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 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 20, 16 3:17 PM
I noticed this as well...and the pretty butterflies that flutter around in the Ancient Park now...I'm hoping these are pieces of something more to come...soon...
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esheley wrote:
(I'm still not saying anything about those stinkin' shards. )

Esheley, if you want to do something with them, take Trina's quests. Sometimes she just wants X# of HOS completed, sometime wheels (airship) and a lot of times...those shards. She pays 111 coins for her quests. If you plan to send an airship anyway then it's progress towards that quest (if she wants them) and if you don't plan to then don't worry about it. Her quest will sit there until whenever you decide to complete it and turn it in. Unlike the gnome DQ's it doesn't reset daily. I'll hold onto a quest from Trina for a few days sometimes because I only want to send the airship once a day, etc.
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I think it is a matter of pay me now or pay me a bunch of rounds to build coin and inventory and then spend them all and advance and then rinse repeat until you feel like you can tackle another bunch (leveling in bursts) - or - do what you can on your story quests, make rounds to fill time waiting and leveling at steady pace.

Folks that liked building that inventory (for whatever their personal reasons) are now disappointed that they can't do what they had been doing (I get that)...but for those that are new and leveling and doing the story line quests you can and will still progress - the game itself will toss obstacles in your way to slow you down (be it high prices for crafting or opening areas) or repetitive requests (one of them wanting 3 of the same thing crafted with the items to make it found in both the Binding Egg and the Column of the Fallen).

That is the nature of the game and why everyone says this game will teach you patience...a lot of older threads and see how many people were frustrated 6 months ago when seemingly stuck in certain places and ready to give up if it weren't for the encouragement and sometimes help of the people on this forum.

And so I head back into the castle...Staring at the Cemetery Gates that caught my attention at level 53, the 20,000 coin price tag and the Mortuary Wreath required for opening the gate (after having just spent over 19,000 to open some HOS areas for other quest givers ) Bravely and with much determination I step through the Castle Gates and drive onward!

Linn (level 54 of the journey)
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 19, 16 7:28 AM
Gifts - many different views on this subject and different methods of gifting/tracking etc.

For me, I view gifts as a fun thing I do if/when I can...and if I receive gifts that's great too! While leveling my "wish list" consists of pet food, air ship items, stamps (for those of my friends doing one-for-one trades) and wands. I never put a HOS/ZZ/Crafted item in my wish list. My thinking is that I will get what I need for the story questing eventually anyway - and an item on my wish list might never be received by me...or depending on the number of friends my Friends have and the times per day they can gift, I might not see that item for then I'll have gotten it just through playing the game.

If a friend is requesting a HOS/ZZ item and I happen to be on a quest that uses this item, I will gift the one I have if I have one. I know I will get another one on the next round since I have a story quest for it.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 18, 16 4:57 PM
Blue Star / Stone Sarcophagus / Hat Pin
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Siberlene, you are not alone in your views - I am newer than you working my way to 69 (hit 53 today, steady progress) and am looking forward to checking out the blue-key quests, new pets, etc. The way I play I've very little coin (though somewhere along the way I achieved "Money Bags" - where is that million at...oh yeah, the wheel sucked me in... ). I have very little inventory because I focus on the story line quests and only chip at DQs that align with what I am doing anyway, or that have no ZZs. I don't like making a lot of rounds - I do them while I wait on timers or I might be short on coins to craft the quest item/open something so I do as many HOS as I need to meet that need. I'm strategizing and planning as I go by looking at the objectives of multiple quest givers at a time...and sometimes flying by the seat of my pants. I hit road blocks, but haven't hit a brick wall. I too am looking forward to finding out what lies ahead and where the Devs are taking us.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 18, 16 8:24 AM
Hi joyce 33, welcome to the forum!

None of us know when the next update will be...we are all waiting - and waiting for a Spring Event (no idea on the arrival of that one either).

As to the time/counter - I read somewhere that the counter doesn't stop until the last object that you click on falls off the screen. See if you can make that last thing you click on be more towards the bottom of your screen and see if that makes a difference in your "time".
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 16, 16 5:48 PM
Totally agree deeziner...I think the only times I have been able to complete a full 10-part is the "Something New" line. As you said, no ZZs and I usually send the airship, play dice and spin the wheel anyway so that one is a win. "What's Going On" has never shown up for me, and I have those HOS open so maybe it will show up soon.

Definitely keep an eye out for those two BooBoo9339 - they don't appear often (for me anyway).
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The daily quests are really not worth the inventory and/or diamond loss. If you are leveling and happen to hit one of the easier daily quest chains that manages to go somewhat along with your normal leveling quests then you might get a few parts of one of these multi-part dailies done. I normally accept the quest, see if I can work it in and if not then it sits and I hope to get something better at the reset time. To date I have managed to only complete 6 3-part, 6 5-part and 2 10-part gnome dailies...pretty low numbers. I'll probably never see any of these achievements.
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*hugs* gohill - let's hope the spring event comes soon and cheers everyone up!
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gohill wrote:Without the update, you have different ways you can play the game.... With the update, you are forced to play it ONE way... and that one way, may not be the way you want to play...

ETA: The main reason I did one character at a time, was because of the story... Each character adds a snipit to the story, that can get confusing on it's own.... Doing more than one character just muddied the waters for me in regards to the story...

I can totally relate about the story lines, gohill I've been playing RPGs for so many years now though (decades) - and in them there will always be multiple quest givers with their story and their needs, many subplots and things coursing through the main plot - over the years I've learned to stretch my multitasking skills to following multiple story lines - it was not easy to do back in the early days...I used to keep a spiral notebook of what I was doing and for whom...and most importantly why. I always need a reason lol!!!

As to with or without the update: I think that when you are leveling every strategy listed or mentioned in the forums are viable. Personally, I hate doing rounds of the castle just for coins/items...I need to be doing something towards progressing...and if I have to go around and around because I am short on coins then frankly I don't care what drops from them and sometimes I don't even look, I just click and move on, click and move on...watching my total of coins climb to what I need for the next quest or opening of this or that. I have never been able to just put everything on hold and do multiple rounds of the castle simply to build up an's just not my cup of tea.

As I've stated before, my opinion of all of this may change once I hit 69 (assuming I get to the max level before the max level changes). We'll just have to wait and see.
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Well, I certainly do not want to discourage new players...leveling is not that bad or that slow...and I guess it depends on your perception and your strategy. I for one am NOT seeing a huge advantage to having excess items on hand to decrease time spent from 1 hour instead of 2 going around to the various HOS scenes since when I had a little inventory (pre-update) I still had to wait around and do more HOS because I did not have the coins to craft the thing they wanted anyway from the items I already had in inventory - no time saved. Later levels have so much repetition and high crafting costs that you may as well go around and around earning what you can so you have some coins. I've been a "hand to mouth" player from the start and rarely ever ignore quest objectives just to farm/do multiple "gather items and coins" rounds. I like to see constant and steady progress. I even go against the standard "only do one person's requests at a time" advice because if there is the potential to do more than one set and I am waiting for my timer or lack the coins for the first quest giver then I will go to the next and start theirs. I've got 3 going right now...Fairy, Jeronimo and Lilith - yes, it can get confusing and I know sometimes I will get the item for this one and not that one, etc. but I feel like I am making progress and not spinning my wheels going around and around the castle for "inventory" only. This is my play style...not recommended for everyone...just what keeps ME happy in the castle... So to new players I say: Do not get discouraged, read the forums and gather the info and advice offered then find the play style that works best for the type of game play and experience you want/enjoy! You can do it!! Don't get discouraged! The stumbling blocks you will face existed long ago regardless of this update or that update...and you will work your way through them

Linn - now level 52
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 14, 16 4:30 PM
Not sure why people seem to feel that lower level players are hurt by the only advance in levels with experience gained by doing the quests from the story get everything you need for completing them as the "find" path works perfectly for the story line quests. Level 51 now and moving along steadily.
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I see...apparently much later for iOS. I like it better when everyone updates at the same time.
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From the patch notes - PC

Re:NEW UPDATE available for Midnight Castle (PC) - April 2, 2015

[Post New]by bfgMurrumbidgee on Apr 2, 15 5:34 PM


A new update for Midnight Castle (PC) is now available on the website. Spring has sprung! This update includes

• 3 new avatars
• 5 new pets (and makeovers for some existing pets)
• 3 new achievements
• new Spring daily quests
• While the event is running, hidden flowers will be butterflies.

This update should show up on the left-hand side of your Big Fish Games app under 'Updates.' If you're not seeing that, just follow the steps below:

1) Open your app and make sure you're signed into your account.
2) Click on the 'Options' COG on the top right-hand side of your screen.
3) Click on the 'Downloads' tab.
4) Select 'Manually' and click 'Check For Updates.'

If you are still running into issues after installing that update, please contact our Tech Support Team so we can look into those.


Perhaps you accidently placed a "0" in your notes.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 8, 16 9:37 AM
Thank you for taking the time to compile this list and post it. Your highlights were much easier to read than going through all of the posts - I was not really aware of all of the fixes and changes that have taken place, and I find this most interesting as a newer player working her way through the castle.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 5, 16 12:17 PM
Yes, MonkeyCheese, there is a huge thread filled with a lot of "we don't like the update"...and some of the same people have posted multiple responses within the post repeatedly repeating previous posts in the same thread...the mood is bleak indeed...kinda of sad really...because the one major issue I see with the game currently isn't even a part of this is something that has been "broken" for a very long time - The daily quests from the Gnomes do not follow the "find" paths of the standard story line quests. I think that perhaps if that were fixed then the "oh so hated and debated update" would not be as big of an issue...
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 4:22 PM
Congratulations to the winners!! I did horribly as usual, but one day I will make it...just need that wheel to be nicer to me.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 4, 16 4:13 PM
Siberlene, I started playing during the Fall event, so I consider myself fairly new. I'm currently at level 47 working my way through all these very expensive "openings" of this HOS or that ZZ or expensive crafting requests, but I really do not "feel" the change as much as the long-time players do - I find the shards drop enough now for me to do Trina's quests for that 111 coins so that helps. Yes, I get 15 coins or a shard sometimes now instead of some random item when I am making the rounds to earn coins but most of the items I would get were only worth 15 coins anyway...selling wands is more profitable. And when I was getting items pre-patch I was only selling them anyway for future costly crafting/opening quests...I get the items I need for quest givers anyway. It just takes time. The hard to get and keep items (for opening the Binding Egg or Column of the Fallen) were never in excess in my inventory so I see no difference there - I guess what I am trying to say here is that the update didn't really hurt new players from what I can tell. Perhaps there is less gifting now as we all seem to need the exact same items and can't really afford to give away what we need as well, but there is still pet food and airship items which help immensely with getting those much needed coins. I pretty much ignore the gnome dailies...I accept the quest and if it lines up with the story line quests then it's a win. If not, then oh will reset and I can try again. Perhaps this is an area I will find frustrating when I finally hit 69 and don't have the items the Gnomes need...but getting thier items, if I understand correctly, never was working with "find" so if you didn't have the items in inventory you were stuck anyway pre-update.

I plan to continue to play and get to level 69...then I can see how this update feels for the folks that are maxed out. I may have a different perspective then...but right now, I think the update is fine for those of us still working our way through the story. I'm looking forward to the Spring event so that we can all swap whatever spring items are in demand and get all the other little extras...and see the forums light up with talk of eggs and pets and fun achievements again!

I know many strongly disagree with my view - this post is simply me expressing my feelings about the update with regard to how it has affected (or really not affected) my newbie gameplay at this time.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 1, 16 3:28 PM
Judibeth wrote:All of the above!!!!!

Same here! And maybe just say "hi" and get to know some of the people that I have on my Friends List.
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