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thanks again ganonsbane. I found a walkthrough video, showing the big gem thing disappearing after completing the 3 puzzles, revealing the smaller bracelet that you mention. The large gem thing remained in the scene after I completed the 3 puzzles, and I can't interact with it at all; it's frozen At this point I think I gotta consider it a glitch, and will just have to start the game over. I appreciate your help. Thank you for taking time to reply.
Thanks for your reply, ganonsbane. I did do all design things initially, I think there were 3. Now I can neither collect the bracelet, get any activity by clicking it, nor can I get a hint in the scene. nothing. Outside of the scene, Hint points me back to the HOScene, but I can't do anything; as mentioned, it says "... move on". I'm stumped and frustrated.
This is in the ship on the beach. I found the objects & did the bracelet puzzle included in the scene, though I was unable to pick up the bracelet after completing the puzzle. After completing the scene, "bracelet" was still highlighted on the list as if I hadn't completed it. Clicking the hint button just gives me "I suppose I'd better move along". I thought maybe I had to find something outside of that HOScene to complete it, but i just checked the guide, which indicated I should have received a pen after the bracelet puzzle. I can't continue because I don't have the blasted pen. Has anyone had this problem, or can someone offer a solution that I can't seem to find? I really don't want to start again from the beginning, ugh. Thanks much. - j.
 posted in Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One Collector's Edition on Feb 24, 15 6:07 AM
wencassi wrote:This is an awesome game!! I love Adventure and Large File Games, especially when you are solving a crime or mystery. I do not like straight HOG's and could use some advice on any games that I can play the detective and do an investigation. I have all of the CSI games, Art of Murder, James Patterson's Women's Murder Club and these are the types of games i love playing. I don't mind a few HO scenes or puzzles but I do not want to play an Adventure game that is basically just a HOG with a storyline. I do love the MCF series and have some Nancy Drew games and Syberia but looking for something new to play. I recently finished Paranormal Pursuit: The Gifted One and True Fear: Forsaken Souls and loved them, amazing games! If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks much!!

Hi wencassi I sent you a pm with some game suggestions. Hope it helps.
 posted in Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn on Jan 26, 13 9:39 AM
i've waited so long for this game... Just Brilliant, & a long time coming from a very small group, Ghost Ship games, with the talent of many. I do recommend playing the first Nightmare Adventures first even tho' this one gives a good recap via our heroine's diary before the adventure gets into full swing. The 1st game is a D&E lover's delight (i've played it 4 times! If you like this genre & haven't already, i'd say go for it - Sale weekend, right ), & tho' i haven't finished this one yet, i had to stop to give this a huge thumb's up & say it's just as good as the original. I've had smooth, glitch-free gaming so far, & am loving this adventure: HO-free with good puzzles, very nice clear graphics, & atmosphere-enhancing sound fx & music for this spooky game. I think the voiceovers & animations are really good. Like the 1st MA game, the storyline is interesting & imaginative with plenty of Creep Factor, & gameplay & storyline are well integrated. There's a helpful hint button, a camera that takes occasional pics that you'll be using, & a diary on a PDA. And again this dev shows they are adept at interjecting humor into a pretty creepy game, an aspect that i really like - it gives my goosebumps a reprieve during the course of the game This is straight adventure-lite (w/puzzles), so it's gonna play a bit differently than the HOgames. It may feel like slower play, maybe 'cause you're more engaged in trying to figure out what to do, where to go; you'll be on the move, searching, acquiring items, with brain fully engaged. Click on everything, more than once (no penalties) - you'll often be getting more than one piece of info, so stay alert to that. This is released as a SE, so no bonus stuff, except that, imo, a game like this is bonus enough. It's smart, engaging, really well done, & definitely worth giving it a try. I'd love for this dev to get a lot of support, 'cause they certainly have a lot to offer casual gaming. Mega kudos to the dev, & thanks to BFG for this excellent piece of work. Enjoy your gaming, folks!
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 23, 12 2:05 PM
It's good that this game is selling, and there are folks who like it, or even think it's "ok". MCF games have always been THE game of the year for me - love 'em more than chocolate. But imo this one just doesn't cut it. It pains me to see a mere 3 star average rating from over 300 players of a MCF game on the main page, but it pains me even further to agree with the mediocre rating. Of course graphics & sound are great. Cutscenes are well done, but too long & too many, which apparently took time from actually gameplay, 'cause this is a short one for MCF. It's also way too easy; I'd expect more challenging stuff from a dev responsible for the likes of EFR, RTR, Dire Grove, et al. I thought RTR, & then EFR were masterpieces for casual gaming, even tho' some didn't care for the edginess & sometimes grotesque humor in EFR - different strokes for different folks, right. But I was sure after that amazing enterprise, the next one would just blow us out of the water. Instead, it felt more like I was drowning in the boredom of Shadow Lake. REpeat, repeat, repeat... the same puzzles - 1 or 2 of the floaty puzzles was cool, but after that, cruel; the same assignment with the drawings over & over again; repetitive dialogue from a hokie - not funny - badly acted psychic; & a storyline so boring & gameplay so tedious that i had to force myself to finish the game. Was this really ready for primetime? Maybe for folks looking for good graphics & some live acting in an easy HOPA that's got a little twist on HOscenes & is very light adventure. With a map. If you're expecting the typical MCF game with challenge a-plenty to engage the little gray cells, a storyline that is indepth & well integrated with the gameplay, tons of stuff to do, & often a desire to play again later - more than once, even - forget it, this isn't it. I'm going to go weep into my coffee that would have served to keep me up thru a good long brain draining session of MCF, then replay a Real MCF game like EFR or RTR just so I can recall the good ol' days of Mystery Case Files gaming. I feel like recommending this would be equivalent to encouraging people to follow the ambulance to the train wreck, which is something I can't do in good faith. Not with MCF, where the expectation is so much higher. It takes more than artistry & actors to make a good game. I know that's harsh, but this is such a disappointment. So sorry. Now, where's my handkerchief?
 posted in Inbetween Land on Sep 8, 12 7:34 PM
This game would be great if i could play it. I've gone thru every possible, & some improbable, methods of troubleshooting (& trust me, i've got some experience in that arena after a debacle with another recent game), to no avail. First time around i had a freeze (can't recall the exact place). Trashed it & re dl'd & it was ok. Then i got nailed at the fountain puzzle, where the puzzle went blank, cursor floated in & out... I backed out & went back into it a couple times, didn't work, & wouldn't let me skip, so i trashed & re dl'd again, & skipped it without attempting the puzzle. Just now i was at the lake trekking around & everything just froze & went blank, & wouldn't let me out. Then the game went into a smaller window, spit out a nasty violation, sent my comp into a tizzy & scared the heck outta me. When my desktop started to materialize it showed something close to a nuclear meltdown sign. omg, this game is NOT ready for primetime, folks. I would be loving it for many reasons, but it just won't let me . I came to this forum for the 3rd time now, & see that there was a re-release, but this occurred AFTER my last dl of the game, so i'm goin' out on a limb & saying the "patch" isn't gonna make this game fly. i'm not trying it again after practically having to use a biohazard suit to get out of it, unless there's a real fix in a short time. Otherwise im gonna take the loss of the game & get a refund. This was a huge pain! grrrr
 posted in Suburban Mysteries: The Labyrinth of the Past on Aug 11, 12 8:49 PM
I was psyched by the demo & reviewed just that much on the main page. Now that i've finished, i gotta say i think this dev (possibly a newbie?) did a great job, & i hope they have success with this one so we get more cool stuff like this. I would definitely diagnose this game Positive for Creep Factor. Most graphics are nice & clear, often photographically sharp, yet are interspersed with brief cuts of comic book art that somehow doesn't detract from the creepiness, as well as the occasional live person. It's an interesting combo that i called "artistic eccentricity" - & tho' initially i thought the mix wasn't quite going to mesh, after playing through, i think it works really well for this game. Voice acting is good & sound fx are appropriately atmospheric & really add to the feel of the game. You'll note on startup that it takes a while for it to set up your player name, but gaming itself ran smooth & glitch free for me. This hopa is heavy on adventure play, & depending on the play level you choose, it can be plenty challenging enuf for most folks. HOscenes are interactive, & you're likely to have to pick up more out of the scene after you think you're finished, so stay alert to that. Your journal isn't too in depth but keeps track of necessary info. The intro scene gives good indication of things to come, & if you savor the creepy anxiety of gaming in the arena of a twisted mind playing you toward an unknown end (Dorian Gray, anyone?), i highly recommend giving this a go. Great game. Kudos, devs!
Based on the Demo: The 4th game in this popular series seems to maintain all those things that keep us coming back for more. The storyline remains enticing, 'cause after all, we like to save the good guys from the supremely Evil Witch... tho' i think after this 4th attempt i'll be about tapped out - it'll be her or me this time, then i give up unless the dev ups the ante with this game recipe . Graphics/ artwork/ cutscenes are all of very nice quality, & voice acting is good. HOscenes are not difficult to do or to see. Puzzles/minis i've done so far are easy. As soon as you begin the adventure you start collecting & using items rapidly, which for me is great motivation to play like crazy. The music sounds the same as the other installments of Echoes, so it's either like visiting an old friend or easily tuned out; either way it doesn't add much in the way of atmosphere. 3 modes of play allow you to up the challenge, tho' the game isn't difficult at any level - but i will say that what it may lack in challenge, it makes up for in engaging entertainment. Your talking mirror will give hints, & i haven't checked out the SG so can't comment. I've really enjoyed this series so far, & couldn't help but get swept into this newest installment straightaway. This dev knows how to draw you in as soon as you hit "Play". Needless to say, i'll get this to add to the collection, 'cause i had fun with the demo. I'm not convinced that the CE bonus play is necessary to the story, so will likely wait a bit to buy & see what others have to say about that. Leaning toward the SE tho. Enjoy your gaming, folks!
 posted in Charlaine Harris: Dying for Daylight on Jul 15, 12 7:46 PM
omg, this game is a stand alone piece of work! i just played it - couldn't stop 'til the non-end which was a seriously huge wtf moment, but this is about the coolest game in the big fish galaxy. Laugh out loud witty, perfectly timed sarcasm, the coolest rendition of a vampire ever... I will not only add my support here for the sequel, i will beg, plead, and pay up front! It's a classic & i really hope someone finds a way to continue the fun.
I was mesmerized by this game from the beginning. The graphics are astonishingly beautiful, which is a big selling point for me. Cutscenes are great. And this game had two "firsts" for me: i've never "loved" the music in any game before, but it is so well suited to every scene, & so haunting & memorable, it's just amazing; and, i'm actually using a screensaver and wallpaper from the game, which i've never done, but again, the art is so fine i couldn't help myself. This game offers a lot, beginning with a good, if not unique, story: you & your twin sister have an unknown past that has taunted you with visions and feelings while you grew up in an orphanage. Now your sis has disappeared & you are driven to find her. You journey into a weird and magical land full of many unexpected encounters. This HOPA gives you all the tools you need or want to move thru the adventure: 3 play modes; journal with tasks; awards & achievements; the extra of collecting coins to buy bonus items in "the store". HOscenes are interactive, and like in Phantasmat, you can opt to change to match 3 for the entire HOscene or just part of it. Minis/puzzles are good. I was immersed in this odd mystical world (with occult overtones, which may not appeal to some folks), intent on reaching my goal but taking my time moving from one amazingly well rendered scene to the next. The SG is there if needed, but i must say i didn't get much use out of it, as the game is not difficult. But it is loads of fun, filled with amazing scenery & quite well put together. I did note a bit of lag between some scenes, but all in all the game performed very well for me. I would highly recommend this one to any level of player who might have an interest in the genre. Give it a demo & have fun with this really nice one! Kudos to the devs!
 posted in Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession Collector's Edition on Jul 7, 12 11:14 AM
based on the demo - i was pretty excited about this based on all the 5 star reviews, & happy that ERS has started to branch out different directions from the same ol' routine. This feels like a crime/mystery HOPA, more adventure than HO, with some unusual HOscenes that involve finding & using serial, interactive items, which is a nice change. Graphix are decent, tho' we've seen much better from ERS. Many scenes & cutscenes have that foggy/gauzy look that imo is over-used by the dev, & detracts from rather than adds to the atmosphere. There's lots of back & forth as would be expected in adventure play, but a lot of it seems like movement for the sake of movement, rather than to advance your investigation. And gameplay is easier than i'd expect/hope for when the adventure aspect is emphasized. This is making Sinister Obsession feel a tad more tedious than fun for me so far, & i'm hoping that gets better as the game progresses. Voice overs are good, puzzles/minis so far are fun, & the story is inviting. Some reviewers have indicated that the bonus game of the CE is necessary to the plot, which bothers me - if the bonus enhances it, great, but if SE buyers get an incomplete game experience due to lack of the bonus play, it's a bad idea. I'm on the fence with this one: not loving it like so many others, but liking it & curious about where the mystery leads, & where ERS is going, so...think I'll press 'buy now' & find out. Have fun gaming, folks!
 posted in Infected: The Twin Vaccine Collector's Edition on Jun 24, 12 3:51 PM
Don't know if this will help anyone or not, but i had the problem with inability to access the SG past chapter 2 also. I went back & found that i'd missed doing something that finished the chapter (sorry, i can't remember what it was 0), but after i completed all tasks for that chapter, the SG moved on with me. All i could think was that maybe it was programmed that way. Whether its a glitch or programming, it's frustrating as heck.
 posted in Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls on Jun 21, 12 6:35 PM
(imo, based on demo) - This started pretty slow for me. The game initially came up in a window, then transitioned to full screen, sort of - with a black bar across the top of the screen. First time that's ever happened for me, & maybe a resolution adjust will fix it, i don't know. The intro scene of crashing my plane was just flat, but as soon as i got out of the plane it was a different world of enthralling graphix, which i think look great. I really like the atmosphere attained by the combination of art, lonely sea sounds, & the real sense of being stranded alone on this haunted, unmapped, ghost inhabited island. The music could have been left out tho - it doesn't enhance the feel of the game, & cuts out noticably. Transition between scenes is sluggish, which is a bit irritating for me, but i've seen worse. HOscenes are junk pile & some items are pretty tough to see. No map or journal. Hints are simplistic, ie: "Theres nothing to do here now". There are achievements, and (*possible spoiler*) there are haunted souls to find throughout the game, but keep your eyes peeled 'cause they're blended into the surroundings well & appear as ghostly faces, which i found quite by accident. I've not heard of this dev, but wouldn't be surprised if they're pretty new to casual games, since the whole thing does feel a bit rough. However, it's a worthy effort on their part, & i'd look for more & better offerings in the future. I'm finding this ghost story enticing enough to keep playing, & am further drawn in by the presentation of the ghosts themselves, which are quite well done, with very good voice acting. I missed the CE of this somehow, but don't think i'd go there regardless because the game isn't as smooth as a CE should be. But overall the SE seems good, with ghosts, hauntings, nice artwork, & a decent story, & i foresee good stuff yet to come beyond the demo time. I'd recommend giving it a try if you like ghost stories & spooky places to roam. I do, so i'm going to go press Buy Now & save some lost souls. Have fun gaming, folks!
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I'm not sure this is a tech issue or not, but aside from graphix looking lousy, ie fuzzier than BKR2 for instance (which i have no problems with), the game movement is slow & jerky, & about drove me nuts when i demo'd. I normally play games that have a whole lot more going on than a M3, & wonder if it's just the game. Anyone else having the herky jerky issue with this?
 posted in Big Kahuna Reef 3 on Jun 18, 12 2:24 PM
M3's aren't my standard game choice but i have a couple to play occasionally to relax. Picked up Big Kahuna Reef 2 not long ago & got an addiction going, & was pretty happy to see 3 available today. Alas, i'm not liking it all! Graphix seem fuzzy, not at all as clear as BKR2, and movement is so jerky that i can't stand it. Definitely not a relaxing demo; frustrating is more like it. I have a great graphix card & play bigger badder games than this, but for some reason this one is just not performing right. Big Kahuna Bummer for me, & a no buy. guess i'll just stick to BKR2.
 posted in PuppetShow: Return to Joyville Collector's Edition on May 1, 12 5:16 PM
It's interesting to me that here on the inside of the forum, by & large the reviews are more mixed, & often less "enthusiastic" than they are are in the main game page/customer reviews. I'm not at all starry-eyed over the (hopefully) final Puppetshow, but can't begrudge Puppetshow fans their last hurrah; more power to 'em. I only demo'd, & for an hour i was waiting to be surprised, delighted, enticed... didn't happen. Yes, the graphics are clear & colorful, voices are done well. The music, to me, sounds pretty much the same as in the other ones. HOscenes are easy, as were the puzzles/minis that i ran across during my hour. The story seems too predictable & gameplay too easy. The "formula" for these games has gotten waaay too old, and i just couldn't get into it. I wasn't a huge fan of the other puppetshow games, but they were ok, This one is just more of the same ol', That's what some folks were looking for, & i'm happy for those who like it. As for me, I just think after 4 serial games (or however many it's been), it's reasonable to expect some growth of some kind, whether technically, graphically, storywise... something, anything! All i got outta this game was bored. Bummer
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sherisgirl wrote:Jessmom

I done that, filled it when I got the can, it took me ages to get the instructions to work, but it worked in the end just keep trying.

Thanks Sherisgirl. If you got thru it, then i'll try again instead of starting over. Wish me luck!
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Hi guys. 2 things: (*SPOILER*) - OceanBlueShells, the boiler instructions are in the little house, up the ladder between the 2 rooms. The piano is on the left, & the boiler instructions are on the floor. Not sure if you have to play the piano 1st to get them. Also, i have a prob with the boiler. I'd filled it with the gas can much earlier, & now that i've got the instructions & went back to the boiler room, i follow the instructions, minus adding the gas since i already did it, & it will not start. Anyone have the same prob, or have a solution? I'm loving this game but hate the idea of starting over just for this. I've come so far... Thanks.
 posted in Grim Tales: The Legacy on Feb 15, 12 5:54 PM
daisyduck352 wrote:I never played the CE and don't know why.

Wow, me too! Don't know how the heck i missed this gem the 1st time around Just finished the SE, & i played for hours, pretty much straight thru 'cause i just could not walk away from this excellent game. imho: beautiful artwork; excellent cutscenes & voiceovers; a story that is compelling and holds your interest until the conclusion; lots of trekking around, which is fun & can also be done via the map; plenty of good puzzles, which can be skipped (yeah, i had to dump a couple that drove me nuts); HOscenes are not difficult & not so many as to drive me to frustration. I could probably rave on about this one, but suffice it to say i agree with all the good reviews on this, and will get plenty of replay out of this beautiful & enjoyable game. Very nice job, devs, thank you!
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