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 posted in Chronicles of Mystery: Tree of Life on Jan 28, 11 8:43 PM
Elirana wrote:
jlroeder wrote:Ok, doesn't look like anyone has had the problem I am having....I can't get the chest open ....I have listened to the dictaphone...talked to Claire several times....looked at the jupiter thing and the gale pictures....but the chest still won't open! What am I doing wrong?????

Set the clocks in order that was given, ie Gale, Jupiter, Date from Claire. Gale no. is on board, Jupiter no. is on ceiling of hall. If Claire hasn't told you her special date then you have to do other things to trigger it. A the dial and not the hands on the clocks of the chest. The hands move Lt. or Rt. depending which side you click. Took me a while to realise not to try moving the hands. LOL

Good'll need it with all the gremlins in this game.

No matter what I do, can't enter combo. Only allowed 3 total clicks. Gives me message: "Too many requires more than a bit of luck."

Frustrated!!! Will ask for refund if can't get it to work. Sounds like a really messed up game.

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