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 posted in Girls with Secrets on Apr 30, 13 12:51 PM
I'm at the point where it says to go back into the house to look for clues for the code, but I can't leave the Attic getting a message about 'not able to leave this room' yet.
 posted in Lost Treasures of El Dorado on Feb 27, 11 10:32 PM
I'm playing the very last screen...and the game has failed several times with the following error message. Hate to be one screen away from completing the adventure.


Exception: Access Violation (code 0xc0000005) at address 00449400 in thread 5B8
Module: game.exe
Logical Address: 0001:00048400

0013FD04 00449400 0001:00048400 game.exe
Params: 00000320 00B65AAC 00B65A70 00000000

0013FD30 00415933 0001:00014933 game.exe
Params: 00C163A8 084729D7 00B643C8 00B64808

0013FD58 00410E36 0001:0000FE36 game.exe
Params: 084729F7 00B65A70 00B65A70 0013FEC8

0013FD78 0040F592 0001:0000E592 game.exe
Params: 00B64808 0013FED4 0046EB36 00000001

0013FD84 0040F50B 0001:0000E50B game.exe
Params: 00000001 08472A5B 0000000F 00B643C8

0013FED4 0046EB36 0001:0006DB36 game.exe
Params: 08472A6F 00000A28 00B643C8 00000001

0013FFC0 0055B384 0001:0015A384 game.exe
Params: 80000001 0013F024 7FFDF000 C0000005

0013FFF0 7C817077 RegisterWaitForInputIdle+49
Params: 00573A4A 00000000 78746341 00000020

StackWalk failed (error 0)

EAX:00000320 EBX:00000320 ECX:00000320 EDX:00B60608 ESI:00000000 EDI:00000320
EIP:00449400 ESP:0013FCD4 EBP:0013FD04
CS:001B SS:0023 DS:0023 ES:0023 FS:003B GS:0000

Windows Ver: NT 5.1 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
DDraw Ver: 5.03.2600.5512
DSound Ver: 5.3.2600.5512

Product: Lost Treasures Of El Dorado
Time Loaded: 00:52:33
Fullscreen: Yes
Primary ThreadId: 5B8
 posted in The Juicer on Feb 18, 11 12:48 PM
Like others, I got up to the level (after I saved the dog), but it got to the point where the onslought of fruit was more than I could handle with my meager weapons and I could never get more an inch of 'juice' in the tube. I played for probably an hour...amassed about 4,000 coins, but the round would never end...the timer counted down to 0:00 and stopped, but the veggies just kept attacking.. I kept killing and collecting money, but once my arm became paralysed, the only way to exit was to go out to the main menu and when I clicked on play, it took me back to one of the early screens and all my coins were lost.

Cute game, but if that's the way it works, not worth all the play to have it reset back to the very early stages.

I've never played a game where basically you had to shut it down or crash it to get out of a level.
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