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 posted in Surface: Strings of Fate Collector's Edition on Jul 4, 17 5:20 AM
I liked the diversity in the HOs and the puzzles and really enjoyed the game, but I am sooooooo disappointed I cannot go back and find all the flowers to play the last game. I always love the "Extras" when you can go back and improve scores, or find things you missed. I have all the surface games, but it just seems that developers are taking short cuts and the games are becoming less enjoyable.

Don't get me wrong -- "Strings of Fate" was outstanding and I thought unique. Length, visual,sound and the story line were great. I loved everything about it, but, after looking for the flowers, I figured I would be able to find them in the "extras" and then I could go back and replay the game. This is the first Surface game I have been disappointed with. It really bothers me I cannot play that last game because I did not find enough flowers, and I don't even know how many flowers will let me play it. I am not going to replay the game because it may end up the same. I found all the collectibles, did not skip any puzzle or HOs, and even spent time looking for the flowers. Why show me where the collectibles were in the SG, but not the flowers. This is why I only purchase CEs.

As you can tell, I am livid!! I even watched the dumb credits. The three series I always buy sight unseen -- Dark Parables, Surface, and MCF.

Loved the game. Graphics great, bonus great. Nice long game. I loved the way the HOs were done and I really enjoyed the puzzles.

I did not like that the extras did not allow me to finish the jigsaw puzzle or replay the puzzles and HOs. That is the best part of the games in this day and age and I look forward to playing many of them over and over.
I love the Dark Parables series, but this one was really different. I liked and hated it at the same time. I always go back in the extras to achieve perfect scores. However, I do not feel it is necessary for the HOs to be so faint (really really light), or the outline of an item with only lines to be so thin AND faint to the point that one cannot help but make mistakes, even when you know where it is.

I liked the game and enjoyed the storyline, but the HO graphics took away from my enjoyment of the game. Then to add insult, I could not solve any of the puzzles with the different colors. I have never skipped a puzzle, but had to skip everyone of these, and it made me angry. I spent hours in the Extras, trying to solve them and just could not do it. I sort of see how it goes, but it was not logical. I rarely use the SG, but even that was useless.,

Did anyone else have problems with this game such as what I describe. Is there a logical solution? The closest I came to solving the first one was have two mistakes.
I love the Dark Tales EAP series and have them all, but this game seemed like a rushed put together game for the holidays for the many gamers, like me, who like the series and will buy it sight unseen.

The storyline was good and I thought I figured out the outcome, until I played the bonus round and then the ending and the game made no sense. I still don’t know “whodunit”!

The game had such great potential. However, it was a short gimmicky mishmash game with lots of fillers and extremely difficult puzzles. There were many puzzles I did not enjoy and the SG did not help in too many instances, like at the mailbox, where I was stuck for a long time because if you did not place the item “exactly”, it did not work. This happened in a number of scenes. Also there are too few scenes in this game. Even the graphics, while good in some places, were terrible in so many others.

I did not care for the over the top graphics of the opening scene, and to show private body parts was really unnecessary, and irrelevant to the case. I think these were just asides done to shock the senses.

The credits continually played in a never ending loop. I looked at them because I thought it was one of the achievements and it was not. The achievements were very few. I would rate this game as .
So many games to play and finally got to this one. I reviewed the comments, and have to say I really enjoyed this game and the storyline. The graphics were stunning, but what really floored me were the HOs. They were, as stated by one reviewer, really clever and I enjoyed them. The puzzles were really neat even though some of them gave me the blues! The map was really helpful, but the scenery on the map blended with the “!” which I missed several times. I also did not realize I was to collect the bamboo sticks until well into the game. Fortunately, I can go back in the “Extras” game play to find them. I really love the new “Extras” feature in CEs and actually look forward to replaying the HOs, puzzles, etc.

On another note, I can see why some gamers did not like some aspects of the game. The bonus play was short. And, other than finding the collectibles, the HOs and puzzles, although solvable were really difficult, and tough to achieve goals or good times. The HOs and puzzles took as much time to replay as it did during the actual game play. I suspect some hard-core gamers probably became annoyed (LOL).

Overall, I did enjoy playing the game and would buy it again.
 posted in Dark Realm: Queen of Flames Collector's Edition on Aug 17, 15 8:37 PM
I absolutely loved this game. This game was very different --the puzzles, the HOs, and the storyline. I really like being able to go back in the extras to find items I missed, which was just about everything because I became so absorbed in the storyline and action on the screen, I forgot to look for collectibles. The puzzles seemed so easy, but definitely were not easy!!! I took a look a lot of breaks(LOL).
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Aug 3, 15 8:41 PM
I having been reading the posts and enjoying them immensely. I note many people got stuck in the same places that I did. A lot of it is pure logic, but mostly one needs patience and perseverance, and to take breaks and regroup. This game came out when there was no study guide. It is my absolute favorite and I still go back and play it.

Initially, it took me 87 hours to solve it. Played morning, noon, and night, and I took quite a few breaks (2008). When I replayed it, I took about 60 hours. I replayed this game over and over until my name was the only name on the list. I bested every score, 2 hours 30 minutes. This is how obsessed I was with this game.

My advice is to just hang in there. People have been spoiled with the CEs, SGs and walkthroughs. Return To Ravenhearst is a real game in its purest form.

 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: The Ruby Ring Collector's Edition on Jul 14, 15 11:47 AM
I label myself an intermediate level player because I play the games for fun and relaxation. However, I really am a quite serious gamer. I don't use hints and rarely use the study guide. Initially, I could not decide whether I liked the game because it was so different, and I thought rather difficult, but I kept playing. I decided I liked the game. This certainly was not a childish game!!! It was just unique and divergent. It is obvious that a lot of thought went into this game. Although I visit forums frequently, particularly when I play a game that I enjoy. I rarely comment, but I like to read the reviews. WELL, I got an eyeful on this one, most of which I disagree with.

That being said, I know a lot of gamers say they want something different, or say games are the same, or puzzles repeat from other games. Well this game is truly different from any game I have played and gives gamers what they asked for and is so different it startles their senses because the HOs in this game are done with a mixture of different formats, and were not the usual routine, and were even difficult in some cases. The ruby ring format was different too. I did not understand the map until towards the end. What I believe was unusual is that I never knew where to go. The entrance into another room was not obvious and entrances were all over the place, which might have frustrated some people. Moreover, the placing of some objects was not readily logical in many instances, i.e. the puzzle with the wolf and the moon. The crowns were not easy, but if an object did not close, I learned something was there, usually a crown.

I ended up enjoying the game and I am going to replay it to do better. I don’t play with sound, but I liked the graphics, although some of the HOs were murky, and one was tricky.
 posted in Heroes of Hellas 3: Athens on May 30, 15 9:40 AM
Just discovered this game. Once I figured out how to play it, it became fun. I have to get the others in the series. I get stuck on every level, and each level is extremely time-consuming. I continue to play the game throughout the day for relaxation, and believe me it will take your mind off of anything. It seems to be never ending, but some day I will come to the end, and I can't wait. This game has become apart of my daily routine and I am obsessed with it now.
 posted in Dark Parables: Queen of Sands Collector's Edition on May 28, 15 8:39 AM
Sorry folks, but I loved the game and the collaboration, albeit minus BG.

The highlight of this collaboration is being able to go back in the EXTRAS and achieve all the game awards. I have all the Dark Parables series, and am now collecting all of the EIPIX games.

This game was not particularly difficult to follow and jump from scene to scene, and the puzzles were enjoyable, except for the one with the lights, which I can replay in the EXTRAs "mini games". I hope to figure out the logic of that one.

I love FROGS and thought there were not enough until I got to the extras and see there were actually 20. I really loved being able to go back and find everything I missed, and achieving all the awards. I am a glutton for punishment and again am going for 100% on the FROGS. I am pleased I was able to go back and find the collectibles I missed, as well as the rest of the parables. When I replay the game, I hope to improve my time!

I read and enjoyed the parables. I even like reading the credits, although there were not any snarky remarks. I did notice most of the best games are done by the Russians (LOL).

Unfortunately, no one is perfect, and I could be critical about certain aspects, but I overlook minor guffaws (like jumping with the map, similar opening scenes, and the dark hues) and just enjoy the game, which is really what it is all about.
 posted in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind on Mar 3, 15 8:03 PM
Just discovered this game and can't believe how amazing it is. It is an SE that plays like a CE. It has something for everyone. I loved everything about it, even though some of the HOs were too dark. The interactions within the game were never ending, and I liked the story line. Loved the puzzles although I could not solve some of them. I am pretty good at solving puzzles and while I solved the majority of the puzzles, some, like the puzzle with the electric lights, which I thought I solved, because I lit up all the lights, was not to the specifications of the creators, and so did not count and I had to skip. Some of the puzzles were easy, others were really hard.

Because this was a SE, I did not discover the map or many other helpful features until well into the game. I really loved the way the hint button worked. This game reminded me of "Return to Ravenhearst" because it had everything you needed to play the game and solve the puzzles and it really challenged you. I had to laugh because every time I though I finished a sector, I was shocked to find I needed something else to complete the scene.

This "Lord of the Mind" really challenged my mind! I will be replaying the game again.

 posted in Surface: Reel Life Collector's Edition on Jan 17, 15 10:05 PM
I really enjoyed Reel Life. The graphics were beautiful, the flow of the storyline refreshing, and the game involved a lot of straightforward logic without being ridiculous. I really enjoyed the puzzles and the HOs interaction. It was a relaxing game to play, although I did take breaks. The only problem I have is finding the flowers, and I do not like that the game does not allow one to go back and find all flowers. I could not view the final section because it required 160 flowers and I only had 123. I hate a game that leaves me hanging, especially when I have no idea what other achievements I missed. Surface should include an "extras" section so one can go back and find what they missed!

I really do like the Surface series and somehow missed this one, but I got it now. I only buy CEs, and have been disappointed a few times, and this is one time I feel let down.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 10, 15 8:48 AM
This is the game that hooked me on BF, MCF series, and HOs. I had never heard of BF and back in 2008, there was no SG and you actually had to use a lot of logic and be resilient. I bought this game from another company and never heard of a walkthrough. It was so challenging and had such interesting and fascinating puzzles that I was determined to solve it. I played it a little while every day and it took me 84 hours of playing (over a period of about 2 months to solve). I replayed it over and over to beat my time, and now solve it in less than 2 hrs. I bought it from BF and still go back and play it. NOW, I only buy CEs because of the SG, but I learned a lot from "Return to Ravenhearst" and it taught me patience! My advice is to stick with the game and take frequent breaks. It was definitely challenging and even solvable with no SG or walkthrough.

FYI, my next favorites are the Dark Parables series with the FROGs, which I initially hated, and now love. Also, I love the BF forums and reading the comments.
Just finished playing again. I don't play with the sound so I cannot comment on it, but the graphics were great and the puzzles were weird and SG not helpful there. I am a serious gamer, and I don't get why some fishes are so down on EIPIX and Blue Tea.

This is by far the best game ever. I think a lot of people missed the EXTRAS because I do not see any comments about the EXTRAS /COLLECTABLES / SOUVENIR CHEST, or the ACHIEVEMENTS.

After one finishes the game and bonus, one should Play the EXTRAS. You will be surprised at what your missed!!! The collaborative efforts of BF, Eipix, and Blue Tea produced a phenomenal game. It is obvious they put a lot of thought into this game for added enjoyment and I appreciate it and hope they do it again.

The EXTRAs let you play all of the HOPs and every puzzle at your own pace. It also lets you go back and find every item you might have missed. You can go back and find all of the parables, teacups, BF, moons, souvenir chest items, and all collectables, etc., and it even takes you to the scene where the items are. There was so much to do.

I go back and forth between achievements and the EXTRAS to see what else I can improve on and/or achieve. I found everything and even got the 19 gold medals and every star. The only thing I could not do was finish the main game in 5 hours, but I will try again at some point.
I love Blue Tea games and buy every one I see. When I was first introduced to FROGs, I hated them. I now have them all.

The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide gave me more than my money's worth. It was wonderful that the extras gave me the opportunity to go back and find "ALL" the items I had missed while playing the game. There was sooooo much to do in the extras. It was like playing a full game! I figured out the gold medals and got them all. I played the extras for almost a week (extras were more fun than the game). I only missed two achievements, but intend to replay the game and try to get a perfect score, which I probably won’t get.

I never heard of Eipix, but the collaboration with Blue Tea and BF was phenomenal. I see they have other games and intend to buy one to try.
The Little Mermaid and The Purple Tide definitely did not disappoint. A lot of fishes, like me, will get confused with the extras, but I loved the fact that it took me to the exact scene where the item was.

The only problem I had was with the map. It told me where there was something to do, but did not indicate all of the places I had to go to collect what I needed to complete the task. It only listed one “!” at a time, when there should have been several.

What do the gold medals look like? The SG is no help.
I am trying to go back and find the gold medals, but I don't know what they look like and the SG is no help.
This is one of the best games ever. I always buy Dark Parables CEs as soon as I see the name and they never disappoint. There was sooo much to do and I loved the fact that it allowed me to go back in the extras with the parables and the moons to find the rest. The only thing I cannot find are the gold medals in the HOP because I do not know what they look like. I will be playing this game again and again.

Never heard of Eipix, but saw their games under more games, and I am now thinking about buying some of their games, after I try one of course. If they teamed with Blue Tea, they must be good -- I hope.

I hated FROGs initially, and now I cannot get enough of them!!!!
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Aug 9, 14 6:04 PM
I have all the EAP games and was ready to get this one, but wanted it as a CE, and while looking and going to the forum I see it is one of those pay to play games. I agree with Carol.

 posted in World Mosaics 7 on Aug 7, 14 3:52 PM
I am loving the Mosaics series and intend to get them all. Jigsaw puzzles was my go to game when I wanted a break, but now its Mosaics.

These games require patience, logic, and attention to detail. I have perfect scores on every one I have played. Whoaaaa, folks, I am not that good. My goal is to get 3 stars on each one I play so after I finish a section, I go back and try to improve my previous scores. I play each one and just keep restarting every time I make a mistake. Some of my mistakes are careless, but the key is to remember what I did wrong. I played way into the wee hours of the morning, sometimes restarting a game 6-7-8 times until I got it right.

I just figured out what the right and left click means and I have to agree with everyone that "right" clicks should be a different color so you can see it.

I am obsessed with Mosaics, but find it very relaxing, and fun to try to figure out what the image represents. I do notice patterns. I loved the bonus game.

My problem is that I have many CEs that I have cast aside to keep playing the Mosaics games. It is such a change of pace.
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