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 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 30, 18 3:33 PM
Same here.
 posted in Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side on Apr 29, 18 6:53 PM
prpldva wrote:Best wishes to all fishes! Special thanks to all the mods!

Sad to see the forums go after spending nearly 11 years here. I've made many friends.

I will still be here doing strategy guides/walkthroughs.

Don't forget about the walkthroughs page when you are playing SE's:

Game on!


It's been forever since I've seen you! I used to follow you all the time when I frequented the forums back in 08 & 09!! You and Picman & Valdy.
Thank you for all you've done! It was good to see you are still here!!
take Care!
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 29, 18 3:39 AM
I'm sorry this is upsetting, but I am simply translating what I read about Aristocrats deal online. They will be closing on the deal to buy BF in 2018's first quarter. That is right now. They see it as a cash cow and are bylining to the new youth of gaming. Simple as that. it's business, that's all.
You can read their intentions on venture beat dot com.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 28, 18 3:54 PM
Can someone tell me whatever happened to Picman & Valdy?
And LizzieK?
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 2:11 PM
I firmly believe that Big Fish will not exist within months, maybe weeks. And once the forums are gone and so many have ended their subscriptions and quit buying the games, it will be over. It's a transition and the forums were the first on the chopping block. Seen it before. Of course the mods are here to reassure us it wn't happen. They are as much in the dark as we from the pencil pushers.
I liken this poor decision to my government. Completely out of touch with the people.
I for one, will never purchase again from Big Fish. This is no different than not buying a product from a company that goes against my grain.
Such a loss, but I think the company has other grand plans.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 23, 18 3:42 AM
I have been around for 11 years, but mostly as a lurker the past 4 or 5. I too am miffed with this odd move to trash the forums and see this as just the beginning.
I also did a search and signed in the way Shaz did but this morning I can't find myself. I am patient and will hang with it. I went over to Pond Friends, and while I do like a lot of people who went was NOT for me.
I think what you did Jen can't be understated. Finding a home for all these folks has earned you some beautiful wings!

When I click the try now at the top it takes me nowhere but back to forums. What happened to the demos and how do I try this game? I'm signed in but I don't see the 1 hour demo, or demo or buy now tabs. I'm truly lost. Man, Things have really changed in the short year I was gone.

Thanks in advance.
I have some questions about a couple of games from yesterday and last week. With the new layout, I can't find the forums. I've been gone a while.
Chit Chat or any others. Can someone guide me please?
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within on Nov 22, 13 3:09 AM
Well as an old soul here that's been gone for years, I'd like to play this. I took the 1 hour plus the other day to download a game I wanted to check out and after all that it said my trial had expired. Yes, I know what to do but why bother. I couldn't get to the envelope for the blood shooting out of my eyes.

I've been around long enough to know what the fixes are. I never want a "free game" either. It's the length of time on my broadband that grates on me when it happens.

I'll try again. One last time.
 posted in Dark Parables: The Exiled Prince Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 11 7:48 AM
(removed by moderator)
 posted in Phantasmat on Feb 5, 11 3:03 AM
Well to be on the other side of that coin..I feel penalized when a CE comes out and there is no soft release for another option for those of us that don't or won't purchase those. We are many. Cuts both ways. Just sayin'
 posted in Murder Island: Secret of Tantalus on Jan 30, 11 2:43 AM
I found this game to be horribly irritating and choppy. Nothing smooth or seamless when moving around. Way to much verbage for each area popping up. I only lasted 15 minutes. That was pushing it.
Cheers to those that will enjoy it.
 posted in The Stroke of Midnight on Jan 22, 11 3:04 AM
Well written. I hope you get an answer directly from Paul or tech support. I'd like to read their reply.
peglegann wrote:
Journey_1 wrote:Does this one have those pop-up circles with the items to find inside? I dislike that and will pass on DLing if so. Thanks, and enjoy those who are playing.

Yes it does.

Thank You!
Does this one have those pop-up circles with the items to find inside? I dislike that and will pass on DLing if so. Thanks, and enjoy those who are playing.
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Dec 3, 10 3:27 AM
alvertis5706 wrote:Another "yes" for the girl votes here: I hate weddings, and I would kill myself before I picked up a romance novel...but I like the Dream Day series. I think they are nice, high quality HOGs. I like the appearance of what seem to be spare scenes, which are actually packed with objects. I also like the replay value of them; the objects change on subsequent plays. This particular game is enjoyable for the "true story" aspect (they weren't lying about this, were they?). Everyone in my family is divorced, so this "True Love" story is really a Dream Day.

Well put. Looks like the girls are pulling ahead!!
 posted in Dream Day True Love on Dec 2, 10 9:38 AM
smb341 wrote:We LOVE the Dream Day series ... nice relaxing HOGs, no dark stories . Nice change of pace.

Games these days are so fantasticly done. This was a great series when it was a leader...but now the developers are so creative with so many games. Gone are the days for me that I couldn't wait to get the next installment. There are 5 games recently that supercede this one by far and thats not even going back less than 2 months.
I hope for those that live for MCF series..this didn't disappoint. After finishing the demo...sadly..this will be a dd for me.
They have real competition in this ever-changing casual genre.
Poutoule wrote:I've been waiting so long for this game and now I know that people will raise hue and cry against me ! I didn't like it ! I wasn't a bit drawn into the story, disliked interacting with real people. Music was good to start with but quickly got irritating. Very good graphics, hint refills quickly. Never dreamt that my charwoman would ask me to pick up her cleaning ustensils. Didn't sort out the clock business, even with the cleaned windows. Pirate puzzle wasn't too easy but doable. But I just can't get into the story, having to speak with sobbing or straightforward south people. Just finished Phantom of the Opera and this was a good game. No buy for me, I'm so disappointed. May be I'll buy the SE if there's nothing better, but I'm not that sure.

I'm gonna have to agree. Something I just don't like. I guess it's the real people, and the story is dry...and other things which I cannot pinpoint yet. I think the "escapism" is gone. Graphics remind me of the RPG's I play.
It's also very monotone and gray. I'm tired of those. I still say Madam Fate was the best.
 posted in Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera on Nov 20, 10 5:57 AM
I too can wait. I'm glad it's here and will buy right away. I'd be in big trouble if I was the instant satisfaction type. I almost did buy the CE, and now hearing from those that did..I'm happy I held out as the demo almost had me back then. I also loved Mystery Priests. Nice long game, tons of fun and never came out as a CE which was shocking.
Happy gaming
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