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Sounds right to me!
In the bonus content, in the bobblehead collection, does anyone understand what the Alister Dalimar bobblehead is saying?
soblessed57 wrote:Have you tried these?
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
Alexandra Fortune: Mystery of the Lunar Archipelago
Midnight Mysteries 2 - Salem Witch Trials
Mystery in London
Mystery Trackers 2: Raincliff
Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness
Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses
Nightmare Adventures: The Witch's Prison

I have played all but the last three games. I'll go check them out right now.
I played about half of the Dorian Grey trial and will have to play it out to see what I think of it. I really like the Puppet Show: Return to Joyville and Puppet Show: Souls of the Innocent. I admit I like Farmscapes, Gardenscapes, and Gardenscapes:Mansion Makeover. They are a bit repetitive but are a break from the dark and impending doom games.

BTW, quoting MCF Square Eyes, I was also disappointed in Shadow Lake. It feels like I am dissing a family member in saying it but it's true. I haven't gone nuts for every MCF and certainly have favorites (ravenhearst, RTR and Madame Fate) but this is the first one I've really felt disappointed over.

I couldn't agree more, right down to the favorite games!
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Vultraz wrote:
saskatil wrote:Didn't see the coded message, but I agree it could be the SE.

or....maybe its been a bad dream, and they are going to release the REAL MCF game?

I hope it's not the SE. But that would be really cool if SL as it is is only a ploy...and there's an expansion or stuff or a whole new game that they're gonna spring on us just when we're started to settle down to another year's wait.

From your mouth to God's ears!
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 27, 12 7:48 PM
I can not express what a total disappointment MCF: Shadow Lake was to me! I really expected to take my time and enjoy everything about the game, and would have likely replayed it right away. Nope--threw it in the uninstall trash can after begrudingly finishing it in 4 hours. Soooo frustrating! How about any suggestions for a great game? I'd love to play something that rivals the first several MCF games.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 21, 12 1:47 PM
weissvonnix wrote:Why Shadow Lake?

This won´t be a classical review, more some impressions and mainly critiques l got while playing the game.

lt is still an average game, but it is not at all a MCF as those we got in the past years. At first, l missed the challenge.
The past games were quite more difficult. Shadow Lake is way too easy, and even if the puzzles look new, they aren´t.
Just a variety of already known ones. The psychics mind puzzle is a bit too repetitive. The number of tiles may grow with every reading, but the scheme is always the same. Playing the expert mode didn´t make anything better.
The puzzles were so easy, that it didn´t matter, if you had the instructions or not.

Second, the atmosphere was somehow boring like the fog in this town.
The graphics were nicely done, indeed. But the whole game was impersonal and kind of cold, more precisely "clinical".
lt lacks the wonderful little details (personal items of the characters, which told us something about them or their likings), we could find in other games.
And the more, this one is even missing the characters. There are only two, the psychic and the MD. Too less to make it a really fascinating game. The persons, like the teacher, the warden, his wife a.o. were just mentioned, but they never
got a real character. You know nothing about them, your experiences are reduced to some short notes. ln fact they are randomly changeable.

Next point, you have no choice to walk around between the different locations. You must use the map to change the places. lt may sometimes be a pain to walk back and forth many times just because you forgot something, but being forced to teleport makes this game even more impersonal.
And while you as MD just seem to be a muzzled, pampered gofer, the psychic appears as the overacting glorious hero.
l don´t blame the actress. l guess, if Lea Thompson would have been acting less, l think l had fell asleep. By the way, the expert mode said "no hand-holding". l assume that as a joke! l don´t want to know how much more hand-holding the
casual mode includes. Can it be more at all?

The story itself seemed to be good, by all means: promising. Before playing the game..!
What we got at the end is just a part of a story. Nothing more. An exterminated, mostly unknown Native American tribe, exterminated people of something that isn´t worth to be named town, a Ghost Patrol team, that ís irrelevant and a part of a horn from a fire demon. That´s it.

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Whosyerfish23 wrote:No, you're not way off. BFG people are smart enough to NOT kill the goose that laid the golden egg. There will be another Ravenhearst installment. So let's kick off the MCF 10 speculation thread NOW. (Hears big groan from the pond)

I am thinking the exact same thing. I just finished playing EFR a second time last night and am feeling there will be a future Ravenhearst game. ( Next year PLEASE! ) Hopefully it will answer some of our MANY questions about the saga.

I want to say to everyone that I have so enjoyed looking over your shoulders while you've worked through clue after clue until the solution was found! And with such camaraderie!
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Fargosis! Chilling, stunning and amazing!
playzmuzic wrote:
They're creepy and they're kooky
mysterious and spooky
They're all together ooky
The dalimar family

They lived inside a mansion
Till Burnin' came in fashion
now they all are ashen
the Dalimar family.

Love this!
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Could the number 2 refer to a sequel of one of the OTHER MCF Games?
I have a question--- I have played Ravenhearst several times in the past month. I went to another game site for a bit of info and I found this from someone who wrote a walkthrough:

"There is a diary page hidden in each level that must be found in order to proceed to the next location, but you won't have to find every single hidden object in the level in order to find the page. Once the diary page is located, it is perfectly fine to skip ahead to the next location instead of spending too much time trying to find the remaining clues in the area that you are in."

It was not an actual page but just completing the hidden object scenes that gave us the diary pages, correct? This quote reads as if you literally locate and click on a page to acquire it. I hope someone understands my confusion. With the MCF games, I always feel I might have missed something.

 posted in Resurrection, New Mexico Collector's Edition on Nov 10, 11 1:35 AM
Most of the reviews exactly express my evaluation . The game is too repetitive, a bit monotonous and the "talking" to people breaks up the game.The game is just interesting enough to keep me playing for the whole hour--but not interesting enough to make me buy the CE. I will probably buy the SE.
 posted in Ghost in the Sheet on Jun 15, 11 12:09 PM
I cast one more vote for "HATE THIS GAME" ! Grrrrrr!
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bailey8877 wrote:I give this game a 3/5, but that's pushing it. I thought it was a very juvenile and way too slow. I don't like game that don't allow you to click through the talking scenes.
I will not be buying it unless it's 2.99.

Agreed! But I did use skip for something I assumed was dialogue.
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maggieannie43 wrote:This is the most annoying game from Big Fish it keeps loading, I found the locket you have to collect all the marbles you can go right in the first of the scene check the wardrobe and the drawer collect all 9 put them in the box lid and you get the key, go back andf open the box and get the locket. This is where it got annoying it told me go to the library it would not let me go, until I went in to Isabellas memory, nowhere did I see hints available. I have not the energy and time to play cat and mouse with this games I have bought plenty of good ones this one 2/10 and that is being generous Definitely not a but for me even the graphics are not good, like a cartoon, why so much loading all the time I do not know. Please try before you buy

I couldn't have said it better! Unbelievably slow and monotonous.
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_Angel_angel wrote:
OK so this is kinda like Peggle, but not really because with Peggle the gravity is realistic and you can 'foresee' your shot. This isn't near as accurate.

The robot diary started out mildly humorous, then turned very 'Save the Planet'.

Skip this, grab one of the Peggle games instead.


My thoughts exactly. I am concerned and conscious of conservation of all God's creations but am not playing casual games or paying to see a movie to be preached at or made to feel evil (think Avatar).
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Yep, except it takes every opportunity to preach about careless humans and our waste of energy. (We are, by the way, "wasting" energy to play the developer's game.)
LizzieK--My thoughts EXACTLY.
I wanted to LOVE it in the same way that I LOVE RTR and Madame Fate, but this one played very well, then ,to me, was pretty much anticlimatic.
Personally, MargieB, I think you are really Madame Fate in disguise. You did not get killed off in the game, you are just in hiding and helping BFG fans with the MFC series. How else could you so magically answer all our questions? I bet you know what we are going to ask before we ask them!
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Still looking soooo forward to MCF game due out this month (I HOPE).

I have not heard about this! Anyone else know anything about a new MFC?
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