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 posted in Queen's Garden on Nov 26, 14 5:18 PM
But I bet it won't include Collector's Editions, since the new MCF game was just released.
 posted in League of Light: Wicked Harvest Collector's Edition on Oct 10, 14 3:58 PM
OMG, it's one of those games with a "helper"? [Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Manor Memoirs on Sep 22, 14 12:35 AM
People are still doing that "attack the reviewer" cr... -er- garbage? What on earth is the point of that?

Please, everyone, do a game review if you want. There are a lot of us who do check to see what people are saying about a game and who do value the viewpoints of the people who take the time to write them.
 posted in 9 Elefants on Sep 16, 14 12:33 PM
Seeing the extreme range of opinions regarding this game, I decided to give the demo a try.

I actually like the game. It's not one that's the usual BF type. It is definitely not a HO/HOPA game so don't judge it on that criteria.

It is more of an adventure game with a lot of conversation between the characters. So if you don't like reading, this isn't the game for you. It reminded me a little of the old text-based adventure games. I enjoyed the snarky tone of some of the comments.

The basic story is that a girl's inventor-father has disappeared in Paris and she's trying to find him. She meets up with his assistant and he can put together some devices to help with the search, but she must find the gears for them. In order to find the gears she travels around to various parts of Paris and interacts with the various characters she meets there. In order to gain the gears, she has to successfully solve problems. So far the problems I've come across are historical sequencing, math/logic, tangram-type, mastermind and string. If she solves the problem correctly, she gets some gears. If she fails, she can't re-try the puzzle until she has collected at least 3 "time-films" which pop up randomly at the various locations, seemingly at pre-timed intervals. A way to get them to show up more frequently (at least it seemed to me) was to exit to the main menu and then go back into the game; that seemed to cause them to become available again at various locations. I did find it hard to click on the film rolls when they did pop up, though.

I liked the music and the cartoonish graphics (and I'm not usually a fan of cartoon games). You accessed various locations by clicking on them on a map and different areas opened up if you were successful in solving the puzzle/problems.

This won't be a game to everyone's taste but if you are looking for something different that isn't a HO game and you don't mind reading conversations between characters, then at least try the demo on this one.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Sep 16, 14 11:04 AM
Just a head's up to the Win 8/8.1 folks with the flickering problem:

If you really want to play the game (and it is an enjoyable game) it is now available on Android and the iPad. I was able to download it via Google Play for my Nook HD (unrooted) and Nook HD+ (rooted with the N2A card) and it works well on both of them. It's available "free" there, but you only get the first level of Chapter One free, after that you have to pay for the game, but it was only $2.99 IIRC, so it was worth it.

Only Book One is available on Android at the present time, but you can get Book One and Book Two for the iPad.
Adelantado Books Two and Three of the trilogy play without a flickering problem on Win 8.1. It's only Book One that has the problem with that OS. I already contacted the developer about the problem. Check the thread in this forum about Flickering.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 30, 14 1:02 AM
Tiger2010 wrote:@ Bpup - firstly, it's really nice to see you again.

Secondly, I totally agree with you. I don't like the so-called 'free 2 play' business model at all and I've been very vocal about it in the past. I've been trying to install this one for over 2 hours with no success (only to see what the fuss is about), and it may be just as well! I also buy games to own them. I got badly stung when these kind of games first came out in 2010 on my (now ancient) iPad.

These are great if you have an awful lot of patience. If you don't and you have an addictive nature, you will find yourself buying stuff and beware, because it can add up very very fast.

Good to "see" you again, too, Tiger. I miss the familiar people and the various discussions that used to take place in the old social forums here.

I don't usually get new games right when they're released (still have a huge backlog of unplayed games so I usually wait for sales or coupon/GC credit build-ups before I buy anything now) so I tend to miss the boat on current game conversations when they're occurring. And I've been rather haphazard in my visits to the sites that have tried to recreate the Chit Chat community, so I'm more out of the loop than I ever was.
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Jul 30, 14 12:51 AM
The killer for me was that I finally got three stars on level 30 after about a hundred tries, then I had to do a System Restore on my computer. Totally forgot about what it would do to my game progress and it wiped out my level 30 three stars. AARRRGHH! You'd think I'd remember to copy the relevant game files and stick them in Documents first so that I could copy them back over. But nooooo..... And of course, I have yet to recreate whatever I did to get those stars in the first place.

I'm going to give everyones' hints a try to see if I can get the right combo again. Thanks for posting the various methods, everyone.
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 29, 14 1:31 AM
Looks like they pulled it out of the line-up due to multiple technical problems. I don't even remember seeing it listed on the earlier release date, so I must have checked the main BFG page after it was pulled and replaced with a different game offer.

They've already done this type of thing in the past, when initial reports from players indicate some severe problems.

So they allow themselves to re-offer it as a TGT when the fixed version is released into circulation, et voilà, a new game!
 posted in Nightfall: An Edgar Allan Poe Mystery on Jul 29, 14 1:24 AM
I have always liked the Edgar Allan Poe Mysteries, but too bad Big Fish is diverting this series into its Free-To-Play stable.

I do not like the whole concept of the misnamed FTP game rip-off, and will never participate in it. So I guess this is a Poe mystery game that I will never play.

I will continue to buy BF games that I can own in their entirety for one purchase price, but never one with in-game purchases. While I can see the value to BF of those games as on-going cash cows, I see no value to the consumer. Especially since a good portion of BF's customer base is on a fixed income/budget.
 posted in Pachinko Pop on Jul 15, 14 9:25 AM
Best to buy "Peggle" and "Peggle Nights" if you like this type of game and don't want to have to keep shelling out money just to play.
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Jul 10, 14 1:23 PM
Boy, thanks for all the hints! I still haven't made it to 3 stars on my own on this level, but I'm going to try the suggestions.

Also thanks for mentioning how the power stone works. When it first appeared on a level I accidentally clicked too fast and didn't find out exactly what it does.

Back to my umpteenth time trying to get 3 stars...
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Jun 3, 14 5:40 PM
Just to let people know, the flickering problem that is occurring with Book One on Win 8/8.1 does not happen with Books Two and Three - at least it didn't for me. I was able to play Two and Three without any problems; Book One was unplayable on 8.1 due to the graphics flickering, though I was able to play it earlier without a problem on Win Vista.

This is a great series and probably one of the best builder TM games out there. Don't let the problems with Book One dissuade you from trying the other books in the trilogy if you're having problems with Book One.

 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on May 29, 14 7:15 PM
I'm cross-posting this here and in the Tech thread since it addresses the same issue:

I posted a follow-up question on the developer's FB page re the problem with the flickering and here's the response:

The issue is problematic and it is hardly possible to fix. Sorry

So it looks like Win8/8.1 people are out of luck for trying to get this game to play on their computers.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on May 29, 14 7:12 PM
I posted a follow-up question on the developer's FB page re the problem with the flickering and here's the response:

The issue is problematic and it is hardly possible to fix. Sorry

So it looks like Win8/8.1 people are out of luck for trying to get this game to play on their computers.
 posted in Lost Souls: Timeless Fables Collector's Edition on May 8, 14 3:40 PM
[Removed by Moderator]
 posted in Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale on Apr 1, 14 10:32 AM
My kidlets love the Cooking Academy games - we were just playing Cooking Academy 2 yesterday, and they were asking me when the next one was coming out. I already have CA3 purchased and waiting for them. So I was pleasantly surprised - initially - to see a fourth Cooking Academy game being shown as today's TGT.

However, I was totally disappointed to find out that is one of your deceptive Free-To-Play games that is actually more expensive in total than just purchasing a game outright. I've been buying games from BFG since 2008, and I consider your FTP program both a cheat and an insult to my intelligence and the more of them you offer, the less of my money you will be getting because I will never waste my money on one of them - even if it is in a series that I like, like World Mosaics or Cooking Academy. The games do not give value for the amount of money your "extras" add up to, and the prices you are charging for them are obscene.

Also offering Cooking Academy: Restaurant Royale as a "new" game, when you've been offering it on your site since September 2013 is deceptive advertising, pure and simple. I don't know what's going on in your corporate headquarters, but I've never seen a company so deliberately set out to mislead and alienate its customer base as you've been doing for the past year or so. You've killed the community aspect of your site with the elimination of the social forums, you've changed the Bonus Punch/Punch Card Coupon program in an underhanded manner without even giving your customers advance notice of it, you are now pushing a gaming system (FTP) that is deceptive on so many levels. It is sad to watch your company self-destruct all for the sake of short-term profit. Cui bono?

You are slowly losing me as customer, Big Fish. Maybe my $6.99 a month as a Game Club Member doesn't mean that much to you; $84.00 a year may not seem like a lot, but that is only the base amount most of us used to spend on your site; most of us spent hundreds of dollars per year on your game offerings because they were perceived as offering value for the money spent. How many of those customers have you lost so far since you've self-destructed, and how many have you gained? Are you really making enough money with your FTP plan - on an ongoing basis - to replace that income?
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 1, 14 9:50 AM
Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two is being offered as today's Daily Deal. Grab this game! It is a steal at $2.99.

It is probably one of the best of the builder/time management game series out there; I don't like the Dash/TM type of games but I do enjoy well-done builder-types and this is definitely one. The graphics are extremely well done, the game is interesting and challenging in a good way, the music suits the game and is unobtrusive, and the gameplay is smooth.

The levels are timed and the aim is to complete each level within the time frame to gain a piece of a golden icon. Completion of the icon seems to increase the playing time of the "Conclusion" level of the game. But you can play each level beyond the time the timer runs out; you aren't required to replay the level in order to advance, so the game can be played at your own pace without pressure.

The Adelandato series is one of the few games that I have actually replayed. With all of the games I took my time with the first run through, mainly because I wanted to fully explore the world (and I really enjoyed having the conquistador chop down all the vegetation and completely explore the cavern systems). The second run-through was to try to achieve gold on all the levels, which I was ultimately able to do. I found that I enjoyed trying to figure out what resources I really needed to achieve completion of the level and which activities just wasted my time when trying to complete the level within the time limit. It was almost like I got two games for the price of one, because I played each with a different goal in mind.

I've play Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on both Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 computers and it worked well on both of them. A head's up regarding Adelantado Trilogy: Book One, though - it will play on Vista (and Win7 as far as I know) but there is a problem with the video on Win 8/8.1. I've already brought it to the attention of the game's developers, so hopefully they will come out with a fix for that. However, the good news is that Adelantado Trilogy: Book Three works well on Vista and Win 8.1; I've played it on both.

Even if you don't think that you like time management games, take advantage of today's DD on AT:B2. It's just too good of a game not to try.
 posted in Olympus Griddlers on Mar 24, 14 6:14 PM
After seeing all the complaints, I just had to give this game a try, because nonograms are one of my favorites.

I don't quite understand the complaints. The graphics are very well-done and game play was smooth. Left-click put a check mark in the box and right-click put an x in the box; multiple checks and x's could be placed just by clicking and dragging. The game is divided into "rooms" with a number of levels in each room. Each level can be replayed if you want. There are options to control sound, music, custom cursor, full screen. On my laptop display, the game didn't expand to true widescreen; the playing area was banded on the left and right. The first few simple levels were a tutorial.

If you complete a level without using a hint, you get three gold stars at the completion of the level; each hint used reduces the stars you earn, use more than three hints and I guess you have to redo the level. I didn't have to use any hints so I don't know. Each level at completion gives you your time for completion, so on replay you can try to beat that. You are not playing against the clock, though.

You earn gold coins when completing the grids and those coins can be used in the Store to buy extra advantages. You earn accomplishments for completing grids without an error, etc.

I like this game. It's well-designed, plays well, and allowed me to challenge myself to complete the levels without using a hint.
 posted in Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame on Mar 24, 14 10:49 AM
If anyone is having problems with a laggy cursor and is on an older computer, check to make sure that you don't have any resource-intensive programs running in the background. That was causing the problems I had with the first Gardens Inc. on my Vista computer. When I stopped the other programs from running, it solved the problem.
 posted in Rush for Gold: California on Mar 18, 14 4:43 PM
Thanks for that info!
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