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 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Jul 4, 13 1:14 PM
I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I think you can only fight them on a harder difficulty. Unfortunately I'm not sure which one since it's been awhile since the last time I played.
 posted in Nancy Drew - Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon on Dec 9, 12 8:50 AM

Eventually the train will stop. During this time Gray will leave the room and you will be able to play the piano. Be patient and do other tasks on your list while waiting for this to happen. Hope this helps you!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Dec 9, 12 8:42 AM
As far as I know they don't... I know some of those puzzles can be a bit frustrating after awhile (especially in the newest games) but the key is perseverance. Sometimes I find playing through the puzzle a few times, even if I can't beat it/accidentally cause a fatal mistake, makes it much easier to solve. And for a lot of the puzzles in the games I often just stare at them for awhile, working them through in my head before I actually start. And when all else fails, I look for walkthroughs online for tips.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Dec 2, 12 6:48 AM
Spoilers Below (highlight for answer):
You get the Orb of Valor at the Monastery. Take it back to the shrine in Green Grass Fields to finish the quest.
 posted in Shining Plume on Dec 2, 12 6:45 AM
Another fix I've found that works for this type of problem is closing the program and restarting the computer. It takes a little time (depending on how fast your computer is) but it always fixes the problem.
 posted in White Haven Mysteries Collector's Edition on Jan 21, 12 12:40 PM

Have you seen the statue blocking a door? Try lifting it with some rope. I think you'll find what you're looking for under there.
 posted in Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale on Jan 12, 12 8:34 PM
After the third attempt, when I was finally able to avoid Mr. Collins, I ended up getting Mr. Bingley. Huh.
 posted in Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice Tale on Dec 26, 11 3:05 PM
Totally. Mr Collins is... well, to be truthful, there are simply no words for what he is. Either that or there are just too many. Hmm... yep, let's go with too many, that sounds better. The first couple times I played through this game I ended up getting married to him and... well, let's just say that I'm totally okay with the killing him thing.
 posted in Fear for Sale: Sunnyvale Story Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 11 3:02 PM
No worries! After you put money in (doesn't matter which you choose) the game lets you visit all of the options without needing to put more money in. Hope this helps!
 posted in Deadly Sin 2: Shining Faith on Dec 26, 11 2:57 PM
You could try the Millennium series, which is similar. Others are Ella's Hope, Alpha Kimori, and Last Heroes.
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secret Collector's Edition on Dec 26, 11 2:47 PM
In general when playing this type of game I tend to get a bit annoyed with the constant need to travel back and forth between certain areas. In this game you can use the map to make travel much quicker, which was a nice touch. I definitely thought it was worth playing if you're a fan of ghost stories/sort-of occult stories.
 posted in Aveyond on Nov 13, 11 8:19 AM

In order to get the second Elven King Lionel statue, you must travel to the far right Veniara island and purchase it off a trader. To reach the islands you need either a ship or a dragon.
 posted in Arevan: The Bitter Truth on Nov 3, 11 3:54 PM
Have you been to the tavern and rescued Zubin? If so, you need to enter Nariyel Grove from the southern exit and enter one of the burrows. If you need more help feel free to ask!
 posted in Arevan: The Bitter Truth on Nov 3, 11 3:52 PM
Minor Spoilers

You can't actually "lose" the whale (at least not permanently). If you can't find it, purchase some "Call Whale" runes from Aquarana. Hope this helps!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Nov 2, 11 9:18 PM
If you're still having trouble with this, watch arglefumph's video walkthrough. He shows an easy way to win the bowling game.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Nov 2, 11 9:17 PM

After finding out the name of Bruno's dog from Bess you need to find the person with the same name's headstone. By opening a box located in the mausoleum you can receive an eyeball and the hat.
 posted in Awakening: The Dreamless Castle on Nov 2, 11 9:07 PM
Yes, the order is "Dreamless Castle", "Moonfell Wood", and then "Goblin Kingdom". I'm not sure if there's going to be a fourth game or not where we actually get to see the other humans. Personally I hope there will be, because Goblin Kingdom's ending wasn't very satisfying.
 posted in Arevan: The Bitter Truth on Nov 2, 11 7:47 PM
You can get the pyramid key from Valko in Barreli.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ on Jul 21, 11 8:30 AM
That is entirely possible. If you read on the Wikipedia page for 13th Skull it mentions that "there are certain stories that need some resolution". This could very possibly be referring to events from Ravenhearst.
Overall I think this is a decent enough game. Certainly not what I would think of when I hear "Collector's Edition" but good all the same. The graphics were excellent, and the hog scenes were neither too simple or too difficult (meaning I had to use the hint once or twice to find something well-hidden). Although I've only played the demo so far I can tell that it is definitely not going to be very long (since the demo only took 30 minutes). However I still think I'm going to purchase it since the story is intriguing enough to make me want to keep playing.
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