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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Aug 7, 14 1:37 PM
I did the update and now all my money and crystals are gone, and I had ALOT!!!!!! What gives, and if it can't be fixed well,,,,,
 posted in Tales From The Dragon Mountain 2: The Lair on Apr 29, 14 5:11 AM
will some one please tell me why I am stuck in front of the sleeping troll? I have clicked on the clue and it keeps telling me to look at the wine crate but there is nothing to look at when I try to click on it.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 15, 14 6:35 AM
where do I get a ticket for the conductor at the train station, and the last three tiles for the castle door
 posted in Behind the Reflection on Feb 6, 11 8:04 AM
I tried to play this game but I keep getting the following error message
Debug assertion failed
Program: C\Program Files\Behind the Reflection\Behind_The_Reflection.exe

Expression: (stream != NULL)

for information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the
Visual C++ doucumentation on asserts.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing makes a difference. I just bought Awakening Moonfell woods last week and had no issues so it must be an error on your program. I felt you needed to see the error that we are receiving so you can fix it.
 posted in Drawn: Dark Flight ® Collector's Edition on Sep 23, 10 6:41 AM
I am having the same problem. All but 2 lanterns lit and I can't go any further. I have hit the targets and they still do not light it is the closest lantern (how can you miss that one) and the one on the castle. Any help would be appreciated.
 posted in Alice in Wonderland on Apr 7, 10 8:34 AM
I have the latest directx version and the latest flash player. yet when I get to the cellar I am unable to go any further. I have uninstalled and reinstalled nothing works. The trigger the job where you light the cellar is not working, I have clicked everywhere in the top of the screen and in the lighted area of the floorboards and it will not move any further in the game. Looks interesting and when you fix it let us know. Right now it is just giving me a headache!
 posted in Drawn: The Painted Tower ™ on Sep 11, 09 7:36 AM
I purchase games on game fish all the time. In the past I have had few problems but I just cant get this game to work. I have all the requirements, the latest version of directX, and yet my cursor in the game is sluggish and does not go where I want, it will not allow me to disable custom cursor (so that is not a solution). It also constantly freezes and the audio is scratchy. Looks like a great game I only wish I could play it. let me know if it ever gets the bugs out and I may try it again. oh and I deleted and downloaded it again so that is not a solution either.
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