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 posted in Rory's Restaurant Origins on Nov 21, 17 8:00 PM
This game has so many Tech. issues it's not funny. Nothing works right from the beginning. Customers don't come when there is still time left. The menus don't drop down. This game is a loser for me. Let me know if you get the issues fixed because it is fun to play when it is working but that is not often. The other Rory games have been fun but this is a bust.
 posted in Cooking Dash on Jan 20, 13 5:16 PM
Good thing this game is not available anymore. Is Flo a moron or what how many times do you have to direct her what to do, I have clickds so many times my wrist is falling off. Reminds me of my x-husband can't do a thing right!
 posted in Hot Dish on Dec 6, 12 6:47 PM
This is the worst game I have ever played. I don't get what anyone is supposed to do. I have tried and tried and tried. It stinks! What a waste of time and money Don't Buy!
 posted in Lost in Night on Oct 14, 12 3:25 PM
Liked the game at first but now at level 44 I am frustrated. Too much to do and not enough time in timed mode. Bad enough you need to break the crates but then try to break double sets of chains and then try and clear the board. When you shuffle it doesn't help much. Not relaxing enough for me.
 posted in Burger Bustle: Ellie's Organics on May 30, 12 8:24 PM
Have done all the things suggested still runs like crap--too bad love the game but can't put up with the slowness! I bought the game and sorry I did! Don,t purchase if you are having amy difficulty with it running. It can't be fixed not even with the suggestions given.
 posted in Zulu's Zoo on May 25, 12 7:50 PM
Quite simply this game stinks!!
 posted in Turbo Fiesta on Feb 6, 12 8:06 PM
I find the game frustrating along with Turbo subs. Love Turbo Pizza but some of the levels in this game are way too hard. I play to have fun and enjoy. This didn't do it for me it just made me more mad. I can see playing a level a few times but this just keeps getting harder and harder. Wouldn't recommend it unless you want to get ticked off!
 posted in Chicken Invaders: Ultimate Omelette Christmas Edition on Dec 17, 11 3:32 PM
I thought I would like this game because I liked other CI games but getting annoyed big time. Graphics are great, love the music etc. but I hate that once you get passed a certain level even with the biggest fire power you still need to shoot the chickens ten times to even kill them. Really! Not only that I have all these power ups I think---- but don't know how to use them. There is no good explanation on how to play the game and no help that I can find. A loser for me--sorry!
 posted in DQ Tycoon on Oct 17, 11 8:16 PM
Really! Worst game I ever played. Insult to my intelligence. I play games to unwind because I work hard everday don't need such frustration. Hate it Hate it Hate it.
 posted in DQ Tycoon on Oct 15, 11 8:37 PM
The game simply stinks. It was fun in the trial but lost it's amore when purchased. Frustrating and down right annoying! Sorry not fun for me. Wish I wouldn't have purchashed. Don't waste your money kids! Although I think I still will go have a blizzard at least their still good!
 posted in Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean on Jul 9, 11 9:53 AM
Having same issue as sunnyside up. Any answers?
 posted in Dream Inn: Driftwood on May 30, 11 7:10 AM
Most games from Big Fish have never been a problem for me. But this one was. Did the trial and then purchased after buying I got kicked out several times and then the last time I restarted the game it froze with a blank screen when opening and I couldn't get back out. Had to unplug to get out of the game and then a system restore after that because of some issues this game caused to other programs. It is now unistalled. I will still stay a member of Big Fish for now as I said I really haven't had but a few problems with there games.
 posted in Tropical Fish Shop 2 on Jan 18, 11 8:57 PM
Not happy with the game. Was fun at first but then it got boring. It was hard enough trying to get the pearls you needed then found it impossible to move the coin or tool to where it needed to be. I thought making matches of 4 or 5 to get the pearls was supposed to be a bonus but then found myself trying to avoid getting them. You can't match them when you are trying to move the final piece off the board. What would make this better--why can't you match 3 pearls regardless of color--they are counted separately so what is the difference. I felt sometimes there was too much going on--watching your O2 level, trying to get pearls, rocks, obstacles you can't even get through. It got frustrating I play to relax and have fun not get peeved! If there comes a part 3 I won't be playing!
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