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 posted in Farm Mania 2 on Mar 31, 12 3:12 AM
yes i have been stuck on this level for almost half an hour with the same problem!! why won't the chickens mate??? its so frustrating!!!!
 posted in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack on Feb 28, 12 12:33 AM
i'm stuck i try to put em all in colour codes and i just can't seem to make it past grrrrr very frustrating
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Jan 28, 12 3:45 PM
I demolished the two villas and built the bridge first then you can get the other treasure chests and collect money, food and more wood then you go on and build the wells etc....
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Jan 26, 12 10:27 PM
i have got 400 happiness but don't know where to get the other 50 from!!! can anyone help please???
 posted in Royal Envoy 2 on Jan 26, 12 10:00 PM
build two mansions, get money and build market. stock up on food about 4000 or more then demolish market build dovecote and buy 5 doves then set the 100 leprechaun free and build another dovecote buy another 5 doves and then set both leps free (150 & 200) then build one more dovecote and set the 300 lep free then build anything for the last before the timer runs out.
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