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 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Feb 7, 16 8:57 PM
Are you building the gold mine across the water? I actually maxed out the amount of gold I could have on this level!
Or do you mean the hidden little piles of gold marked by a question mark?
 posted in Roads of Rome: New Generation on Feb 7, 16 8:53 PM
I've been trying to get this level done in time before it goes into night time. I have the same problem - if it was a sawmill instead of a market place it'd be easier but that coupled with the rowing across the river to get gold and stone makes it take forever - even with the speed boost shoes.
Been looking for a walkthrough for it to get it in expert time but haven't found one so far.
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Jul 26, 12 5:19 AM
tatajojo wrote:Hi everyone

Just completed that in 7mn8s in hard mode:
Main tip is to resist temptation of collecting wood and stones until reaching store house, just be patient. Do not go right of the storehouse until after sacrifice idol is down. When I had full speed (just before kicking the idol), I had 3 workers /1 cobbler/sawmill level 1/pumping house level 2 / gold level 3/store house level 3.
The main trick is to work your way to the store house and work reverse. Use the watch for last collection and then full speed until all is done....I started with 1 worker only on the sawmill.
Good luck everyone that was a very tricky level

This advice helped me get the level in one go! Before that I was getting so frustrated with trying different strategies and never managing to complete the level, this truly worked, thank you so much tatajo!

I went right for the storehouse and avoided going to the smithy area until last. Its the sacrifice creature that you've just got to get out of the way and then you can get on with finishing the road. This was the hardest level for me, I had expert on every other level before I finally got this one.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 12, 11 11:46 AM
mymouseygirl wrote:HELP !!!!! I'm stuck on level 79 !! The goal is 1700 and no matter what equipment I have or what i do, I can only score in the low 1300's !! What am I missing???

Are you sure it's day 79 you're on? I'm on that level right now and my goal is $890, not $1700 ....
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 12, 11 11:45 AM
luseeusa wrote:I still cant pass Level 60, score was always 680 around there, cant get 750 just to pass this level. Whats the trick? Pls help. I have replayed this game 8 times now but always stuck in level 60.

How many ovens have you got? Having at least 2 or 3 will make a big difference.
As will anything else you can upgrade and max out, gold frosting machines, fast shoes etc
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 11:46 PM
pookie36 wrote:When do you get the extra ovens I'm still working with 1, i'm upgrading to the fast cooking, does anyone know? Help using one is outrageous!!! lol

I went back a few pages on this forum and found the answer about the ovens and how to upgrade from a helpful poster!

If you click anywhere on the big oven in the shop you will get the same pop-up window for buying upgrades with the same speed upgrade showing. This confused me at first because I read instructions that you can mouse over to get different upgrades.

Then I realised that you have to mouse over, or click, the picture in the pop-up upgrade window. If you do that, mousing or clicking on different oven spaces tells you how much each additional oven is (they vary) and mousing or clicking on the grey new shapes on the row of shapes shows how much each new shape would be.

Hope that helps!
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 10:38 PM
Been working on this level myself for a good few days now.
$1200 goal seems completely out of reach to be honest. Especially when the man with the babies and Risha order one-tier (single) cakes

Edit - after playing for a couple of times tonight I began to spend my money on different things in the shop and realized that having 3 or 4 (preferably 4) ovens going at the same time and getting the "Sugar Rush" bonus as many times as possible is basically a must in order to make enough money to pass this level.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 10:16 PM
I agree. I'm also stuck on level 69 and have been for days. The enjoyment factor has gone now.
I understand wanting to make the game more progressively challenging but I don't feel the gamemakers have struck a balance. Some of the high levels were a breeze, taking
only one try to get through, then you're hit with a level you can't get past for love nor money.
I don't think I'm going to get past level 69 - the goal is $1200 and the closest I've come is just over $1000.
What a shame.

Edit - Finally got past this level having figured out how to do it. The secret to getting past this level is having 3 - 4 ovens going at once and almost constantly being in the "Sugar Rush" phase of the game so you get everything done instantly.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 10:05 PM
haledyr wrote:What does the taco-guy look like?

He's dressed like a stereotypical hippy and says "duuuude" when he comes in the store and has no discernible cake order, his bubble goes from a taco to a bike, skateboard, etc
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 10:03 PM
I've experimented with giving him a 3 tier cake with a topper and giving him a plain cake straight out of the oven - no frosting, nothing - and he always, ALWAYS pays between $8-$12 no matter what I give him.
 posted in Cake Mania: To the Max on Apr 6, 11 10:01 PM
You only ever get one. I'm on level 59 and have bought the max level oven which gives you super fast cooking but only one oven.
Its making progress of the game beyond level 50 really, really, hard.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Jan 19, 11 9:17 PM
Mizrich wrote:I love this game, not usually a lover of the adventure aspect because I cant find my way...the map helps alot.

Can you all give me names of games like this please?

I played an hour of Phantasmat and it was like Mortlake Mansion, only better to be honest.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Jan 19, 11 9:13 PM
margiejo wrote:Do I have to start again? I put arm on doll, then did the doll puzzle and now can't get the stone ingredient......HELP

This is the position many of us are in regarding getting the last ingredient to the third key, very frustrating. Let us know if you have a solution.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Jan 19, 11 9:08 PM
Bernetta wrote:I think I have found the solution. I had missed something In the bedroom. There is a picture with two candle holders on the back wall. You need to light both candles, then you will receive the instructions for obtaining the next key. Then go back to the nursery and the little chest should indicate something is there. You should be able to get the last ingredient.

I'd already done this too, and I still cannot open the small chest to get the last ingredient. It seems the only answer is to start again! This is ridiculous.
 posted in Mystery of Mortlake Mansion on Jan 19, 11 9:05 PM
I'm in the same boat as everyone else, I did the doll puzzle before I got the last ingredient for the third key. I've looked at the walkthrough guide and I see the small nightstand where the last ingredient is supposed to be but the drawer won't open for me.

It's absolutely ridiculous that if you don't do things in the exact order they have decided you have no other choice but to start again! Surely this is a massive technical oversight by the game company.

What a massive waste of time!

So. Pissed. Off.
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