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 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Feb 17, 14 9:13 AM
Yeah, I can't get the last achievement either, the one that says you got all the achievements. I have no idea what I'm missing! I don't see any unfinished ones. Maybe there's a hidden achievement?
 posted in Dreamscapes: The Sandman on Apr 28, 13 7:23 AM
Fun, fun, fun! Beautiful graphics. Music was a bit creepy, but it fit the game. I like to play these games with the lights off and the sound up to really feel like I'm a part of the game...and this one was AWESOME that way!!

Yes, a bit short, but probably only because I had to play it straight through because the storyline was so compelling. Looking forward to the sequel. Great game!!

 posted in City of Fools on Jun 26, 12 8:58 PM
I don't write a whole lot of reviews on here, but I probably should. However, I can't help saying how FABULOUS this game is!! I just lost myself in the game for 3 hours, and I haven't even covered half of the locations on the map yet!!! I usually stick to buying time management/strategy games like MKFTP or Royal Envoy, but when a good adventure game comes up, I can't resist it. And this is, by far, the best adventure game I have ever bought on here!! Lots of hints to keep you going when you get stuck. Amazing graphics. Great characters. Engaging stories and side tasks. You just HAVE to go buy it!
 posted in Island Tribe 3 on Dec 23, 11 10:51 AM
UGH! I was hoping someone knew how to solve this! I've had the same problem. Love this game though!
 posted in World Mosaics 4 on Feb 13, 11 10:11 PM
If you want more complex grids, and lots more puzzles...try World Riddles. I think I like the gameplay a bit better on World Mosaics, but World Riddles definitely has more complex puzzles.
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