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 posted in Virtual City on Jan 9, 11 4:35 PM
MNHawk wrote:TOO MANY BUGS in the game at this point to even bother buying. NOT to mention that support wont happen via Big Fish / Big Sea games. I have run into one too many games from here that have been seriously bugged or just crap out on you before you get to finish it.

Honestly they need to stop pushing these games out so freeking fast and work on quality not quanity. Its bad enough that our cars/trucks and other needed every day items are done that way. Our games should be different so that we can have something to enjoy durring our down time due to everything else is built so cheaply it never last.

Stop building to recycle and build it to last

Ya, its a sad story in a long line of sad stories. There's too much competition for the next gimmick quickly produced. We've sold out too easy. Keep all our products strong.
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