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 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 30, 13 6:30 AM
I have tried everything with this demo. Download, remove and redownload. Change settings on my computer etc. This game will not play. I am upset because this is the kind of game I love playing. But I can't, so getting this game the first of the month is not an option. It is available on another gaming place, but I like BF. All my games on one manager. Please someone, if you had this problem and fixed it let me know how to get it to play. I want to get it, but after so many days of trying to get the demo to run I am at my wits end.
 posted in Sunshine Acres on Mar 23, 12 4:50 AM
I was interested till I read the forums. I don't want to try/buy a game that ruins my day. Come on BF, I cant get a lot of the games to play and have complained. The response is LESS THAN STELLAR! So I will bypass this game because it looks like another BIG PROBLEM!
 posted in Happy Chef on Jan 9, 12 4:58 AM
I wanted to like this, finally a new TM. I didn't. I guess I am in the minority, but it is just recycled TM games from the a thumbs down from me. For those who like it happy gaming.
 posted in Stone Age Cafe on Jan 3, 12 10:12 AM
I am sure this is a buy for the Dash Game lovers. I use to be one of those, but this I found just the same. To stressful and not fun for me. I did play the entire 60 minutes to be fair, but the music I turned all the way off. The game play was DASH style. I love the Emily games, and this is not those. Anyway, there will be those that love it, but not me. I am tired of DASH style games. Love TM, Emily etc...this is not those. Enjoy all that like this. Glad to see some TM games coming in.
 posted in Christmas Tales: Fellina's Journey on Dec 21, 11 5:48 AM
This is a game I was excited about when I saw it, wow was I glad I did not buy this! The graphics were nice at first, then realized I had to chase a custom cursor around. It froze then took off on its own! Finally changed it over to regular cursor, and low and behold, it did not work no matter where you pointed. went back to custom cursor and game Froze again. Ten minutes gone at that point...finally started to play then game FROZE totally. BF, you need to check out the games you offer more closely. This is a game that makes BF look bad. Other game sites may be more expensive, but lately they have decent games. THIS GAME IS A TRUE WASTE OF TIME, move on to a game that will be fun for you.
 posted in Christmasville on Dec 9, 11 4:16 AM
Sorry I got this is a sham. Have done the map six ways to Sunday and yet it says I failed. After getting this game considered coming back to BF when I DLed game because it was Christmasy. Well it is useless with no skip button and no walkthru. I want my credit back they can have this lousy game back. This is a joke tha my 12 year old granddaughter says I got ripped off. That is bad...cuz I had to agree with her!!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!
 posted in Pet Rush: Arround the World on Nov 8, 11 5:14 AM
sorry BF but I found this game a huge waste of time! Not only can they not spell, but the game is so bad it is painful. Please, reconsider BF before putting a game this bad out again. For any that might like it, happy gaming.
 posted in Dream Vacation Solitaire on Nov 2, 11 6:35 AM
solitaire games are fun for me, as well as HOGs, ihogs, TM etc...every day I seem to be in the mood for something different. But this just plain bored me. I am sure it is for others, but not impressed with music, graphics either. So happy gaming for all those that like this game, just not for me.
 posted in Solitaire Cruise on Nov 2, 11 6:10 AM
I really enjoyed this relaxing solitaire game. But it is not a buy for a reason that may seem silly to most but extremely important to me. When the hand ends the screen not only fades out but BLURS. I am sure this is nothing to most people, but with my epilepsy and sensitivities the Blurring causing true issues, so I have to turn away from the screen and listen for the next level. I just want you know it was fun but not a game I can justify buying when there are so many more that I don't have to adjust my gameplay to enjoy. Enjoy all!!!
 posted in Mysteryville 2 on Nov 2, 11 3:43 AM
I wanted to like this game, but not so much! Graphics were okay I guess but nothing memorable about them. Just not impressed at all. Sad to say, I just wish that BF would start putting up some games that were worth trying...
 posted in The Last Express on Oct 27, 11 4:55 AM
Just want to say I refuse to purchase a game that is a BUY ONLY! This game may have been a buy for me, but forcing me to BUY ONLY without a chance to try it, will NO WAY! Oh well, moving on to games that give me a test run...your loss!
 posted in Family Vacation California on Oct 25, 11 6:08 AM
Agree about sunny, bright etc...but have almost gone to sleep waiting to click thru all the dialogue boxes etc. I too got quite a distance and tho I did enjoy most of the game (I have a granddaughter who loves this type of game) it will not be a buy for me till I find out how long the game is. So mostly enjoyed gameplay, graphics and the chance that the whole family might like to play this; but very put off by the long storyline. The story is cute, but it just goes so slow...A great part of the game, JOY, BRIGHTNESS, COLORFUL so it will get 4 out of 5 's from me, one star for not being dark and dreary!!!!
 posted in The Tribloos on Oct 12, 11 9:52 AM
I am so pleased with this game. It is simple and plain fun. I tried it just cause it reminded me of days gone by games, and really didn't expect much. Now I am hooked. So kudoos to the game developer. Sometimes simple is better, more fun and really a blast. Thanks. So enjoy this quaint surprise
 posted in Fairway ™ Collector's Edition on Oct 2, 11 12:28 PM
I never purchase CE or Card games, so imagine my shock that I not only decided to demo this game, but LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I think maybe its time a CARD GAME got a CE spot. I can be wrong, but I demoed the first Fairway game, liked it but not enough to buy. This one is a buy for me. The replay alone makes it worth it for me. This is an addicting game. So I am off to buy. I am shocked that I like this game as much as I do. For those that don't, its ok that we all differ. Thats what makes BF reviews worth reading.

Happy Gaming ALL!!!
 posted in The Secrets of Arcelia Island on Sep 27, 11 6:27 AM
Sorry, I am not a fan! Good graphics not enough for me to buy. Enjoyed the demo but not enough to purchase. I hate being the odd girl out but just not my style I guess. But those that like it, enjoy. This would not even be a good DD for me.
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Sep 27, 11 5:33 AM
DL now. Am excited to have another one. Will be updating this comment when I play it! Just wanted the power that be to know I love that we have a new game that isn't dark, spooky etc. I love games that actually make me feel good and have color and light. I know I am in the minority but I guess that is just me. Well DL is done so gonna go play now!!!!

Well this was fun for me. Like RORII so if you like that one you will like this one. This is a buy for me!!!
 posted in Supermarket Management on Sep 19, 11 6:00 AM
I bought this game when it first came out, and for some reason it does not show up as a purchase. It is on my old computer, anyone have any ideas on how to get it on my new computer? I refuse to purchase it again. Right now, to play it I have to hook up my old computer. Every time I turn around, BF games become a problem. It is irritating! I liked the game, but not purchasing it again...
 posted in The Tudors on Sep 16, 11 6:28 AM
I wanted to like this game, UGH! I love the show so I was in the minority here, but the game made me angry . The absolutely worse part was just clicking everywhere because the graphics are so bad you can't see half the items! If you get lucky while you click your way around, you might fine items. To me that is no game play. So this is my rating.
 posted in Youda Fisherman on Sep 16, 11 5:05 AM
I wanted to like this game! The graphics are ok, I do agree that it was sluggish and that almost never happens on my computer. Not that much replay ability to me. I was bored, and decided this is not for me. Some may love it and I say enjoy! Just not for me. agree with shoelesshs!
 posted in Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios on Sep 13, 11 4:20 AM
WoooooooWhooooooooo! D/L now. Now another Ranch Rush would be great! That was an awesome game, and still replay it often. Tho I play H/O games I am so waiting for a new R/R. Have both and can't wait for a new one!!! Come on BF, encourage the R/R developers to get busy!!!
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