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Mine, too. One of the few actors who could play evil (Die Hard) and romantic (Sense and Sensability). He was also known for his support to other actors (Daniel Radcliffe has said that when he - Radcliffe - was doing Equus on Broadway, Rickman nonchallantly attended a performance). Miss his talent.
Here's a question for you Fishies. Has anyone else felt that the Shaman of the Elven People looks like Alan Rickman (Snape from Harry Potter)?
Thank you. It took a bit of doing, but, I finally got it.
Once you get to the Elf Kingdom, there's something with swans heads. You have to get to be positioned a certain way, and, for some reason, I cannot. What's the secret?
 posted in Grim Tales: The White Lady Collector's Edition on Sep 4, 17 5:51 PM
I've gotten just about all of these games, and, I really don't remember much about Richard, but, one things struck me about the Bonus Chapter game. It's like it's taken remnants of Hogwarts and made a whole new story. The Old Mage is Dumbledor, and Richard is Severus Snape. The Young Gabriel seems to be a bit of Snape as well, but Alessia is Harry Potter's mother Lily.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: The Black Veil Collector's Edition on Mar 27, 17 5:16 AM
Tried looking trough the SG to find the last piece I needed (first scene in Bonus Game with the popcorn machine). The piece was supposed to be somewhere to the right of the machine between it and the bench. Looked all around. Couldn't find it. Not the first game to disappoint that way. Someone better have a better solution than going back after the whole thing's complete, because now I feel cheated ONCE MORE!
 posted in Dark Romance: Romeo and Juliet Collector's Edition on Mar 16, 17 4:49 PM
I've gotten to the part where you need a ruler to open a window, but, the game won't let me pick this one up. I can't continue, as you need to open the window in order to get the hammer to work on whatever it was that has to get heated. Any ideas?
 posted in Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collector's Edition on Mar 12, 17 12:43 PM
Seems like quite a lot of people have had this problem. I got all the way to getting out of the cell, but, when I looked at the bull's head for the chisel, no chisel to be found. I'm not certain, but, because I bought this game a while ago, I thought I'd made it through. Maybe not. This is not the first time I've had something like this happen, and, forget about the help pages. Nothing helps. And, I'm not tech savvy enough to make a separate pdf file to send to Dr. Felix. Now, some satisfaction please.
 posted in The Voice from Heaven on Jan 24, 17 7:26 AM
I finally finished the game. It took several days, but, I did it. Now, I need to look up the Legend of Freya, because I'm curious about it.
Was able pick up another collectible. The one at Lenore's grave and the one in the bar are hidden behind some stuff, and, something must be done first. And where's the eye for the underwater HOP? It's holding onto the last coin,, and every time I hit the hint button, it just shows where the skull is, not where the eye is.
I'm having the same problem. The skull is holding the last coin (I think), and it's missing an eye. I've hit the hint button several times, and, all it does is point to the skull. This is beyond frustrating.
Okay, when I go into a new scene, I'll check with the SG to see where, if any, collectibles might be. I was able to find the first four, but, when I got to Lenore's grave, that's when I ran into trouble. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but, as I went through the game (I got up to the captain's door, and, there were supposed to be collectibles along the way. Where are they?
I think I know how to solve the Tiny Tim amulet. Like so many of you, I've struggle with this one. I play all of the Christmas Story games at this time of year, and, for some reason, I couldn't get the Tim amulet to work right. I tried to do this over and over, but, today, I succeeded. Start with the arm with the package. Then, do the arm, finally do the legs. I got results by doing the front leg first.

Hope this helps all of you Fishies out there. Merry Christmas.
You know what's so frustrating with the game? The Tiny Tim amulet. I bought this game when it first came out. i've played it every year at this time since then. The first time I played this game, I had no problem with the Tiny Tim amulet. Since then, nothing but. I've looked in this forum, so I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I've also looked in the technical issues thread, and, I get the same stupid advice: line up the skater with the blue outline. Yeah? And when you've gotten old and raised your blood pressure dangerously high, what then? It still won't just click into place. I'm so disgusted with this thing. Why can't Elephant Games fix their stupid problems. Every other problem area has a "skip" button. Not this one. Oh no! Gotta get the customers so angry they start demanding a refund or something. I say, if you want to keep customers coming back, you need to fix this problem. NOW!
 posted in Dawn of Hope: Skyline Adventure Collector's Edition on Nov 6, 16 12:37 PM
Has anyone else noticed that Kaylen looks like the guy who plays Marty Deaks on NCIS:Los Angeles?
 posted in Secrets of Great Queens: Old Tower Collector's Edition on Nov 4, 16 12:26 PM
Bought this game yesterday (Thursday, Nov 3) as it looked promising (I'm a history buff, and this is obviously about Elizabeth I of England). Working with Windows 7. Things were working, after a fashion yesterday, except for the Strategy Guide. Whenever I clicked onto that, I had problems with it stemming from getting information as to where I might find the morphing objects or coins (I always have trouble finding them at first). It was stubborn getting back to where I wanted it. Today, although I could get onto the game, my problem was getting into the strategy guide at all (it didn't advance past the first page), and I find that most annoying. Look, guys, I know you test these things before you put them up for sale, but, this isn't the first time I've had trouble with a game that I've purchased and look forward to playing. Any help with this would be appreciated. I've tried the un-install, re-install, so....
 posted in Dark Romance: Curse of Bluebeard Collector's Edition on Oct 15, 16 4:48 PM
Interesting. Challenging.
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 16 8:50 AM
Just an add on. After Allison;s flashbacks, I had the idea that her mother was dead at the time of her father's fatal heart attack. Now, Ruth get a letter saying it's from Allison's mother. What's up with that? And, is it connected to the earlier letter?
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 17, 16 8:09 AM
Phew! Not an easy game to get through, but, I did it. However, I think the challenges need to slow down a bit. I gave myself tendenitis again. The story was okay, I guess, but, I'm not so sure about a future with Allison (which is also my younger sister's name) and Connor. What's the story with Ruth's letter toward the beginning of the game?
Is it my imagination, or is the music that plays in the background reminiscent of the theme from the television series "Ghost Whisperer"? I'm not saying that it's bad or anything, just a bit, well, strange.
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