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I am completely frustrated with this game. I cannot find the 2 of Clubs ANYWHERE!! I make it to 51 cards, and that's it. I can't advance to the mansion across the river until I have that card. Where is it? I have reset my entire progress and started over 4 times already. Where is that last card? I got the one the Queen gave me, but no 2 of Clubs. Help!
 posted in Sprill: The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle on Feb 15, 12 5:17 PM
what I've found is sometimes you have to click it just right, and hold you finger on it for a second or two. I had the hardest time clicking on a starfish that was behind something. Definitely frustrating.
 posted in Sprill: The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle on Feb 15, 12 12:29 PM
What am I supposed to be looking for? All I do is search the ships over and over again! No mini games at all. After over an hour of playing, and maybe one area of a ship says "ok", but that's it.

Also, are there any things I can look for to get extra hints? This is frustrating. I'm thinking something is wrong with the version I've got.

csbeckett1229 wrote:I give up. I have uninstalled and reinstalled half a dozen times, deleted all players that I have tried and started with new players, tried both casual and expert levels and I still am unable to collect the dream cards in the farmyard and break the jar in the stable. I give up. I'm so frustrated that I'm ready to just eat my $14 bucks. YIkes.

Contact customer service and they will refund you. That's what Idid, and they were very nice!
 posted in Slingo Mystery 2: The Golden Escape on Apr 10, 11 9:38 AM
Horrible, horrible game!! I played Slingo over and over again trying to get to 700,000, and don't even come close. The closest I've gotten was 459,000, and I've played at least 15 times. I'm done with this game and will be deleting it. Stupid game should have a "Skip" button.

Save your money on this game, too!
 posted in Affair Bureau on Apr 10, 11 7:23 AM
The worst game I've played. Luckily I only played for about 10 minutes or so. The first screen with the hidden objects was horrible! You couldn't see the items because it was so dark, so I just randomly clicked on stuff and actually got a few things. I uninstalled before finishing the first screen.

Save your money!!!!!!!!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered on Mar 17, 11 6:05 AM
I hated that slider puzzle. I found a link that gave some sage advice for the sliders. Solve the top row first instead of trying to solve all of the lines at once. I hope that helps.

P.S. I finally solved it, but it took almost 15 minutes.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill Remastered on Mar 16, 11 2:19 PM
Okay, I give. How do you skip a puzzle??
No, I'm done with this game! I want my money back for it. I've played up until Act 3 and it's always the same. The screen goes black and I start all over again. I'm not doing this anymore! I have played the same Acts 5 times now, and I'm done!
What about the issue of the game not saving?
Ok, I uninstalled this and reinstalled, and now it's working fine. Was able to unlock the Shadowlocks (all 4 of them). Hope this helps others. Game continues where it left off.

Note: Scratch the above. I got almost to the end last night, but had to shut down. Now the game starts from the beginning again!! This is maddening! I can't sit here and do the entire game in one sitting. It's just not fair. FIX THIS OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
If I have to play the same thing over and over again like others here, I want my money back! It's just not worth the hassle.
I, too, am having trouble. For me, the game won't save. I played for 40 min before deciding to buy the game at $13.99. After the installation (for the 2nd time), it started me at the very beginning. I went through almost 2 hours playing the game, then shut down for the night. This morning when I went back in, it started from the very beginning again. I've never had this happen to any of the other (many, many) games that I've bought.

Why is this game not saving?? This is very frustrating!
 posted in Behind the Reflection on Feb 17, 11 8:10 AM
I was going to ask a question about the color coding, but after I made the post, I figured it out. Sorry!
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