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That is it! Thanks Valdy
I am looking for the game offered last month that took place in the didn't have any gadgets or helpers that i know of.

I apologize to post here, but the month offerings won't go back that far.
And I did not know here else to ask.
 posted in Grim Facade: A Deadly Dowry Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 17 10:08 AM
Thanks for posting this for us, as many of us have them all. This is great for our new members.

For me, as an oldie here at BF. I am kinda' burnt out on the same old themes and game play, I guess. I didn't even bother to demo.

With saying that, I did purchase all the others ones, as they were fun!

Happy gaming and keep swimming' as they say
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 29, 17 5:41 AM
I just finished the 1st game and boy' oh boy' am I glad I played it! What fun!!!

Now I can look forward to the second one.

The puzzles were tough, a whole lot of thought when into them.

The graphics, sound, design...what a treasure.

Thanks all for your support.

Try this game, what a gem.
Yoohoo' pennmom36, I was thinking the same,
strength in numbers maybe?

A good ole' Who-done-it' game, now that would be appealing.

Sorry, had to support nanafraser on that post, I too am so over all the super natural creepiness in the games offered.

Wouldn't it be a hoot' to even get a western?

Ok, back to this game, enjoy everyone, as these Dev's are one of the best around.
As always, this Dev does a wonderful job on the graphics, the music, and the overall game mechanics.

I really did have high hopes that the story was going to be a bit different, but, here we go again, we have the evil lurking, the gadget to use. Same old extra's that are not very challenging or as appealing as they use to be.

Another CE I think I will pass on.
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 24, 17 4:03 AM
Thanks Beckykay, oh boy, no walkthru to reference, huh?
I will try the first one and see how that goes along with getting a feel for the game play.

Wish me luck
 posted in Leaves 2: The Return on Aug 23, 17 11:15 AM
Do you recommend that you play the first one before this one?

I am intrigued, as I love these kind of games, frustrating, but a great accomplishment.


Go to your purchase history and re-install from there.
Good luck and happy gaming.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Personal Nightmare Collector's Edition on May 26, 17 1:07 AM
Bluejen, just in case you haven't figured it out, you need to start a new profile under a new name to get a new game going. I deleted my first profile before i started a second.
 posted in Haunted Hotel: Personal Nightmare Collector's Edition on May 25, 17 4:46 AM
Yes, just the one option, so you can play it three times if you want to face all three fears.
Windows 10 PC

I played the demo with out any problems, then after i purchased I received error 5....

Ended up having to shut down and restart my computer in order to get the game to download after I purchased.

Boy', it sure seems to me that there could be a problem more with the game manager than with the games.
Windows 10 PC game won't open.
Held me hostage, I had to reboot the computer to get out of it - not running., but uninstall said it was.

Still getting error 346.

Yes, i am talking with CS, and they are trying.

It confuses me, even some of the other games I already had purchased now won't open.

I have a BF logo that has a red/orange lock on it with the games title that says unlock game....only option I get is to uninstall, but that doesn't even do it. Anyone else get this little lock?

Oh ya, I get the normal bleep' then another one that clunks'.
 posted in Reflections of Life: Hearts Taken Collector's Edition on May 13, 17 4:38 AM
Windows 10 PC, won't open in game manager.......
Me too...Windows 10 PC, can't get it to open
 posted in Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope on May 10, 17 11:01 AM
Does tech support read our posts?

I am curious, as if not they should.

I also got that error code of 346 on this game along with another game. If you trouble shoot it, it doesn't show up on that page.

With that message, they only way out of the game running' message was to shut down my computer, uninstall game manager and then reinstall. Shut down again...
THEN it finally releases the game program.

What is error code 346?

Again, I am on a PC running Windows 10.
 posted in Embrace of Ocean: Story of Hope on May 9, 17 5:31 AM
Windows 10 PC

Still trying to uninstall the has held' me hostage, ctrl, alt, del isn't working and can't get it even using the task manager. I have re-booted, but still can't get the game off. It froze and I am stuck grrr'

Finally got it off....had to uninstall game manager, reinstall it, then shut down my computer. WOW , not good.
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Vengeful Beauty Collector's Edition on May 6, 17 3:21 AM
Windows 10 PC game played just fine.

We have another game with the blues and purples, killing plants, evil everywhere.

Give it a try, you might like it, but me....I am going to read my book.
 posted in Phantasmat: Mournful Loch Collector's Edition on Apr 13, 17 7:33 AM
Windows 10 PC
Profile not saving
Sure wish I know what changed on my computer to cause this.....
I even demo'd this game and it didn't happen at that time, so it must be an update from Windows on my computer.
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