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 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Apr 11, 17 6:22 PM
There's a way to make this game ridiculously easy. PM me if you want to know how.
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess IV on Apr 11, 17 5:49 PM
My time - 4:33. Too easy, as are all levels. There's a way to make this game ridiculously easy.
 posted in Viking Saga on Feb 17, 15 6:13 PM
I got this from YouTube:

- Upgrade the base and repair a chamber.
- Build a farm and a druid's hut.
- Activate the rune pillar and remove the ice blockage.
- Open the treasure chest for wood. Catch some fish for food.
- Repair the other demolished chamber.
- Produce food to upgrade the base twice.
- Demolish the log house to build a stone quarry in there.
- Build the stone bridge and clear the lot with snowdrift.
- Build a sawmill. Collect resources from fishing sites and buildings.
- Upgrade two chambers completely.
- After producing enough bricks, demolish the quarry.
- Build a chamber and upgrade it twice.
- Demolish the sawmill and build a farm in there.
- Produce food while picking up presents and decorating buildings.
- Take care of all reindeers. Keep collecting silver coins.
- Decorate the Christmas tree in the middle.
 posted in Viking Saga on Feb 17, 15 6:12 PM
Sure you can. I did.
 posted in Viking Saga on Feb 17, 15 5:00 PM
I got this just in the nick of time - by NOT building the stone mine. I also built 2 houses, but didn't bother to upgrade them.
 posted in Viking Saga on Feb 16, 15 4:58 PM
Ricoblade, that was awesome! I followed your advice and I too finished with plenty of time to spare! Thank you!
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on May 30, 14 7:46 AM
I finally got this by realizing the ice cream towers should NOT be boosted, saves 6000 wood not boosting them. Tear them down when other goals have been met, throw up 2 farm houses in their place and boost those.
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on May 27, 14 10:49 AM
govegril wrote:You don't need to feed the last troll the 10000 wood- you can destroy one of the towers you already build- say the small tower and then build a big tower -
the goal stays checked off once you complete it.

the order i did was
then after chocolate fed to monster did all icecream

the chests all contain yoghurt which you can sell for $$$$

That totally helped, tearing down a couple towers and rebuilding! I already had so much wood to do this bc I was trying so hard to get the 10,000 wood! Thanks!
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 21, 14 6:22 PM
I FINALLY got this! Used the stump bonus until I had the goldmine and the farm both upgraded to 2 stars, then used the 2x bonus, and only used 2 workers. Kept those little buggers moving at ALL times, always had jobs piled up for them in advance. Whew, that one was difficult!
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 17, 14 6:33 PM
This really gets boring as %^#@ when you gotta keep playing the same level over and over and over again...

Update: FINALLY got 3 stars. What I did different was activate the magic stone thing ASAP, tried to keep a guy on the right side as much as possible so the dragon wouldn't breathe fire over there and used the +1 bonus throughout.
 posted in Northern Tale 2 on Feb 15, 14 2:03 PM
OMG, no matter which way I try, I'm ALWAYS off by just a couple seconds :'(
This level is making me crazy, lol

Update: 5 games later, I finally got 3 stars by not bothering with the bottom bridge and not going over 30 supplies at one time. Yay!
 posted in Be a King on Jan 16, 14 8:17 PM
Yeah I had the same problem. Got through it finally by just turning off the timer then turning it back on for all the other levels.
 posted in Island Tribe 2 on Nov 26, 13 9:47 PM
Where is the stupid necklace?? It used to be right by the guy who pops up but it isn't there anymore :/
 posted in Island Tribe on Nov 25, 13 3:18 PM
Wow, ShazPG, that was brilliant! Got gold with plenty of time left over!
 posted in Island Tribe on Nov 23, 13 8:45 PM
unclepaul, thank you! Been trying all day, finally came here, found your solution and BOOM, nailed it. Don't build the bridges! Got it with 8 seconds to spare
 posted in Sweet Kingdom: Enchanted Princess on Mar 26, 13 10:56 PM
Awesome, thanks! I got this with 1 minute, 53 seconds to spare!
 posted in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee on Feb 25, 13 8:57 AM
Ummmm...the customers won't TAKE the drink cards. What am I missing?
 posted in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee on Feb 25, 13 7:58 AM
It would also be awesome if 2 items could be picked up at once, and if you needed something that one of the staff was blocking, a click would move their arses automatically.
 posted in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee on Feb 24, 13 9:54 AM
The staff are a pain. They move wayyyyyyy too slow and get in the way, take FOREVER to restock and don't bother to remake the drinks when the machines are empty. I fired them all and am doing much better. The courier is cool, though, he just stands there and waits, doesn't block you when you need to get somewhere else.
 posted in Build-a-lot: On Vacation on Feb 14, 13 1:33 PM
Thanks, PhaedrasPhantasy, I finally got this in 8:15. I kept one fully upgraded hotel though and didn't bother to upgrade or stage the lodges.
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