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 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 17, 12 3:58 AM
Velvet_Wood wrote:First, thank you, Micheal, and your team, for being so responsive to your customers and truly taking into account user-feedback; that is something very rare and very special, and well-worth putting up with a bit of theoretically bad English (theoretical, as it's no worse than that of 90% of the native speakers I know).

Second, for everyone else -- I started a new topic, intending to address some of the negative comments on this game (title reflects that), but it ended up turning into a three-post mini-game guide. I'll be finishing it up tomorrow (as it's 1am here), and it explains a lot of the things that people in this thread mentioned being confused about. Those of you who do like the game, or who want to like it but are stuck due to not knowing how to proceed may find it useful. If people are interested, I would be happy to expand it into a complete and proper game guide.

Third, I do have one question I have been unable to find or figure out the answer to, however. In the mini-game 'heaps', what exactly is it that triggers the little extra chests that turn up during the level (as opposed to the big one at the end)? Does it have something to do with the fact that some gears make a noise when you click them off and some do not? And why do they that, anyway?

Thank you for your time,

Velvet Wood
Dallas, TX

Thank you for your reply!
These "little extra chests" drop randomly with defined probability. Which is given separately for each mini-game in accordance with the number of possible correct moves on the level of this mini-game and difficulty of these moves.
An example of "moves": "Heap" - click on the flying gear, "Couples" - the opening pair, "Mahjong" - the removing of two Mahjong tiles.
The probability is higher In the "Couples" minigame, and lower in the "Heap" minigame.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 23, 11 3:25 AM
Hi, roxas87!
Thanks for the comment!

- another thing is,you can see the 'HELP' section and found out that it contains almost 10+ pages..i said,'WTH??a M3 game help section have so many pages??' honestly,i skipped through every pages and didn't care to look at it -->just click the 'PLAY' button to start playing

Yep, but you need to read the help section only if you don't know what to do.

- there is a special level called as 'complex level',where you can't use any of your power-ups (i think,'cause i didn't read the 'thick' help book).it is much more tougher than normal level and you will be rewarded with something great in amount for your accomplishment.i,e. treasures..

You're right you can't use any of your power-ups while you playing these levels.

- initially,you will be playing a M3 game with row and line scrolling type..i finished my trial with another type available which is,the 'going in a straight line match-up' type.and sadly,there are mini-games which you can play,but i didn't found out what type of mini-games available within my trial time.

Mini-games become available as you progress through the game. You can find them in the main menu(click on the green cross).

Best regards, Michael!
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tenry wrote:after entering the pyramid to get treasures the game throws me back to the last level before I can even click on any jewels

Any tips/help PLEASE

very good game apart from this problem

Hi, tenry! Thank you!
I've sent you a private message. Check it.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 15, 11 4:45 AM
crafteawench wrote:I read most of the comments and reviews and bought the game anyway, because it looked like it had potential. I'm really glad I did. Its frustrating the h?#l out of me but I keep coming back.

I seem to be 'stuck' at the rank of Specialist, though. How does the ranking work.

Any help on that appreciated.

Thanks Michael, for taking the time to read the posts and make comments. It is nice to know that someone is listening.


Hi, Susan!
To get the next rank you just need to complete more levels. As soon as you'll get the next rank you will be able to get a new skill. We've already added a list of ranks(and more explanations to the help) to 1.02 version but still working on it.
This is a list of ranks:
Level 1: Tourist
Level 13: Adherent
Level 23: Specialist
Level 36: Master
Level 40: Past master
Level 50: Expert
Level 57: Virtuoso
Level 67: Scientist
Level 80: Genius
Level 90: Overlord

Also you can ask any questions about game in this thread:

and i'll try to help you. I added a little FAQ to this thread.
Best wishes!
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Johny_d wrote:
FeyKina wrote:I hope some better M3 games come along soon. the recent ones are just not playable, the mechanics are confusing and there is no help section. just a great deal of words and no rewards.

I loved the Pharaohs mystery and Hexus and all the Codminion games, oh and also found the combo of adevture / M3 in the newer "the Cave game "quite fun and really loved it.

I will be here patiently waiting for the next really good M3. this one is not it.

Thank you...

I can not agree. Many thanks to the creators of this game! Nice graphics, lots of humor. A huge number of bonuses, many game modes. The game is long enough and worth the money I paid. Most games for kids does not suit me, but this is really addictive after the first 10-20 levels. Every minute of the game I wanted to know what will happen next, what are the new bonuses will be available. I love this game!!!

If you want to play the same kind of an interesting and varied mach 3, I can recommend: "The Ancient Quest of Saqqarah".
It's not worse than this game.

Hello, Johny_d!
I'm glad that you like this game, Thank you for your words=)
Happy gaming!
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Sometimes i play online games. But unfortunately sometimes they take me a lot of time

We have a little wish list, and we're planning to implement these wishes in a new version. But don't know how soon it will be.
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Hi everyone!
I decided to create a thread where you can ask any question about this game. Also i wanna post a little F.A.Q.(Frequently Asked Questions) here.
So, if you have questions go ahead and post them in this thread.

========== F.A.Q. ===========

1. How can i buy a device?
Go to the workshop and click on the one of three tabs. Select device that you want to buy.
Check if you have enough resources and if you have required skill. If text is green then you have, if it's red then you don't have. Then click on the «Assemble» button. You bought a device.

2. I bought a hammer. How can i use it ingame?
Check if you have enough resources. Click on the "Add" button to add hammer to the cell. Now you can use it on the playing field!

3. I finished all the levels of the first map, but still don't have map pieces to continue. What i need to do?
Buy a radar. It will appears in the map menu after the buying. Click on the radar and it will find you a piece of map. In easy mode all pieces will be found automatically after you finish the last level of the map.

4. I can't buy any device. Why?
Check if you have enough resources and if you have required skill.

5. How can i get required skill?
Go to the workshop, select the skill and check the task that you need to complete to get this skill.

6. I can't get the skill because i don't have required rank. How can i get required rank?
You need to complete more levels.

7. I can't complete a level, it's too difficult for me. Can i switch to the easy mode any time?
Yes you can. Go to the "Options" and select "Easy game".

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katelouisa67 wrote:Michael

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read all our comments and critiques and for very quickly releasing a new build incorporating so many of our requests.

It is a pleasure to know the developer is so involved with 'Joe and Jo Public'

Katelouisa67, in my turn i want to thank you for taking the time to post such a nice words We're planning to implement some wishes in the next build, but don't know how much time it will take us.
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LisaLaffer wrote:Thank you for a new version. It's really untimed now and there are no more problems with the map pieces in easy mode. I love the huge number of bonuses! A buy for me.

Hi, LisaLaffer!
I'm glad tha you liked this game.
Have fun and best regards!
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- The game untimed completely(in easy mode).
- All pieces of the map will automatically be found after the complition of the last map level(in easy mode).
- Some annoying pop-ups were cut out.
- Speed of the mini-games was reduced
- The time of radar regeniration was reduced
- The requirements for skill were reduced
- Completed levels marked with a green check mark
- Bolts now are shining
- The number of resources required for hammer, radar, reset, hint was reduced.

Thanks all of you for your comments and reviews, it helps us to make a game more interesting! We made this game for you, thats why we try to consider all your wishes and release new versions as soon as possible. Feel free to comment.
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zeus_apollo wrote:
To Michael_Pukalo:

You seem to be open to constructive criticism, here are a few areas that would make the game even better for me (I've made it to Constructor skill, but haven't put together the last map yet):
1. Please include the ability to make matches WHILE the tiles are still falling.
2. When you reach the "no move" state and the board resets, whatever progress you've made on an individual bolt's "level" is reset too. (a 3x bolt you've turned into a 1x bolt will reset to its original 3x state) My philosophy is that games are supposed to be fun -- not heart-breaking or frustrating -- and I found this aspect QUITE frustrating. (Because of this "feature", my husband decided he won't be playing this game/these levels anymore.)
3. I keep expecting a group of 8 to have a higher score than 2 groups of 4.
4. Occasionally, the screen will "freeze" while tiles are falling -- this is peculiar to Akhra (other match 3 games that I play do not experience this)

Hello, zeus_apollo!
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you liked this game!

1. Don't know if it's still possible to add this feature to the game. Will think about it.
2. We'll try fix it in next version.
3. It may affect the balance, but i'll think what we can do.
4. We fixed a bug of "falling tiles". Check if you still have this bug in new version. PM me plz if you meant something else and i didn't get it.

I added some time(or removed a few bolts) to these levels in "Normal game" mode, and in "Easy game" mode they are untimed completely.

I'll think about adding a tutorial to the game. Also i sent you a PM.

Best regards!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 2, 11 2:43 PM
kethlia wrote:
The map pieces are hidden about the screen and solving the level does not necessarily help you gain the map pieces.

When the description pops up to tell you what is required to solve the level, take time to look around the edges of the screen to see if something looks out of place. The map pieces do blend in quite well. Occassionally a map piece will be in the center of the screen underneath the playing board. To get those pieces, you have to solve the level or manage to click on the square that the map piece is beneath. You do have a few seconds to grab the piece after you solve the level and the board disappears.

I've found all of the pieces for the first three maps using this method.

So, how do you get the radar? I haven't figured out that part yet.

Hi, kethlia!
Your method is the best way to find hidden pieces without radar!
Radar is located in the blue tab of the workshop.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 2, 11 2:00 PM
gentleone236 i have the shows which level the map pieces are i've once again played thru those levels...and still no map pieces!!!....HOW DO YOU GET THE MAP PIECES!!!!??????????????


gentleone236, all you need is just replay those levels and find hidden map pieces. If you can't find map pieces on the level.. well.. you can just wait a little. In new version you won't need to search them in easy mod.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 2, 11 10:14 AM
gentleone236 wrote:thanks Michael for the help...i got the does it help me????i now see where the map pieces are...i finish the level...and no map piece!!! WT*#@%

Michael_Pukalo wrote:
gentleone236 wrote:I'm with do you get the other 3 map pieces??? it says i can build the radar in the workshop but it is no where to be found...i'm sorry i wasted my money!!!
JammyKat wrote:I liked the graphics and thought the music was soothing. I was finally able to buy the hammer, but came to the end of the first map with only 3 of the 6 map pieces. When I tried to go on, as message said I need radar to find the other map pieces, and that I could assemble it in the workshop. But I couldn't find any way to do that. I tried replaying some of the levels to see if that would get me the missing pieces, but no such luck. So I basically wasted 45 minutes on a game that I couldn't continue. How annoying!

Hello, gentleone236!
There are 4 tabs in the workshop(have a look to the left side of the workshop). The radar is located in the blue tab.

gentleone236, radar just shows you in wich levels the map pieces are still hidden. You need to replay these levels and find pieces.
We're working on version where you won't be annoyed by searching these pieces of the map in easy mode.
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 2, 11 10:07 AM
oldyafer wrote:Well, I bought this game in a moment of stupidity. I am at the end of the first level and I can't go on because I don't have all the map pieces. I have tried over and over to replay and find the other pieces but to no avail. It won't let me.

What a rip-off. I can't find directions or help, how do I progress? I am a CPA and it's tax season, I play to relax. This is worse than tax law.

Hi, oldyafer!
You need to buy a radar. It will show you the levels where pieces are still hidden. Radar will be located in the map menu.
Anyway in new version you won't need to search pieces of the map(in easy mode).
Best regards!
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coscat wrote:Hello Michael, If we buy the game now will we get the rebuild in the future?
I really liked the difficulty of it even if frustrated also. Think it has potential but with all the pop up explainations there are still not enough explainations for how to use and find the power ups.

Hi, coscat!
Yes, sure. If you buy the game now, you'll get a new build for free!
We're working on explainations at this moment. Hope you'll like it
Thanks for your comment! Best regards, Michael!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 1, 11 1:42 PM
txtabby wrote:I really like this game. Even in America there is bad english so you get used to it. You have to get the radar as soon as possible so you know where you need to look for the map pieces. Only the special mode took me a couple of times to get through now it's been smooth going with different modes to complete the task. If you like something different, and just enjoy the game for what it is, it's fun to play. At least there is no brick walls you have to get around, at least not yet. I give it 4 stars.

Hello, txtabby!
Thank you for your comment. I'm very glad that you like the game and hope you'll wait a new build.
Best regards!=)

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katelouisa67 wrote:Michael

Have you actually played your game? Did you play the first bonus level? I have played that bonus level many times ... each time getting approx 53 of 55. I would like to know if any of your team have received the 55 of 55. I am not saying I am the best but I have decent reflexes and to get to 53 each time and the timer runs out suggests that perhaps your requirement is set just a tad too high - specially for the first bonus level ... you want to give people the idea that they can actually attain it!!

I also think your "prices" are too high for purchases and that your nuts and bolts and screws inside the gears should be more visible - a brighter colour perhaps.

I liked this game but could not understand it and I would just like to say that I would be willing to assist in making the dialogue understandable as, I am sure, would other fishes out there

all the best

Hi, katelouisa67
Sure, we've played every level lots of times to make a balance. I've played the special(red) level so many times(perhaps 15-20 times) that it was easy for me to get 55(sometimes i was lucky to collect even 70). Well actually, now, after these posts i think that this difficulty should be lowered.
I think we'll add something and these bolts will become more visible
I must say that in new build gameplay will be easier and some things more understandable. We're working on it.
Best regards!
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October7 wrote:I have also reached the end of the first map, I have three out of 6 but can't go on. Like someone else on the forum I have tried redoing the first levels to see if I could get a map but, no go. It says it can be assembled in the work shop??? Time has run out no so no buy for me, it does not make it clear how you progress to the next stage.

October7, looks like you didn't have enough resources for the Radar(or didn't have required skill). We're currently working on new version where all pieces will be found automatically in easy mode.
Best regards!
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Snookie1100 wrote:
JammyKat wrote:I liked the graphics and thought the music was soothing. I was finally able to buy the hammer, but came to the end of the first map with only 3 of the 6 map pieces. When I tried to go on, as message said I need radar to find the other map pieces, and that I could assemble it in the workshop. But I couldn't find any way to do that. I tried replaying some of the levels to see if that would get me the missing pieces, but no such luck. So I basically wasted 45 minutes on a game that I couldn't continue. How annoying!

Did the same thing to me.....think I found 4 map pieces and played level 8 over & over again, until I finally gave up. I too became annoyed at all the pop ups, and started out on "easy mode" after reading the reviews, but even though it says not timed, if you don't finish in says "you lose" and you must start again. What's up with that? Either it is a timed gamed or not and shouldn't have a penalty as it is NOT TIMED!! Maybe I missed something along the way, but there are plenty of other games for me to spend my on.

Hello, Snookie1100!
"Radar" will show you the levels that have hidden parts of the map(and the number of parts). Just move your mouse over the radar(if you bought it) and look on the map.
About "timed" levels. We're working on the build where all the levels will be untimed.
Best regards!
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