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 posted in Great Secrets: Da Vinci on Feb 10, 11 12:47 PM
redfox31 wrote:I agree with the previous comments!

Although the cads/cards spelling mistake seems to have been fixed, there are multiple instances of the 'hat problem' - you're asked to find one item, only there are two or three instances of that item in the picture - to me the most annoying was the 'small statuette' when there were many multiple ceramic statuettes in the picture - and this happened many times!

An hourglass is an hourglass. Scales are scales (not 'balance').

Also the defined areas you can click on to select an object vary wildly - sometimes you can click near an item and it's recognised - sometimes I clicked between the tines of a fork and missed!!

This game is one rolled out to keep the quantity of games up, before the quality of the game is sorted out. A pity, because it's a relaxing game and a nice concept.
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