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 posted in Royal Envoy Collector's Edition on Nov 1, 11 4:45 AM
Have it now.
Could not wait.
Have only played 4 levels so far.
As usual the first teaching levels are easy.
Was disappointed that the tax gatherers are not in (at least up to this level.)

The gold pops out of the houses and you have to gather it before it disappears. Also another interesting feature is the reliance on collecting food (berries from bushes) which are apparently now needed to build cottages. Also opening of treasure chests for a gold boost.
 posted in Farm Tribe on Oct 29, 11 7:59 AM
I agree with a lot of the other suggestions but loved the game at start but now am finding it boring.
Currentluy have all the collectibles and 10 / 12 part of map and marking time to get the remaining two.
Have $63000 and I was getting tired of the storage shed filling up and thius having to make menu items to remove and sell to make space. What is the purpose of making more money when there does not seem to be a goal in sight to aim for . I have directed all the people to stop harvesting and just go and earn tech points.
No further outside orders coming in .
Have green Blue red and purple totems and see a location for another but cannot work out how to get that one (left of main totem area. Just says need to do more research.
Seems that you get to a certain level and then no incentive to keep going as nothing seems to be happening except wait for random pieces of map to appear.
Feel that I am wasting my time here.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 29, 11 7:10 AM
hich levels are they/, Start separate threads for them if you cannot find them already . eg in titl include whether standard and level number or Adventure mode and which name and level there. That way you will get help a lot faster.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 25, 11 8:37 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Standard Level 8

You start with 100 Gold and have 6.40 in time.
You need 16 sword, 10 steel and 1 wool. You can buy wood.

1. Buy a boar and as soon as it produces an ore send the ore to the foundry.
Spread hay near the lower part of the field as 3 predators arrive about 21 seconds.
Send the boar to clear the sign at left to keep it away from the predators while you cage them.
2. Keep the caps (for upgrading the boars) and send 2 bears to market on the boat.
3. That returns 160 so buy another boar and keep collecting product and sending to the foundry.

4. Send the other predator while you wait for the two boars to produce ore and then send the ore to the foundry.

5 When the boat returns you should have 140 gold. Send two steel to market to get another 100 and that gives total of 240.
Use 220 to build the Boar Harness Factory and you have 20 left to buy hay.
Upgrade both boars so they now produce 2 ore each.

6. Sell two more steel to get another boar and upgrade it so they are producing 6 ore per game cycle.

7. Sell two more steel and send the vehicle for for 1 wood. Keep the foundry working til the sum of steel + ore is more than 16 and sell the three armoured boars for a return of 600 gold.
8. When you have 16+ steel convert to the sword maker factory and upgrade it once and start making your 16 swords 2 at a time.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 25, 11 7:01 AM
Check in the shop that you have purchased the third upgrade ?
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 24, 11 10:29 PM
Viking Heroes Standard Level 64.

You start with 40 Gold and 4 armoured boars.
You need to get 4 wood and 4 spears in 2.10 and you can buy wood and swords.

1. Sell all four boars and while you wait for the boat to return with the 800 gold prepare for the 5 predators that arrive at 10-12 sec, Each of the red things are worth 100 and the actual predator 80 . You do not need to cage all the predators at the same time. Time it for just when the boat is 3/4 back. and wait for them to spread out so you can pick them off without filling your storage. Cage 4 and see if you can store and send the red things rather than the actual predator.

2. Send the vehicle to get 2 swords (400) and 4 wood (400). Make sure you have space to collect these in your storage shed. When the boat is almost returned cage and send remainder of red things and any predators and collect swords and wood and make your two spears .

3. Collect the two spears and send the vehicle for another two swords (4 red things = 400) and when it returns make your last two spears and collect. I managed 1.19

 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 24, 11 8:10 AM
Pt 2
7. By now , (2.13) you should have ore up to about 11 ore, 5 wool , yak leather and 6 honey pots.

8. Buy another yak and armour it (they produce 2 yak leather per cycle.) Keep clearing your warehouse and alternately buy yak and cow. By now with a spare 5000 gold get a couple more squirrels to help collect the products.

9. While the squirrel is good sometimes it can be overwhelmed and so you need to keep clicking on the game field to collect some of the products.

10 By the time I got to 3. 30 I had 3 yak and 3 cows and each trip to market was generating in excess of 20000 gold enough to buy another cow or 2 yak.Buy another 6 or so sheep to finish the wool off.

11 As you reach 30 with a product (I had ore first) sell off that animal and any remaining product to clear the field and the storage shed.

12. By 4 minutes the 5 yak on the field had filled the quota of yak leather so sold off those and got 5 more cows.

13. By 4.35 I had 12 sheep, 9 cows and 5 squirrels and sale of product was generating 50000 at a time and finished at 4.50 as my best time.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 24, 11 8:05 AM
Asgard Level 6
This is fun!!
You start with 250 Gold, 1 Boar, 1 sheep, 1 yak, 1cow, a aquirrel and 1 dog.

You need 30 ore, 30 wool, 30 Yak leather, 30 honey pots.

You can buy wood, stone, corks and limeflowers. ( you really only need to buy the limeflowers. As all the materials can be collected from the field. You do not need to make the honey maker as that uses up $12 000 which is better spent on another yak.
It gets very crowded and hectic and you only have 7 predators arriving about 1.22.
You are continually selling products and buying limeflowers .

1. Upgrade the storage one level. Send the dog and sheep to market to gain another 700 gold. Spread hay, send the vehicle for a limeflower and the boar to the middle right hand to clear the Yak Harness Hut.

2. When the boat returns, upgrade the boat to red sails. By now the squirrel will have stored a honey pot, and a yak leather and you can send these to market for 7000 return. Upgrade the vehicle to the max and send for 5 limeflowers, .

3. Send the next lot of product for another 7000 and 10 (the boar ore) . Buy about 3 boar and 2 sheep and when the boat returns build the yak harness hut.

4. Capture the 7 predators that arrive and make sure you keep their jewells for upgrading yaks. Send the predators and any product to market.

5. Upgrade the hay barn to the max so it auto dispenses hay. Remember to keep sending the vehicle to get limeflowers.

6. Armour the yak, upgrade the boat to max - blue sails, and send as much product to market - shoud get you about 22000 and enough for another cow.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 24, 11 6:42 AM
Level 9 Standard.You have 500 Gold and 10 boars.
You need to get 6 spears and 25 ore and you can buy steel.
You get 4 predators at 2.00 and another 3 at 2.15 .

1. Sell 8 boars and spread some hay and collect 2 ore to buy the next round of hay.

2. When the boat returns send the last two boar and 2 ore to market.

3. When boat returns buy a sheep and collect 2 wool and send them to market for 300 gold.
Predators will soon arrive and you can capture some of these and if the boat arrives early enough upgrade storage once.

4. Collect more wool and send wool first and then predators and lastly helmets to market . This should generate 500 gold to build the wood making factory and send the sheep there (after collecting another wool ) to make wood. Keep it making wood to get to 6.

5. Send the vehicle to purchase steel and convert that into swords and then use wood to make the spears and send 2 to market for another 600 Gold which is enough to purchase the remaining steel needed to make the total of 6 spears.
6. Sell those and the sheep and buy about 8 boar and keep them fed and collect the 25 ore and you can finish in less than 8 minutes.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 21, 11 2:08 AM
Part 2.
6. Watch your jewells and keep armouring sheep when you get 1000 gold.
As some of them get left on the field the wool can build up quickly and each 10 wool will provide another sheep.
Somewhere about 2 min 14 sec I upgraded the storage to the max, and about 3.37 the ship to the max.
You also need to maintain sheep on the field now and build to 10 .
Should they start to get hungry send to woodmaker or stonemaker but don't bother collecting their product.
My best time so far is 5.47 but when you watch recorded video of your game you see a lot of places where you could save time / be more efficient.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 21, 11 2:07 AM
Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes Vanaheimr Level 4You start with 3000 Gold and 3 sheep and 5.50 to complete.
You need 16 Deluxe Yak leather, 12 Leather Armour, 20 Yak Wool and 10 Armoured Sheep.

Priority is to build up your numbers of Yak to get the 20 wool. Buy a yak as soon as you get
your first 5 armoured sheep. You have plenty of predators (and their jewells) to upgrade your sheep.
You can get your armoured sheep at the end or on the way there when 3/4 through.
Did I tell you you get plenty of predators??!!! 26-34 sec (7), 1.16- 1.22 sec (4), 2.02 - 2.09 sec (6),
3.51 - 4.03 sec and sneaky ones at 4.30 sec (1), 5.00sec (1) and 5.32 sec (1) a total of 28.

1. Buy another two sheep, upgrade ship to red sails and storage once. Spread the hay and start new lot preparing.
When the first lot of predators start to appear , send the sheep to the stone maker. That gets them out of the way while you cage and send the predators to market while getting 5 of the stone you can use to upgrade the delux leather maker and / or the leather armour maker later.
2. You should be able to cage and send to market 5 predators and when the 5 sheep come out armour them while you cage the last predator, collect the stone and any sheep wool that was left on the field.
3. Send the 5 armoured sheep to market, along with the last two predators. Spread hay while the ship is returning with enough to buy your first yak.
4. Buy a yak and send the sheep wool (I had 5) to market and enough other material (not jewells)
to make 1000 and buy and armour a sheep on its return by which time the next 4 predators have arrived.
5. Cage the 4 predators and send them and the armoured sheep to market ->2320.Process yak wool and the leather into leather armour and send that to market while you can. Each 3 leather armour and an armoured sheep gives enough for another yak. By the time you get to three yak you will be looking to upgrade the delux leather and leather armour factories, so you will need to keep 5 armoured sheep to go to the wood maker and stone maker to provide for that and also start you along road to getting 10 armoured sheep which you then sell for another 2 yak. Watch some of the sneaky predators as they can land on and steal your leather armour as it comes from the factory.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 20, 11 6:54 AM
Jotemheim Level 7
You start with 9000 gold, and 2 sheep and 6 min of play for gold.
You need 4 Flying Machines, 6 horseshoes, and 8 steel Armour. You can buy Blue Ice.

1. Immediately send the sheep to market for the extra 1000 that will get you a yak.
2. Spread the hay and then capture the 3 predators (19 Sec) while you wait the return of the boat. The predators should fit 2 in storage and have 1 locked when the boat arrives.
3. Buy the yak and sell the two predators and store the other one. This will provide hay money and enough to purchase 1 boar.
4 Send the other predator and predator caps off to market and collect ore and yak wool and process into Yak leather and ingots.
5. With the first ingot make 1 steel armour and sell immediately for 5000 gold and you are on your way.
6 With return of boat upgrade it to red sails and the store house once.
7. Purchase 4 more boar for total of 5 and start making ingots to at least 15 then sell the boars.
8 Sell the Steel armour when you can and at 12000 buy a blue horse. when you have the last steel armour processing sell the yak and then after the armour is out convert to the flying machine factory. Send the vehicle regularly to purchase 5 blue ice to keep the horses fed.
9. Buy a second blue horse , convert the foundry to a wood manufacturer upgrade it and buy a couple of sheep and produce wood.
10 At this stage you should have enough to get 3 blue horses and make the 6 gold horse shoes easily and the 4 flying machines.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 19, 11 11:10 PM
Midgard Level 11[u]

You start with 990 Gold 5 boars, 1 squirrel, 1 dog.
You have 7.20 to get 12 wood and 30 Jewelled Horns.
The wood can be bought using the vehicle and you can use 4 of these to upgrade the jewelled hornmaker to process 5 at a time , otherwise the wood just take up space and can be sold off. You don't really ned the wood maker (lower right) or the spear maker (lower left) or the foundry or sword maker.
The Boar harness shed can be a bonus for some quick gold and you get lots of predators - 5 at 59 sec and 6 at 2.29 so you can get 11 armoured boars worth 2200 gold when sold.

1. Upgrade the boat twice to red sails and the storage once and send the squirrel and dog to market. Spread hay to feed the boars.
2. When boat returns buy 2 cows and send the vehicle to get 2 wheat and a wood. That keeps the cows happy so they keep producing horns. Collect the ore products from the boars. Send the first 2 horns to the Jewell Horn maker .
3. When the predators arrive at 59 sec collect as mant helmets as you can and send some boars to the armoured boar harness hut to clear the field a bit. Send first two jewelled horns and as many predators to market .
4. Continue to send horns to be processed. Vehicle for more wheat and wood, Send Jewelled horns and remaining predators to market. Once you have about 15 ore you only need two armoured boar to maintain ore enough to get you to 30 Jewelled Horns (they are also easier to keep well fed) . So you can use spare 100 gold to buy and armour boars and send to market .
5. As you build up more gold you can upgrade the vehicle so it can carry more wood as well as a couple of wheat each trip.
By the time you get the second lot of predators at 2.29 you should already have about 6 Jewelled Horns, 2 cows , 2 armoured boars and already have purchased 4 wood.
6. Sending Jewelled horns first and adding predators to fill the ship should generate enough to get your third cow and soon after that you should have enough gold from the next 1 or two trips to upgrade the Jewelled Horn maker (not really necessary) and buy your 4 th Cow. Use up all your predator helmets to free space and get more armoured boars to send to market. When the total of your Jewelled Horns and ore carts makes more than 32 sell all your boars and complete your wood quota and Jewelled horn quota. I managed 5.22 but can still improve on that.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 19, 11 9:58 AM
When doing a search on Farm Frenzy Viking Heroes . A lot of the serach results are coming up with a page not found.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 18, 11 7:01 AM
ight be an idea to describe your system, processor speed, RAM available as both of thse can cause a complex program to slow down
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 17, 11 11:26 PM
Level 84 Standard.
You start with 10000 gold and 1 boar.
You need to get6 armour, 4 steel, 2 thread, and 8 wood. You have 4 min 20 seconds and you can only buy stone using the vehicle. (which is really not needed)

1. Buy a yak and as soon as the first yak wool appears send to market to get 1000 gold. Spread hay to keep the Yak and boar fed and collect any other product.

2. Upgrade ship to red sails and storage once.
3. As each yak wool appears process it to yak leather and then process that to leather armour.
4. Keep doing this til you have 5 and send the next yak wool to market and wait the 6th wool and process that by which time the ship should be back and you have 1000 gold on hand.
5 As soon as the 6 th Yak leather appears change to the foundry and start processing the ore to get eventually 6 ingots . Send your yak to market to pick up another 5000 gold. Buy 2 sheep.
6. As each ingot appears process a leather armour into a steel armour. Send to market to pick up 5000 for each steel armour. When the 6th yak leather has been processed to leather armour change to the Spinnery , and process the wool.
7. When the 6th Leather armour has been processed to steel armour change to the woodmaker and upgrade quickly to level 5 and buy 3 more sheep. Use the sheep to make the 8 wood and you are finished. I managed 5.05 and 5.00
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 16, 11 12:22 AM
Level 61 - You have 39000 gold,
You need to get 20 honey,5 spears, 5 salt fish, and 10 yak wool.
You can buy salt, corks and lime flowers.
You also get lots and lots of predators - at least 35. So you don't want to have to spend time fighting the predators when you have other things to do. This is where lots of dogs come in and because you cannot see the products with so many dogs you need at least 2-3 squirrels to collect the items.
Also with plenty of predator jewells you can keep buying yaks at 10000 upgrading them with armour and selling them for 20000.

1. Buy 5 boars, set them to clearing the 6 locations. Upgrade the ship to the max and at least 2 upgrades on the storage. Spread hay then at 13 seconds collect 4 predators and their jewells.
2. Send the predators only to market . Build the yak upgrade hut, upgrade it to 2 When you can and buy three yak and start upgrading them.More predators arrive at 33 sec so manually cage them and send to market along with the first armoured yak for 20000.
3. Upgrade the barn to automatic hay delivery . Collect ore carts and when you have about 8 send the boars to market as well as the other two armoured yak. Another 4 predators arrive at 1.01 cage them and collect the jewels.
4. Build the wood maker and when you can upgrade it to 5 . Buy 5 sheep and another 4 yak. Set the sheep to producing at least 35 wood , upgrade the yak and sell them. Upgrade the vehicle to max and buy 5 limeflowers. 5 cork and 8 salt.
5. Build the refinery, sword maker and spear maker and start them operating. (Upgrade each to 2 when you have wood.)
6. When the armoured yak are hanging around they will quickly produce your 10 yak wool 2 at a time. Sell armoured yak and wool to get extra gold. When you get enough gold to get your first mooncow then also get dogs and squirrells to take the strain of collecting products and fighting predators. Each time a set of predators arrives click for an extra set of dogs to maintain their numbers.
From here it is a matter of sell a few more armoured yaks, get more moon cows to 5, upgrade the honey shed to 5 , finish the spears, build the spinnery, net weaver and salt fish factory.
You should not need to upgrade thespinnery,weaver or fish factory so do not really need the stone. I managed in first 7.04 and then when doing again for info on this got 6.34. And that was still innefficient. I reckon could get down to 6.20 easily.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 15, 11 2:31 PM
Try level 71. You start with 1500 gold, and 2 sheep and you can only buy salt (10 gold).

DO NOT upgrade ship or vehicle as you want them travelling for the longest period possible to be able to be using them continuously.

1. Immediately the level starts, the vehicle appears first, send it for 1 salt, and then when the ship appears sell one of your sheep (as you have nothing else to sell.
2. Buy a boar to open up the stone maker on the right. You will have 3 predators arribe about 11 seconds , watch that they don't distract you from sending the vehicle for another salt.
3. Upgrade the storage and build the stonemaker , you should now have enough items to keep sending the boat back and enough gold to keep purchasing salt and with the stonemaker when you run short of hay send the sheep there.
4. Sell the boar as soon as possible as it just eats up hay. Sell off the predators 1 at a time till you start making enough stone or salt fish to sell. Keep ypour eye on the vehicle and the boat and every time the vehicle or boat appears send it away again.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 15, 11 12:15 PM
I have had the game crash a number of times with a error screen that says something like
void cSimpleMoveEffect::taskFinish(void)*_data)
void cPersonage::process()
void cLogic::process()
void cEngine::process()Error code 96edff.Restart the game please.

This most often seems to occur if I try to sell a dog as it is attacking a predator. It seems to be a fault in the code that does commit the dog to one or the other and continue. When the dog is committed to the predator you are trying to sell a dog that is not there and so processing nothing and the code in this case is not written to avoid the error that closes the game.
 posted in Farm Frenzy: Viking Heroes on Oct 15, 11 11:49 AM
Click on the cart / chariot to the right of your storehouse to see what you can buy. The new thing there is required for food by the animals. limeflowers, flaming chestnuts, blue ice,
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