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 posted in Campgrounds on May 13, 12 7:25 AM
help! Am always a day late. What was your comination of buildings/houses? I seemd to do best with 6 houses and 2 pools, but one day late!
 posted in Roads of Rome III on Oct 13, 11 5:30 PM
Nice job Tatajojo - that worked. I thought the key part was not having more than one worker at the fortress, that made a big difference.
 posted in LandGrabbers on Aug 6, 11 8:17 AM
Yes, the third level, how to you get the "Master" time, with the star? Also, I was reading other forums, and what do you all mean by Colonel or General time? Is that later on?

Thanks! I love this game, and I think if I get some tips early on, I might get better.
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on Jul 9, 11 3:17 PM
Here's (generally) what I did - I got under 5 minutes on this one. You will need the upgrade that gives you a 1/3 chance of getting a hotel half off when you try to buy it.

Build a factory and a Royal; sell the Royal.

Start buying empty lots; buy every one you can get while doing other stuff (I bought them straight out, not using the chance button).

Buy 5000 materials and 5 more workers.
Build a casino hotel and sell it.

On each row, build one colonade of stars on a -20% off property. This will get rid of all negative modifers so you have that checked off now.

Now, everytime a hotel comes up for sale, try to buy it using the 1/3 chance half off button - eventually you will get most of them. Try to get at least one of the casino hotels half off; then sell it. You can then try to buy it back half off. Easy money to help your buying streak.

Build casino hotels in all of the empty lots. I didn't waste time destroying any existing properties to build casino hotels, just on the empty lots. I also bought at least 5 more workers, I had a lot of them.

Upgrade every property with the special bonus "increase ratings".
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on Jul 6, 11 6:09 PM
OK, I finally got gold, in 7:11. This won't be a complete walkthrough, since I don't remember everything I did, but here's what I remember:

- Bought one worker and 500 materials while tearing down the family hotel in the lower right corner.

- Built a royal hotel in that spot and sold it.

- Next, bought 5000 materials and built a factory in the -90% spot right above the old hotel ruins. Bought 5 workers (to get to 12). Built a real estate agency in the -70% lot.

- Bought the empty lot in the upper right hand corner, built and sold a royal, using the real estate agengy selling price boost.

- Used the real estate sale boost, and bought the old hotel lot. Bought 5 more workers. Stock piled materials, and built the old hotel.

- The rest is a little fuzzy - I started buying properties as they went on sale. I ended up destroying two, and building both a chapel and casino right above the old hotel. I upgraded both, and made sure to click on their "Double Income" buttons around 7:00. I built and partially upgraded two royals, and a handful of other properties. I was just clicking like mad trying to upgrade/buy things. I think the key was to not focus on buying and selling the negative % properties, and to build both the chapel and casino next to the old hotel.

What a hard level, this game rocks!
 posted in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas on Jul 6, 11 5:00 AM
Did anybody out there get expert on this one? Help! I've managed to get expert on all levels and have been stuck on this one FOREVER. I can get to 8:10 but 7:30 seems impossible. I tried the tips already mentioned in this forum, and can't seem to get close.
 posted in Wedding Salon on Feb 8, 11 8:32 PM
Hi there, I FINALLY got expert on this level. Yikes, it was a blur what finally worked, but the thing is you can't have anybody leave, so if someone does, start over. I basically tried to get three of one sex through to the checkout line as fast as I could, though I would not check them out until the store closed. Then, I would just pile everyone in, trying not to get a backup at the pastry line. After the store closed, I kept giving people coffee until all the people in my checkout line were at five hearts, then worked my way through the crowd. I think the biggest difference with the Hollywood level is that the chains are much more important on the dressing room, pastry, and gift stations - you need to work these as much as possible. Also, I did NOT try at the mini-games at all, I just clicked randomly, you don't have time to look at them, and you can make up the hearts later. Don't worry about serving coffee before the store closes, you don't have any time to do that. No time except to move people through.
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