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 posted in Dark Parables: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow on Apr 14, 18 7:42 PM
haven't found an extinguisher can we get water anywhere pity the graphics are a bit muddy
 posted in Ashley Clark: Secret of the Ruby on Jan 21, 18 2:10 PM
how do I make the potion in basement have all ingredients but it is always wrong proportions I need help
 posted in Dark City: London on Jan 8, 18 1:10 PM
played it before can't remember title but this game is very ho hum
 posted in Fright Chasers: Dark Exposure on Dec 4, 17 7:25 PM
messa ge says you own this game play again so why won't it want a refund pls
 posted in Fright Chasers: Dark Exposure on Dec 1, 17 11:22 PM
I bought game & played it once but it will not play again typical BFG stuff up awards new members ignores loyalty gives yyou free games that it won't let You play duh
 posted in Fear For Sale: The Curse of Whitefall on Nov 15, 17 4:05 PM
could someone please tell me what it is pls
I cannot read the ph. number can any tell me what number to dial
 posted in 1001 Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad on Oct 22, 17 3:08 PM
is there a hint available my eyes are not as good as they used to be
 posted in Silent Nights: Children's Orchestra on Sep 28, 17 7:18 PM
how do I access the strategy guide when I try, nothing happens
 posted in Small Town Terrors: Livingston on Sep 24, 17 2:49 PM
it ems disappear now stuck on rooftop with nothing to throw over wire to get down another bfg dud
I bought this game but it won 't play
why is this so - I uninstalled & reinstalled but no go. fed up with bfg unstable manager games don't run bfg can keep their club I want out
 posted in The Silent Age on Sep 5, 17 8:58 PM
can't get past the settings not sure what to do can anyone help pls
 posted in Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames on Aug 25, 17 12:32 AM
do an y fishies know how to do this it's driving me crazy
ticked off with BFG we buy CE & SE so our free games should apply for either we can only getSE with our free game but only CE are available sort yourselves out its totally unfair
 posted in Forgotten Kingdoms: Dream of Ruin on Jun 15, 17 2:02 PM
no water sphere chalk or 3rd stone fragment the blue dish? just goes up in a puff of smoke game over for me
 posted in Time Mysteries: The Final Enigma on Apr 28, 17 5:57 PM
can't do anything w/t says to touch the crystals but nothing happens. do any fishies have any ideas please
 posted in Sea of Lies: Nemesis on Apr 25, 17 8:56 PM
h ave done the shell puzzle but can't seem to get the vines off the statue is there a trick to it pls fishes
 posted in Death Pages: Ghost Library Collector's Edition on Apr 7, 17 2:45 PM
Long time since I enjoyed a game as much as this
 posted in Mountain Trap 2: Under the Cloak of Fear on Mar 24, 17 7:41 PM
fed up of trying to make it really small labels make it hardfor me to see . does anyone have an easy key for this pls
 posted in Mountain Trap 2: Under the Cloak of Fear on Mar 21, 17 7:11 PM
can anyone tell me the code to unlock the case pls
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