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 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace Collector's Edition on Jul 28, 16 8:16 PM
Same here. Can't get rid of it, can't work around it.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collector's Edition on Jan 30, 16 9:15 PM
I have built both the diver's hut and the detonator's hut, but can't find where the tnt is. The guide says to direct the detonator to pick it up from in from of his hut, but I just don't see it. Any help appreciated.
 posted in Fire on Jan 21, 16 12:54 PM
I can't get either cursor or keyboard to work. Windows 7. Nada. I have downloaded it, deleted it and redownloaded it. Nada.

Looks like fun. Too bad it doesn't work.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Nov 2, 15 4:34 PM
Where are the mushrooms needed to make the potion?

Thank you
 posted in Cat on a Diet on Jun 8, 15 2:00 PM
Thanks ReelFreak for the tips. I can't get Meow over to the left to drop him on the rotating bar, but will keep trying. I appreciate the tips. Wish there were a way to skip this level.
 posted in Cat on a Diet on Jun 2, 15 2:46 PM
I've tried a variation on this several times. I can't get Meow to swing to the left after he rises. He ALWAYS misses the metal bar below when the bubble is popped, even if the metal bar is exactly horizontal (extending as far to the right as possible). How are you getting him to move further to the left before the bubble is popped? Thanks. I'd really, really like to be able to move on.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 14 10:47 PM
I am enjoying this game as I have the other two in the series. I have one request, which I see is common: the visual quality of the screenshot in the "?" section is so small and of such a poor quality that if it can be used on many levels to help decipher the meaning of the "clue" to an expected planting scheme. There is clearly room in the screen shot under "?" to enlarge the image for better viewing and would be much appreciated. Thank you.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 14 10:43 PM
The picture posted in the small "?" help section is simply too small and at too poor a resolution to be seen. As a previous commenter has noted,it is not possible to distinguish the colors in many situations. This is a collector's edition...part of the additional cost is the cost of getting an actual walkthrough; while I am very much enjoying the game, I don't think that I've got my money's worth if the answer is simply too small and of too poor visual quality to use it. Thanks for a good game; please could you improve the visual quality of the "?" section?
 posted in Gardens Inc. 3: A Bridal Pursuit Collector's Edition on Dec 30, 14 5:15 PM
Me, too.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull on Jul 24, 14 5:08 PM
Any clue as to where this is located? Thanks
 posted in Viking Saga: Epic Adventure on May 30, 14 10:27 AM
I can't get this in gold time. Anyone got suggestions?

 posted in Northern Tale 3 on Apr 8, 14 5:34 PM

I'm enjoying this game as much as I did the first two, but there seems to be a glitch in it: the game won't keep score or advance automatically beyond level 23. I can play other levels but the game doesn't think that I have done so. Assist, please? Thanks
 posted in When In Rome on Aug 25, 13 4:33 PM
I, too, have collected all the ambers and still I have the problem of completing all the tasks and the game won't let me progress to level 41. Glitch?
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 24, 13 12:45 PM
I also have this problem, regardless of whether I upgrade the dock or not. Also, can't build shack on island.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Apr 3, 13 10:32 AM
Dear BFG: I think that a major part of the issue here is not just that the game is seriously flawed, but that you seriously expect us, your paying customers, to do your work for you. I am really not trying to be rude or unkind: matter of fact.

An earlier note from BFG stated"We here in the Forums are not equipped to collect the kind of data that will help us figure out what's causing these problems. The information that we ask that you send to our Tech Support Team will be compiled and then sent on to the developers with the hopes that they can get things addressed for you"

It is time for BFG to change its SOP and make the process one which is dealth with on a corporate level rather than one which is solved by your customers. It is offensive to think that BFG percieves its very loyal paying consumers as being responsible for relaying data to fix a series of known problems. If Forums doesn't have the mechanism to relay the information to Tech, fix the mechanism and process. Don't expect to get paid for the game AND have your customers do the work, too.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 21, 13 3:34 PM
I get notes saying get more cash/garbage and don't understand the connection. I often have planted all the plants I can (which produced garbage), but then nothing. Please assist?
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 21, 13 3:07 PM
Honestly, the complaints from BF consumers are thick and fast on this game. I believe that it is incombent upon Big Fish to fix this game so that it works appropriately. To tell all these consumers that the issues lie within their computers rather than the game is bogus. If you go to other game web sites, such as Gamehoue, you will see that the complaints about freezing, stuttering, and mouse skipping or lagging are legion. Having spent the money, I really expect Big Fish Games to deliver a working product. It's not as if a working product should cost more. Please prepare an updated fixed right away. If not, please explain to ALL the people who bought this game why not.

Normally, I;m not as hot under the collar, but your answers to technical problems on this issue is to keep telling PAID CONSUMERS that they need to update drivers and uninstall/reinstall games. Many of them, myself included, have done this multiple times and the game still doesn't work in an acceptable fashion.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 20, 13 8:46 PM
I don't understand how to get enough garbage early enough. I simply can't finish the level. Any hints?
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 20, 13 6:30 PM
Maybe I'm thick, but there isn't a clear cut way to get garbage needed,
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 20, 13 6:26 PM
I, too, am having the stuttering, lagging problems everyone else mentions below. It's very frustrating and I hope there is a fix soon. It is a bummer otherwise and not worth the money.
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