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 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 18, 17 10:33 PM
I just finished the game and had the same problem. I clicked on the present and it disappeared. I don't see anything in the game that is any different. It's kind of disappointing since it took so long to complete the game with the constant crashing.
Don't you think you are all being a little hard on my new dear friend, Oops? I feel that I've gotten to know him so well since I've been lurking in this forum. I know he's a fish of few words but since he's been such a big part of this thread I think he ought to be coaxed into the group with some bait. And by the way, he's pretty cute. Don't you think he looks enough like Felix to be his twin?
 posted in Tearstone on Apr 14, 11 11:42 PM
Big Fish sent me a beta on this on March 24th if that helps anyone guess about the release date. It was beautiful and fun. I plan on buying
 posted in Shiver: Vanishing Hitchhiker Collector's Edition on Mar 24, 11 7:30 PM
calsmom2001 wrote:
msmithnc wrote:.

BTW, two of my favorite old adventure games were called Shivers & Shivers 2.

Never did play Shivers 2, but Shivers?!!

calsmom and msmithnc - Somebody besides me remembers Shivers! I played both and remember them fondly. Thanks for reminding me

Thanks all for the info on this game. I'm off to download the demo.
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