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 posted in Campfire Legends: The Babysitter on May 26, 16 10:58 AM
I don't know where to go now. I have the pliers, the soldering iron and the hammer but none of them work to set a trap. The only answer I get when I click to where the gears are rolling is "time to set a trap etc." What am I doing wrong?
 posted in Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys on Dec 1, 14 9:11 AM
Is anyone having trouble joining the glass box and the glass cutter. I have both but nothing happens when I click on the glass box. Shouldn't anything with a plus sign pop up so you can choose whatever in the inventory goes with it? So far, nothing.
 posted in Fear for Sale: The 13 Keys on Dec 1, 14 9:05 AM
bfgLianorm wrote:Hey Everyone,

If you are having problems getting the game to work correctly, we highly recommend going to our <a href=>Help pages</a>. Using our <a href=>Help pages</a> is always the quickest way to get technical problems resolved. Here are a few suggested articles that have helped many people correct these types of problems in the past:

<a href=""> Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen </a>
<a href="">Game Compatibility</a>

While we can offer a known solution for technical issues in the Forums, or other tech savvy pond residents can swim by with good tips and suggestions, we cannot provide the same excellent level of support provided by our Customer Support team.

The Forums are not very well suited for the kinds of information gathering and troubleshooting that get these types of issues corrected quickly.

If there is a problem with the game, our Support Team can also gather necessary information on what types of computers are being affected by the problem and deliver this information to the developer for a fix.

If you are not able to get a game working properly using our <a href=>Help pages</a>, please get in touch with our Customer Support team, you can find a link to contact our Support team on the front page of our <a href=>Help pages</a>.

When posting in this thread and also when contacting our Support Team, it would be helpful if you could state what system you are playing the game on (i.e. PC, MAC or Mobile), so we can provide you with the appropriate support as quickly as possible.

*Finally, please reserve this thread for tech issues only. If you are seeking game play assistance (i.e. hints and tips), the best thing to do is to start a new thread in the game's Forum by clicking on 'Create New Discussion.'
 posted in Shadow Shelter on Apr 9, 14 9:57 AM
I keep getting a message to check out the portrait of the Chinese woman in the room with the faceless girl. So far nothing has happened when I click on the picture on the wall. Help!
 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Oct 9, 13 8:47 AM
annebil wrote:Where did you find the well centerpiece?

I found the well centerpiece in the room before the gas room. On top of the scaffolding is a box and the well centerpiece is in that box. You need to paint it gold with the paintbrush and also you'll need the well lever.
 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Sep 21, 13 1:22 PM
thanks so much. I'd never have thought of that.
 posted in Corpatros: The Hidden Village on Sep 12, 13 1:30 PM
Has anyone been able to figure out how to get the round things out of the statue's mouth? I got the honey and stick and got the triangle slab and the only thing left is that statue, according to the map. Here I am, in the pit, not able to get out or go forward. HELP!!!
 posted in Sable Maze: Sullivan River Collector's Edition on Oct 21, 12 10:49 AM
I don't enjoy playing a game over when I worked so hard to get to the finale. Is Big Fish going to do anything about this? I would have thought that a game released in a Collector's Edition would have been checked for glitches. I, for one, would like to have a refund or a free game so I don't lose the cost of the one that I couldn't finish. I had to contact BFG recently about another game that I couldn't finish and I haven't heard from them yet, even though I downloaded Dr. Felix and sent it back to them.
 posted in Robin Hood on Jun 18, 12 11:35 AM
I've already reinstalled the game and am having the same problem as before. After I find everything in the forest, nothing happens. When I click on the bird there is a flicker of feathers in the upper left hand corner of the screen but nothing happens when I click on it. Also, I can't quit the game. The only way I can get out of the game is through Task Manager. I have to shut it down. When I try to restart the game, nothing has been saved and I have to do that same HO scene again. This is really frustrating.
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Jun 15, 12 3:39 PM
My game was hung up where the bludgeon wouldn't break open the panel next to the purple eyed statue. I restarted and now am hung up at the star flower. I picked up the bark using the gloves but no grubs!! What now? Start over again??? Is it me or is this game just a lemon??
 posted in Unsolved Mystery Club ®: Ancient Astronauts ® on Jun 10, 12 1:38 PM
Have the article in inventory but when I try to use it on the wall next to the purple eyed statue nothing happens. Should I delete the game and start all over? I really don't want to do that but I don't know what to do next.
 posted in Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Premature Burial on Apr 11, 12 9:57 AM
I found the first brooch but cannot find the second one. WHERE is it. The walkthrough is no help. Thanks
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst ™ on Jan 6, 12 1:28 PM
I have the collector's edition and have the stragedy guide but I still can't seem to end the game. I am in the house with Charles and Victor. The four females are upstairs and all are chained up. I can't figure out how to free them from the restraints. Help!!!
What am I not doing or doing wrong? ANY help will be greatly appreciated.
 posted in Princess Isabella: Return of the Curse on Jul 1, 11 2:24 PM
I completed the game but the end was less than satisfactory. Can playing it again help to come to a more enjoyable ending? If the ending that I got is just a cliffhanger than I won't waste my time repeating the game.
I finished the game but I can't get into the bonus game. When I try for a hint, I am told to throw stones at the Pirate ship. I looked at the walk through and it shows the scene closer to the ship. I am not able to get to that point. What am I doing wrong? I have a large bone, a screwdriver and 13 skulls in my inventory.
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