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 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Shadow Lake Collector's Edition on Nov 15, 12 2:30 PM
Hi all

I've been lurking in this thread and I've had a random brainwave when I finished replaying EFR.

At the end of the game Charles says (Just to be safe highlight to read) No! I will not allow it. You gave yourself to me! You understand me and yet you fail me like all the others! I will never stop hunting you. Even in death, I will rise up and watch you burn!

So... is this an empty threat or is Charles behind the events in Shadow Lake?

I'm probably wayyyyy off but like I said its a random brainwave.
KateSun wrote:I am still confused I changed the 8 to 6 and BLOOD if it's not the 6 I get BLEOE which makes no sense. Can anyone help me out?

Have you tried entering BLOOD?
In the letter to Abigail from Dr Robert Lanswiller it says that Charles has been accepted as a patient in the asylum and he will have no knowledge of, or interaction with his father who is also a patient in the asylum.

But later on when you listen to the recording about Charles it says that his father died a year before Charles was admitted in the asylum.

I doubt Charles got admitted a year+ after Abigail got the letter.

So am I missing something??
Solice wrote:Not a clue, but worth sharing, this is the actual working copy of the warning that will be posted on our "Escape from Ravenhearst" product page:

"This is an intense psychological thriller that may reveal deep-seated fears. Consider yourself warned<a href="!/bigfishgames/media/slideshow?">.</a>"


Ooooo. My kinda game.

ETA: Just found the hidden link. Not a clue my fin.
GameLvr30 wrote:Poor Unfortunate Souls


Well... I don't know.... lol (jk)

The song suit Charles more
How about Crazy by Gnarls Barkley?

I think you're crraaaaaazzyy
nyanyamaria wrote:Right after the bit with "open curtains to see" and "converted grandfather clock" written, there's that scene with what looks like a helmet... He's writting something in there, I can't make out the second word, but the first one seems rust, or dusk. Is the second contact?

It took me a while to see what he wrote and it's "must contact" i think the drawing is of the time machine that Victor escaped in.
That is 1 creepy video.

Ok so I saw what looked like a woman climbing out of some snow. Reminds me of the Banshee from DG.

So maybe Victor has changed the past something has happened to the MD and the students have successfully released the Banshee.

Here's a crazy thought. The Banshee is Victor's mother.
At the end of MF Charles says:

" stole her. My first love.
You took her away from me.

By what right do you invade my house and
take that which is MINE?!

Be warned. You shall never take my TRUE LOVE.
You will never, EVER... have my Rose."

All this was said after he killed MF so was definitely said to the MD.
Solice wrote:Its the weekend! A great time to get your mind working. Im here to help.

How did murgand manage to get so confused? (Not to mention misunderstood!)
It’s a shame that a legacy can be lost, like so many children amongst the oaks.

A legacy can be lost?? As in the whole Ravenhearst malarkey?
I'm guessing that “If only there was a ‘HINT’ or ‘SKIP’ button around here somewhere…” means there's no hint or skip option in the new game.

As for that picture i've no idea.

My ranking is Assistant Master Detective's cleaner's sister's niece's cousin's friend of a friend's auntie 20 times removed.
Solice wrote:
purplealikat wrote:Argh! We need:

a)some info from Solice as to whether or not we are on the right track with yesterdays clue
b) ANOTHER CLUE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty pleeeezzzeeee

The problem here is that there have been many answers to yesterday's clue, some of them are more correct than others so its hard to verify if you are on the right track. (Some answers in this thread are most definitely on the right track if that helps.)

As for another clue, it sounds like it was already discovered. In a white coat and all!

That's obviously the facebook pic. Looks like a mad scientist to me and Charles was mad and kind of a scientist.
I've just looked a bio's for Hooch, Cassatt and Chidi. This is what I got:

Hooch swept it aside - He sold most of his art work

Cassatt combed the world to capture it. - I'm guessing acceptance from what i've read

It was such a vision to behold that Chidi could not help but be inspired
by the dance. - designed posters for the Festivl Sundiata in Seattle

But I could be wayyyy off with this.
nipper38 wrote:I have never been on one of these "Speculation" threads. This is fascinating! I am in awe of how clever so many people are. I have a great memory....but some of the details that are on this thread are amazing!

I am excited at the possibility of the next MCF being some kind of twist with RTR and MF.

Can someone remind me.........isn't there a part in MF when Madam Fate basically says that the MD is responsible for all that was happening? That he "brought" something or someone onto them because of the investigations?
Or something like that.

She says:
"I can feel the presence of a great and terrible darkness...
it's ancient heart beats slowly as it approaches.
This tormented soul has followed you here."
Been looking at Madame Fate clips. In the description for 'Franco the Excessive' it says "Madame Fate's eldest son."
Quite possible Victor could be the son of Charles and MF.
It could be to do with MF the first clue was THE PAST SHALL LEAD. She's from the past, sort of.

Also thanks to explaning the answer Ikozma.
MF could be alive, don't forget Victor went back in time. Maybe in the changed future Charles didn't kill her. ?
Solice wrote:Greeting detectives! You have been hard at work I see. I only hope we will be able to keep up with you!

After all, time can go by so quickly when you are having fun…

Four in 3,
Two in 1,
Eight in 12,
Three in 1,
Four in 4,
Three in 11
Six in 2
Five in 4

Yay new clue.....
251_Ehmyay wrote:dogmama -

I don't catch as many clues as many of you do, so I may be way off base on this one....just curious...

How do we know that the map was drawn after Ravenhearst burned down? I just replayed both RTR and Dire Grove (and restarted 13 Skulls) and really took notice of the lack of lock puzzles in DG....which didn't strike me the first time I played it.

Is it possible that the lock puzzle on the barrel in DG indicates that the barrel was stored in the basement for some time, and that it's possible that the barrel was shipped and ended up in DG before Ravenhearst burned?

On the note there's a drawing of a burnt down Ravenhearst.
I can't post the link but if you go onto a search engine and put in 'dire grove barrel' under images there's a screenshot of the note.
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