activate it! It will explode.
Happy playing!
 posted in Cursed House on Aug 18, 13 9:20 AM
Dear Jessica,
May I ask for more details about this?
FRH Games
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 10, 13 1:31 AM
If you have some building to build and have enough money, ghosts will ask you to build buildings from time to time.
So, you should find unlocked buildings and build it to make ghosts happy.
Happy playing!
FRH games
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 7, 13 12:39 PM
Dear acorn07,
1) Buildings usually are locked by following reasons:
a) if you don't have enough money ( in that case icon will be dimmed )
b) you haven't built previous buildings
c) you didn't reach match3 level at which the building will be unlocked ( what isn't typical reason )

I can suggest you if you describe your problems in more details, i.e. what you've built, how much coins you have, what is number of your current match3 level and what building you want to build and can't because it's locked.

If you play relaxed, time in the level complete window is just for your information, don't pay attention.

If you play timed, a time bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. As soon as it is empty, you have to reply the level from the beginning.

Hope it will help. Happy playing!
FRH games

 posted in Laruaville on Aug 5, 13 9:12 PM
Dear Ferretjenny,
Please check if you've built all available buildings. Sometimes, you can't build next object without building previous one. And, of course - if you have no rails, you can't launch a streetcar.
If you haven't build the big bridge, you can't build on the island - mine, smithy, etc.

Actually, Jannet is ask you to build if you have money and have 4 or more unlocked buildings.

However, if there's something strange, please reply with your level number and tell me which buildings you've built already, we will try to help you!

FRH games
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 5, 13 4:15 AM
Dear Gimmegames,
thanks for your suggestion! It's always interesting to read what players want.
Before we released the game, after internal discussion we decided to remove timers from level complete window, because there are a lot of people who don't like timer in any form - even if we just give timings for information.

However, in our next project we will think how to make hardcore players happy!
Thanks again, we appreciate your feedback!

FRH Games
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 4, 13 8:31 PM
Dear kywoman2525,
ok, if you have too few matches at the very beginning - just replay the level ( go to menu and press Reply button )
If there will be no combos at all, game will replace all tiles without a penalty for you.
If there will be too few combos, a green dice will appear - you can activate it and replace all the tiles.
In the beginning of this level it is better to try avoid breaking branches to keep boxes at the top of the board. Get rid of the frozen tiles and then go up. However, it just a recommendation.

Happy playing!
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 4, 13 9:03 AM
There are 5 dynamites without an ice at the top of the level. Double click any, and all of them will explode. Next, there is a frozen Dynamite. Try to make a match of for and gain a star so that this star would be at the top of frozen Dynamite and activate it so that it would remove an ice from the Dynamite and activate it. Then, make same trick with dynamites on the bottom. Hope it will help.
 posted in Laruaville on Aug 4, 13 8:16 AM
Dear Tamlin55,
In level 87 you can activate any unfrozen Dynamite power - up by double clicking on it.
So, double click to any of dynamites and then you can do everything!
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